The Bea Elizabeth Dalton Hoax

Exposing Fraud

The Case Against the Claim that Bea Elizabeth Phillips
Was the Daughter of James and Adeline (Younger) Dalton

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The Con

We all know someone who has told a tall tale or embellished a story. We have probably overlooked when an acquaintance claimed to be something they're not. But, when a person intentionally distorts history, commits fraud and engages in criminal activity, we ought to take notice.

To get some idea of the convoluted nature of this hoax, take some time to watch the 1956 movie "Anastasia" starring Yul Brynner and Ingrid Bergman. In it, a woman impersonates the Grand Duchess Anastasia, the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, who was supposedly killed in 1918 during the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. In the movie, the ruse is so well done that even the Empress Marie Feodorovna comes to believe the impostor is her granddaughter. The movie is based on the real impersonator Anna Anderson (actually Franziska Schanzkowska) who was one of at least ten women who sought to claim that title.

In the same fashion, this con man has deviously wormed his way even into parts of the Dalton family and has them believing his story that his grandmother is their long lost – and heretofore unknown – relative.

A charming personality, a smile and careful manipulation of the mark is a wicked thing to use against honest people. We should not have to be suspicious of everyone but rather should be able to take a person at their word. This con man and others of his ilk take advantage of that honesty and trusting nature to steal trust, identities, money, fame, etc. In this case, it appears all this man wants is to be related to the Dalton gang of the late 19th century. To achieve that end, he has lied, impersonated other people, manufactured false documents and tombstones and even committed crimes.

The Trial

The data will be presented in these pages as in a trial – evidence both challenging and defending the position will be presented with arguments. Only one member of the "defense team" is known. His information can be seen at The Dalton Hoax Gang page. The "prosecution" team consists of numerous researchers and historical sources. The evidence for both the prosecution and defense is shown in chronological order on the Timeline page. An evaluation of the evidence can be seen on the Evidence Overview page. A compilation of all the evidence can be seen in the "Evidence Locker" and on the Sources page.

The defense claims that Bea Elizabeth Phillips, who was allegedly born 1856 and allegedly died 1894 in Tussy, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), was the daughter of James Lewis Dalton and Adeline Lee Younger and a sister to the Dalton brothers known as the "Dalton Gang".

This "trial" will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (1) fraud has been committed, (2) that B. Elizabeth Phillips was born in Texas and cannot be a child of this Dalton family and (3) that evidence for her being a daughter of the Daltons is missing entirely or has been fraudulently created.

This will show that:

  1. Basic research shows she cannot be the child of James and Adeline Dalton – see "Finding Bea".
  2. No one named Bea Elizabeth Dalton ever existed (not with that surname).
  3. Bea Elizabeth (maiden name unknown), who married Tom Phillips, is not related to the Dalton Gang family.
  4. Bea Elizabeth Phillips is not the daughter of James Lewis Dalton and Adeline Lee Younger.
  5. Bill Dalton Phillips (of Wynnewood, Oklahoma) also does not exist – that is a false name intentionally adopted to deceive.
  6. Multiple instances of fraud have been committed, including:
    • Falsifying documents
    • Falsifying (vandalizing) tombstones
    • Using false names & pretending to be someone else
    • Submitting false information for publication
    • Posting false information & genealogy data on-line

You will be the jury – only with your help can the falsification of history be rectified.

Examining the Evidence

The available evidence will be placed into two categories:

I - Data that is unlikely to be altered – this will be primary sources e.g. newspapers, vital records from original sources, etc. (they may contain errors, but they will not be intentionally designed to mislead to the conclusion that Bea Elizabeth Phillips is related to this particular Dalton family).

It will be shown that there is no evidence showing anyone named Bea or Elizabeth or Phillips is related to this Dalton family.

II - Data that can be altered – this will include anything the person responsible for the fraud could have altered, fabricated, forged, etc. It will be regarded as possibly being compromised and will be examined carefully.

The man responsible for the the deception and falsification of data was born in 1929. Because of the serious and far-reaching nature of the fraud, anything that could have been in his possession or influenced by him will go into category 2. An arbitrary year of 1950 – when he was 20 years old – has been set for when he might have begun falsifying documents.

Rampant Fraud Found

Numerous examples of fraud will be shown, including documents that have been forged, falsified and altered, tombstones that have been "replaced" containing false data and false information that has been given to family, friends and recorded in publications and on-line resources to prove Bea Elizabeth Phillips' relation to this Dalton family.


The Exhibits

Category 1 – data that can't be altered.

In none of this information is there any evidence of James Lewis Dalton and Adeline Lee Younger having a daughter named Bea or Beatrice or Elizabeth or of any relative named Phillips.

Category 2 – data that could have been altered.

In every instance, this data has been altered, falsified, forged or created from thin air and, of course, it all "proves" Bea Elizabeth Phillips is the daughter of James Lewis Dalton and Adeline Lee Younger. A lot of determination, effort and expense went into generating this much fraud.

The Timeline of Events.

Concluding Remarks


This is an attempt to shine the light of fact and truth on the lies that have been offered to and accepted by many in the genealogical community and by the good folks of Oklahoma who have been duped by this fraud. The evidence is presented here both for and against Bea Elizabeth (last name unknown) Phillips being related to the Dalton Gang. Please study it and inform others about it and let's end this affront to the Dalton family and to the historical record.