John William Phillips was the first child of Thomas Louis Phillips and Bea Elizabeth (unknown). He was born 1882 in Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas and died 1963 in California. He was twelve when his mother died.


On November 25, 1938, 43 years after his mother's death, John Phillips filed for a social security card. On it he lists his mother's maiden name as Bea HARRIS.

Of the three documents, this is the only one he filled out. The others were filed after his death and were probably completed by his widow.


John William Phillips died March 5, 1963. The informant field is blank, but it was probably his wife, who is listed as "Martha Emmer Phillips". His father is listed as Tom Phillips, birth place unknown and his mother is listed with no first name and HARRISON as her maiden name, birth place unknown.


Martha Phillips files for social security benefits

She lists her husband's parents as Tom Phillips (born in Kerrville) and Vic Phillips.