Lies carved in stone.

He put false information on his grandparents' tombstones!

How far will a person go to prove a lie?

Bea and her husband Tom Phillips are buried in the Tussy Cemetery in Garvin County, Oklahoma, but these tombstones are in the Elmore City Cemetery, 15 miles away. Her alleged mother, Adeline Lee Younger Dalton is buried in the Kingfisher Cemetery in Kingfisher Oklahoma. The original tombstones were said to have been "removed", requiring they be replaced.

Here, for all the world to see, and at considerable effort and expense, is the final, unequivocal proof that Bea Elizabeth Dalton is the daughter of James Lewis Dalton and Adaline (sic) Lee (Younger) Dalton.

If it's on the tombstone, it must be true, right? Kind of like "if it's on the internet thousands of places, it must be true".

Is it possible they were originally buried at the Elmore Cemetery and the "markers" were placed at Tussy for memorial purposes? There is no evidence to support that. Consider:

  • Original Tussy Cemetery records indicate they are buried there, but a canvas of the cemetery in 2000 did not find any evidence of their burials, indicating they had either been moved or their grave markers were removed
  • The Tussy Cemetery was founded in 1893, a year before Bea died
  • A "marker" is placed on graves when a tombstone can't be afforded – and certainly not in 1894
  • Tom Phillips was a poor farmer. Why would he transport his wife's body 15 miles to Elmore when he lived near the Tussy Cemetery?
  • Burial was possible at either Tussy or Elmore (the Elmore Cemetery has five graves with known burial dates prior to 1894)

Perpetuating the Hoax

Tussy Cemetery

Elmore City Cemetery

Why does he misspell Adeline Dalton's name?

The "replacement" grave stone for Bea Elizabeth Phillips.

Where are they buried?

Bea and Tom Phillips were buried at Tussy Cemetery. Why is this tombstone in the Elmore City Cemetery? Were their graves moved? Wherever they are buried, the information on the tombstones is false, intentionally, undeniably false.

He is not related, but he replaced Dalton family tombstones

Who is responsible for this?

From the Dalton Data Bank Archives July, 2004:

... DGS member Bill Phillips of OK reports the theft of another Dalton grave marker... This is not the first time that Dalton markers have become souvenirs. A few years ago the markers of the Dalton Gang family were removed from the cemetery in Kingfisher, OK and they have since been replaced by Bill....

How convenient – remove the tombstones, claim they've been stolen and replace them with ones inscribed to support your version of the family history.

  • Adeline Dalton's tombstone was replaced in 1988 (see below).
  • Why aren't Thomas Louis Phillips' parents also shown on Bea's tombstone?
  • Why would one pay the extra fee to have the wife's – and only the wife's – parents' names put on the tombstone unless it's to gain the notoriety of association to the Dalton Gang, or perhaps to prove a family tie that doesn't really exist?

No regulatory agency oversees the placement of grave stones, though some cemeteries do, and there apparently is no legal requirement the information on them be true.

If you are just seeing this and doubt these head stones have been inscribed with false information, please go the Home page for the exposé of the Bea Elizabeth Dalton Hoax.

The "replacement" grave stone for Adeline Younger Dalton.

Errors: Louis' middle name was "Kossuth" not "Kassuth". The twins are marked incorrectly – Simon and Hannah were the twins. Nancy was not a twin. There was no daughter named Elizabeth.

Emmett Dalton's tombstone

The front is okay, but it looks like Bill had this stone "replaced" also. Look below for what he had inscribed on the reverse side.

(source: Kith Presland)

Here, carved in stone on the back of Emmett Dalton's tombstone for all to see, Bill Phillips has had his name engraved, proving once again he is related to the Daltons.

A close friend of Hazel Perrier Chapman contacted this researcher and assures me that Hazel had nothing to do with the engraving on this stone, so all of it was done by Bill.

Hazel Perrier Chapman, etched on the stone as Emmett's granddaughter, is actually a step-granddaughter and no blood relation to Emmett. Her grandmother was Julia Ann Johnson, who first married Robert Gilstrap to whom her mother, Jennie Mae Gilstrap was born. Jennie Gilstrap first married Genio Coombs, had three children, and second married Samuel H. Perrier. Hazel was born in 1917 in Oklahoma City to Samuel Perrier and Jennie Gilstrap. Before she was born, Julia Johnson married a third time, in 1908, to Emmett Dalton. Emmett died in 1937, so he was the only paternal grandfather Hazel knew until she was 20 years old.

But how about Bill Phillips? Not only is he not blood related, he is not even "step" related – in fact he is completely unrelated! (Bill was eight years old, in Oklahoma, when Emmett Dalton died in California. They never even knew each other.)

(source: Kith Presland)

Leona Dalton's tombstone

KingFisher Cemetery, Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

Letter and pictures from Bill Dalton in which he states Leona had no stone:

Leona's grave

sorry the pictures Shirly taken wasnt plain at all I will try to get some myself

I feel so sorry for Leona no headstone she was the sweetest person in the world. Hazel Clute could aford one be she is going to keep all that money for her self

thanks for the last material


Source: Kith Presland

Bill Phillips' note

Bill's pictures of Leona's tombstone he provided.

this little small metal marker is all she did have
looks like they left it
that was real good

back side

Source: Bill Phillips

Once again, carved in stone on the back of Leona Dalton's tombstone is "proof" his grandmother was Leona's sister.

(source: Kith Presland)

All these tombstones need to be replaced with ones having correct information.

Bill Phillips admits he did it.

Here is a note from Bill Phillips (who has falsified other data) written on a note to him from T.I. Montgomery about the replacement of Adeline's tombstone, dated March, 30, 1988.

Glendon Benda was the superintendent of the Kingfisher Cemetery and probably had to approve the setting of the stone. T.I. Montgomery was born 1906 & died in Kingfisher June 27, 1990.

Source: Bill Phillips

Bill Phillips' letter dated February 20, 1988.

He admits to placing a stone on Simon Dalton's grave – he is not related to Simon Dalton nor did he ever know him.

I got Roy Clute military Record Roy died in Tulsa Hospital in 1978 & buried in the Rose Hill Mausoleum I guess they took to Tulsa Hospital but cant figure why he was buried in Tulsa & I don't know if Hazel his wife is still living are not. I will write the Rogers Ark. address.

look like there would have been a copy of there marriage since the military ask for it for proof of marriage

I will also write the Stanleys Funeral Home in Tulsa to see if they have information on (?)services(?)

Roy and his wife lived in Okla City. When Simon Dalton died in 1928 Roy would have been 31 so he could have married in Okla County I check the Kingfisher County for marriage I was in hope Roy was still living you know I wrote vital Records for a death certificate at Ok City said they could find nothing & I have checked Ark, Tex, Colo., & Calif. & was going to check Missouri so finly found him

There inclosed information of the Charles & Emma Dalton & survivors from Gierhard & Wells Funeral home at Lodi, Calif is how I found the Daltons but first on Littleton death certificate Charles Coleman Dalton gave the information

Any way I sent this to old Jim Dullenty of Hamilton Mt this information he sent to Steele & Steele called old John Banta at Calif they are all rats I don't think they will get any where with the Daltons but I am so sorry I was the cause they found them I knew they were them just finding them

Simon Dalton tome (sic tomb) military stone come in I ordered the tape(?) marble stone when I sent it to Kingfisher they papers to get sign the old caretaker work that one out & marked the flat Bronze but any way he will have head marker when that jerk gets it put up. I had to mail him $40.00 for puting it up the tall marble stone would have looked better & would have went with Nancy tome (sic tomb) I am alway happy to here about old Huff did you even here from him

he has never writen any one that I know of just called all the time he had to hired by Steele Rats hire Rats to do there job for them I am still wondering where the Bookie Craig is from you should ask her to see my letter an a copy

I am off to day we work 10 hr 6 day a week hope this weather hold out until we are finished

did I explain on Cole night I have another clipping on him somewhere

I cant get over those jerks saying Roy Johnson was Roy Clute

You know I didnt know what the M stood for in Roys middle name until I got this death certificat from the military (Marselus) we need to not let those Rats get this information to go in there Rats books

Yours truly

Source: Bill Phillips

1988 letter about replacing headstones

From: Shirley Smith of Kingfisher, OK

To: Bill "Dalton" Phillips

Re:  Replacement of Simon Dalton's headstone

May 6, 1988

Dear Bill,

I finally got out to the cemetery this morning on the spur of the moment from town & forgot to take my camera. I visited the Dalton plot and & Simon Noel's stone — a beautiful marble stone with a bronze thick plate with the name & lettering. You would be very pleased. Truly. Wanted you to know they got Simon's military headstone up

I will send you a picture a little later. I went on down to see if the lettering had been put on my brother stone & it had been done too. I also noted that John Phillips' name was on the side of the old stone that was there – with Guthrie, OK below it, just like you said. This is suppose to be my uncle. It is on the south side of the tome, why I don't get. He may have help on it some way. I am sorry I failed to take the camera this time, but swear I will send you a picture a little later.

Thanks for the will etc. on Roy Klute. It is very interesting.

By the way, I got some material on the Daltons from a Nancy Samuelson, Eastford, Ct 06242. She (cont. on p. 2)

had a lot of info she said you had given her – and wanted me to write to her, I shall acknowledge it, but don't intend to get involved first, I only knew Leona personally & she was my very good friend and as I told you she sewed for me when I was about 25 yrs old and I loved her very much. The rest was what I heard from my folks for they her folks had moved away or passed away before I was born, I do not care to get involved, that is what I am going to tell her, I haven't answered her letter yet.

I am trying to get ready to go to Tenn. to see the Grand Ole Opry, etc. on 20th. Will only be gone 4 days. A niece is coming from Hattiesburg, MS for a school & family reunion on the 27th. She will bring her daughter and two babies. Seems like everything is running together,
Again Sorry I forgot the comma – will send a picture, am enclosing a little stamp money.

Your friend,
Shirley Smith
2 incl — $2.00


  • She informed him Simon Dalton's tombstone had been set.
  • She wrote that the John Phillips whose name is engraved on the reverse side of Nancy Dalton Clute's stone was her uncle.

Source: Shirley Smith