Bill "Dalton" Phillips' Falsified Genealogy

Here is the genealogy provided by Billy Murl Phillips (aka William "Bill" Dalton Phillips) to researchers, "proving" he is a descendant of James Lewis Dalton and Adeline Lee Younger. The images have not been transcribed because (a) they contain false information and (b) it is important the false content is not picked up by search engines and provide further dissemination of it.

Be careful as this is from the person committing the distortions and parts of it are purposely falsified. It is presented here, not as an accurate genealogy, but to inform you of the false information which has been widely disseminated.

Tom and Bea Phillips almost certainly married in Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas, though Nancy Samuelson's book and Bill's NOLA article say Tom and Elizabeth Phillips married in Brownsville, which is in far south Texas. In another place Bill says Bea and Tom married in Brownwood. The problem with both those places is Tom Phillips was in Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas for the 1860 and 1870 censuses and the 1881, 1882, 1883 and 1885 tax rolls and all their children were born there, up until the birth of the twins in 1890. It seems highly improbable Tom Phillips was ever anywhere other than Kerr County, Texas until he moved to Tussy, Indian Territory sometime after 1890.

Though not included in this genealogy, it is also alleged that Bea's husband, Tom PHILLIPS, was a Texas Ranger. See "Tom Phillips, Texas Ranger — or not?".

(images provided by Mark S. Pannill)

Genealogy Posted to Dalton Genealogical Society

This can be found at The Dalton Data Bank, Annals of Connacht AC1452.3

Recently, Bill Dalton Phillips of Oklahoma, a descendent of Bea Elizabeth (Leila) Dalton Phillips and one of the few living descendents of the Gang, contacted your editor and sent data and pictures related to his ancestors. Bill asked that they be put on the web to share with everyone who has an interest in his family and to correct erroneous information that has been posted on the web.

Bill states that he has a "room full" of Dalton memorabilia and if you would like to be in contact with him, write to: Bill has contributed to several publications, including the book, "The Outlaw Gang" by Nancy Samuelson.

WARNING: This is part of Billy Murl Phillips' (alias Bill Dalton Phillips) falsified genealogy. Be careful and do your own research!
Emmett Dalton in his 1918 book listed the names of his siblings, including "Lelia". Bill has appended that name to his grandmother's name – but Bea never used that name and Lelia was born later than Bea (between Littleton and Franklin) and died in infancy and cannot be Bea Elizabeth Phillips.

From the Dalton Family Chart
	Courtesy of Bill Dalton Phillips (ed. the fake name Bill Dalton Phillips is part of the deception!)

	James Lewis Dalton, the father of the Gang was born in Kentucky on 16 Feb 1826 and died on 16 July 1890 in Dearing, KS near Coffeyville and is buried there. He was the son of Benjamin Dalton and Nancy Rabourn. On 12 Mar 1851 James married Adeline Lee Younger in Independence, MO. Adeline was born on 15 Sep 1835 in Jackson County, MO and died 24 Jan 1925 in Kingfisher, OK. She is buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher. She was the daughter of Charles Lee Younger and Parmella Wilson.

	James and Adeline Dalton had 15 children; ten boys and 5 girls. All were born in Missouri.
	1. Charles Benjamin (Ben) Dalton, b. 24 Feb 1852, d. 16 Mar 1936 at Fort Supply, OK
	2. Henry Coleman (Cole) Dalton, b. 26 Nov 1853, d. 27 Feb 1820, Des Moines, NM. He is buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher, OK. Unmarried.
	3. Lewis Kossuth Dalton, b. 1 Jan 1855 died at the age of 7 in MO in Jan 1862.
	* The entry below is untrue, it is the fraud!
	4. Bea Elizabeth (Lelia) Dalton, b. 14 Mar 1856 and d. 28 Dec 1894 in Tussey, OK. She married Lewis Phillips in 1880 in Brownwood, TX
		(He told NOLA that his grandparents were married in Brownsville.)
	5. Littleton Lee Dalton b. 2 Oct 1857, d. 8 Jan 1942 in Woodland, CA Unmarried and buried in Woodland, CA Cemetery.
	6. Franklin (Frank) Dalton, b. 8 May 1859, died 27 Nov 1887 at Fort Smith, AR. He is buried at Coffeyville, KS.
	7. Gratton, (Grat) Dalton, b. 30 Mar 1861 in Lawrence, KS, d. 5 Oct 1892 in Coffeyville, KS. Unmarried and buried in Coffeyville Cemetery
	8. William (Bill) Dalton, b. 1 Jun 1865, died 8 Jun 1894 in Poolsville, OK. On 15 Jun 1885 he married Jane Bliven. He is interred in a mausoleum in Lodi, CA.
	9. Eva May Dalton, b. Belton, MO on 25 Jan 1867, died 27 Jan 1939 in Kingfisher, OK. On 25 Oct 1887 she married John N. Whipple.
	10. Robert Rennick (Bob) Dalton, b. 13 May 1869, died. 5 Oct 1892 in Coffeyville, KS. Unmarried and buried in Coffeyville Cemetery.
	11. Emmet (Em) Dalton, b. in Bates County, MO on 3 May 1871, and d. 13 Jul 1937 in Los Angeles, CA. On 1 Sep 1908 he married Julia Johnson Lewis. He is buried in the Kingfisher, OK cemetery.
	12. Leona Randolph Dalton, b. 17 Jul 1874, d. 18 Apr 1964 in Kingfisher, OK. Unmarried she is buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher, OK.
	13. Nancy (Nonnie) Dalton, b. 11 Mar 1876, d. 27 Dec. 1901 in Kingfisher, OK. She married Charles M. Clute on 22 Jan 1896.
	14. Simon Noel Dalton (a twin) b. 6 Jul 1879, d. 13 Sep 1928 in Oklahoma City. He married Minnie McDaniel on July 30, 1910. He is buried in the family plot in Kingfisher, OK
	15. Hannah Adeline Dalton (a twin) b. 6 July 1879, d. 6 Jul 1879 in MO.