Researching Bea Elizabeth PHILLIPS

This is summed in the Evidence Overview

A person born in Texas cannot be a child of the Daltons

All the evidence shows Bea Elizabeth Phillips was born in Texas. That ends all discussion. Only if it can be proven she was born in Missouri or Kansas can she be their child. Everything else is irrelevant noise & a waste of time!

Do the research first.

A genealogist researching Bea's ancestry, untainted by the false evidence and relying only on hard evidence, won't find much, but they will determine that she was born in Texas, not Missouri and that fact alone is enough to prove she cannot be the daughter of James Lewis Dalton and Adeline Lee Younger. (The family of James Lewis Dalton and Adeline Lee Younger was never in Texas and, of course, none of their children were born there.)

But there is a lot of information on the family of James Lewis Dalton and Adeline Lee Younger (see the census records for their family). We know they lived in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma Territory. All their children were born in Missouri with the exception of Grat who was born in Kansas. If a person is born anywhere else, they are not a member of this family.

The evidence shows that Bea Elizabeth (probably HARRISON) was born in Texas and cannot be a child of the Daltons.

What is known about her?

Due to the large amount of fraudulent evidence, everything presented must be carefully evaluated. If no evidence is found, speculation will not be entertained and the event didn't happen.

Bea Elizabeth PHILLIPS' birth

  • There is no trustworthy evidence for her birth date, the alleged Bible record showing clear signs of alteration or forgery and no other records existing for her birth date.
  • To estimate her birth date, we assume she was at least 14 years old at the birth of her first child in 1882. That gives a birth estimate of 1868 or earlier. (The unproven data says she was born in 1856. Her tombstone, placed by Bill Phillips, who committed the distortions and falsifications, also says 1856.) (This researcher will accept 1856 as a possibility.)
  • There are multiple evidences for her place of birth – and they all say she was born in Texas. For the 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses, the birthplace for the childrens' mother (Bea Elizabeth) is Texas. The only (unaltered) death certificate which gives her birth place is that of her son Alford Lee Phillips, and it says Texas. (The only data which says she was born in Missouri has been proven fraudulent.)

* No Dalton children were born in Texas !
Based on this Evidence alone, Bea Elizabeth Phillips can not be a child of the Daltons.

Bea Elizabeth PHILLIPS' surname

  • The evidences for her surname are (1) the death certificate of her son Lee (DALTON); (2) the funeral record for son Jack (HARRISON); (3) the death certificate for son Jack (HARRISON); (4) Jack's social security application (DAWLTON); (5) the death certificate for son John (HARRISON); (6) John's social security application (HARRIS). Social Security applications are filled in by the person, but often contain erroneous information. Death records are filled in by someone else and can contain incorrect information because the informant may not know it or may be distracted by the stress of the moment. In Bea's case, she died before records were kept and her children ranged in age from three to twelve, so it's doubtful any of them would remember first-hand information from their mother.
  • J.J. PHILLIPS submitted a social security application in August, 1939 and listed his mother's name as "Edna DAWLTON". He also gave his birth date as March 1895 when Bea PHILLIPS died three months before that but he is listed as a child on the 1900 census as 10 years old born March 1890. It's hard to see how any of the information can be considered accurate when so much of it is obviously incorrect.
  • The 1938 social security application for John PHILLIPS gives his mother's maiden name as HARRIS.

Bea Elizabeth PHILLIPS' marriage(s)

  • No trustworthy evidence exists of her marriage to anyone.
  • The allegation she ever married a HARRISON is completely unsubstantiated – absolutely no evidence exists of this. (The genealogies submitted to the LDS and to Bill Yates, subsequently being added to the U.S. & International Marriage Records, give no source proofs.)
  • If she is the mother of Jno. Wm. PHILLIPS, the first born of the family in 1882, and if a marriage to Tom Phillips occurred at all, it would normally occur within a year or two prior to that – about 1880-1881.
  • Tom Phillips' parents and siblings lived and died in Kerrville, Texas. He is on the 1860 and 1870 censuses with them there and on the tax rolls there for 1881 through 1885. All their children were born in Kerrville between 1882 and 1890. Ignoring the fog of unproven data, one could easily believe that Tom and Bea married in Kerrville.

Bea Elizabeth PHILLIPS' death

  • There is no trustworthy evidence for her death place or the date or her death – no funeral home or other death records exist. We only have the word of the man responsible for the proven fraud.
  • Tom Phillips is listed as widowed on the 1900 Indian Territory census, so it is assumed she died prior to that. (The unproven data says she died in December 1894. Her tombstone, placed by Bill Phillips, who committed the deception, also says 1894.) (This researcher will accept 1894 as a possibility.)
  • Did she die in Texas before the family left for Indian Territory?

A search through records for someone, anyone, living anywhere in the continental United States and Territories with the given name Bea Elizabeth or Beatrice Elizabeth, with any surname, born circa 1856 and living between 1856 and 1895, returns nothing.

No one named Bea Elizabeth Dalton has been found on any census, and certainly not with the family of James L. and Adeline (Younger) Dalton ... not the 1860 census (when she was 4), or the 1870 census (when she was 14) or the 1880 census. (The family of Lewis and Adeline Dalton have not been found on the 1860 census, but they are on the 1870 and 1880 censuses, and all children, except Bea, are accounted for, so where was she?) Some proponents claim she was married before the 1870 census and had left home, but she would have been a child or in her early teens and where is any credible evidence of this?

HARRISON marriage a red herring

The fraud requires an explanation for why two of her son's death certificates and one son's social security application give her maiden name as HARRIS or HARRISON. Could the HARRISON marriage be a falsified event to explain that away?

The only evidence this researcher has found for a HARRISON marriage comes from the U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900, which have proven to be invalid. (The source for this data hasn't been found. It may be the gedcom submitted by "bdphillips2701652" to or to Broderbund Archives (founded 1989) or directly to Yates Publishing in 1996. Either of these dates falls within the time span where the data could have been manufactured by Bill Phillips. If anyone can offer valid evidence for it, please use the contact form and tell us about it.

If she married HARRISON before the 1870 census she would have only been 13 years old, and she is not found in either 1870 or 1880 with that name. (An Elizabeth HARRISON is on the 1880 census, b. 1856 MO, both parents b. VA, living in Salt River, Audrain, MO with her husband James and a daughter Mary G., 2. The Virginia birth place for her parents, their residence in Audrain County, and lack of any other corroborating evidence make it unlikely this is Bea.)

Possible source of the false information

Someone using the name "bdphillips2701652" submitted the false data to FamilySearch. Could "bdphillips" be our old buddy, the impostor "Bill Dalton Phillips"?

Censuses for Bea Elizabeth (last name unknown)

None have been found.

Censuses for the family of George PHILLIPS

George Phillips was the father of Tom Phillips who married Bea Elizabeth (maiden name unknown).

The census data contains the person's name, age, sex, and birth place. Beginning in 1880, two more birth place fields were added for the father and mother, so the last place listed is the birth place of that person's mother.

1850 census, Carroll county, Missouri, Oct 6, HH 483
George P PHILLIPS, 33, M, farmer, VA
Eliza F PHILLIPS, 38, F, KY
George A.R. PHILLIPS, 13, F, TN
Elizabeth D PHILLIPS, 11, F, TN
Minerva M PHILLIPS, 1, F, MO
James HARMON, 5, M, KY
1860 census, Kerrville, Kerr county, Texas, p 10, July 7, HH 93/82
G.P. PHILLIPS, 43, M, waggoner, $350, VA
Elisa F. PHILLIPS, 43, F, VA
B.C. NELSON, 20, F, TN
Ofelia PHILLIPS, 8, F, MO
Thom L. PHILLIPS, 2, M, TX 	(future husband of Bea Elizabeth)
A.L. WILLIAMSON, 30, M, stockraiser, $800, $300, NC
1870 census, Kerr county, Texas, pct 1, Kerrville, p. 4, June 21, HH 21/22
PHILIPPS, G.F., 51, M, W, teamster, $200, $500, VA
PHILIPPS, John, 13, M, W, TX
PHILIPPS, Thomas, 9, M, W, TX 	(future husband of Bea Elizabeth)
1880 census, Kerr county, Texas, p 6, ed 90, June 3, HH 49/53
WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth C., wife, 38, TN, VA, VA
WILLIAMSON, Jennie C., dau, 14, TX, NC, TN
WILLIAMSON, Albert B., son, 11, TX, NC, TN
WILLIAMSON, Ella, dau, 7, TX, NC, TN
WILLIAMSON, Robert, son, 5, TX, NC, TN
WILLIAMSON, Alice, dau, 2, TX, NC, TN
PHILLIPS, George P., W, M, 60, father-in-law, farmer, VA, VA, VA

Censuses for the family of Thomas Louis & Bea Elizabeth PHILLIPS

All children of Tom and Bea Elizabeth PHILLIPS show their mother born TX

Bea had allegedly been dead 5 years 6 months when Tom Phillips told the enumerator of the 1900 census she was born in Texas. Also, all her children were born in Texas.

1900 census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, ed 162, 11-B, June 18
PHILLIPS, Thos, head, W, M, Aug 1858, 51, TX, VA, VA, laborer, farm
PHILLIPS, Wm, son, Aug 1882, 17, 17, TX, TX, TX
PHILLIPS, Lee, son, Jan 1884, 16, TX, TX, TX
PHILLIPS, Robert, son, July 1886, 13, TX, TX, TX
PHILLIPS, Pearl, dau, Mar 1890, 10, TX, TX, TX
PHILLIPS, Jesse, son, Mar 1890, 10, TX, TX, TX

Lee Phillips is her son and lists his mother as born in Texas.

1910 census, Elmore, Garvin county, Oklahoma, May 19
Tom PHILLIPS is 56, single, a hired man in the HH of Geo. M. STEWARD

Lee PHILLIPS is a servant in the HH of Jack J. STASEY, 21, b. TX and mother b. TX

Jack (Jesse) PHILIPPS (sic) is a hired man in the HH of Burlin DANIEL in Elmore, OK, 18 years old, all birth places listed as "US"

Lee Phillips is her son and lists his mother as born in Texas.

1920 census, Elmore, Garvin county, Oklahoma, Jan. 8
PHILLIPS, Tom L, head, M, w, 66, TX, VA, MO, farmer
PHILLIPS, Margeritte A, wife, F, W, 66, AL, AL, MS
PHILLIPS, Lee A, son, 31, TX, TX, TX, farmer

Jack Phillips is her son and lists his mother as born in Texas.

1920 census, Elmore, Garvin county, Oklahoma
PHILIPS, Jack J, head, M, W, 26, TX, TX, TX, farmer
PHILIPS, Annie, wife, F, W, 16, OK, TX, AR
PHILIPS, Dortha, dau, 3/12, OK, TX, AR

Jno. Wm. Phillips is her son and lists his mother as born in Texas.

1930 census, Sayre, Beckham county, Oklahoma, ed 5-21, 1-B
April 7, HH 18/20
PHILLIPS, William, head, M, W, 47, m at 22, TX, TX, TX
PHILLIPS, Emma, wife, F, W, 45, m at 20, AL, AR, AR
PHILLIPS, Ray, son, 18, OK
PHILLIPS, Burl, son, 10, OK
PHILLIPS, Clyde, son, 6, OK
1930 census, Earl, Jefferson county, Oklahoma, ed 34-7, 4-A
April 9, HH 52
PHILLIPS, Lee, head, M, W, 39, m at 33, AR, TX, US, farmer
PHILLIPS, Carrie, wife, F, W, 31, m at 24, TX, SC, TX
PHILLIPS, Margaret, dau, 10, OK
PHILLIPS, Johnie, dau, 8, OK
PHILLIPS, Lee W, son, 4, OK
PHILLIPS, Billie Joe, son, 6/12, OK

Jack Phillips is her son and lists his mother as born in Texas.

1930 census, Elmore City, Garvin county, Oklahoma
Apr 18, HH 116/123
PHILIPS, Jack J, head, M, W, 38, TX, TX, TX
PHILIPS, Mary A., F, W, wife, 26, m at 15, OK, AL, AR
PHILIPS, Dorthy B, dau, 10, OK, TX, OK
PHILIPS, Lois L, son, 8, OK, TX, OK
PHILIPS, J.J., son, 7, OK, TX, OK
PHILIPS, Keneth T, son, 5, OK, TX, OK
PHILIPS, Jerald D, son, 2, OK, TX, OK
PHILIPS, Billy M, son, 0, OK, TX, OK
PHILIPS, Thomas L, father, M, W, 76, widowed, m at 24, TX, VA, US


  • F - female
  • M - male
  • W - white
  • HH - household
  • dau - daughter
  • AR - Arkansas
  • IT - Indian Territory

  • MO - Missouri
  • NC - North Carolina
  • OK - Oklahoma
  • SC - South Carolina
  • TN - Tennessee
  • TX - Texas
  • VA - Virginia

Lists of Dalton siblings & heirs

There are numerous listings of the children and heirs of James & Adeline Dalton. None of them mention anyone named Bea or Elizabeth or Phillips.

Researching Bea Elizabeth HARRISON

If the fraudulent information is ignored, the researcher is left with this lady being born in Texas and her surname being HARRISON. It will be left to her family to do the research to find her true ancestry as there are many women named Elizabeth, Lizzie, etc. HARRISON who were born circa 1856 in Texas. The purpose of this exposé is to show that she is not descended from James and Adeline DALTON.