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Oct. 8, 1892 Topeka Daily Capital

The deadly raid occurred October 5, 1892. Below is a partial transcription of the portion regarding the family members.

No mention of Bea or Elizabeth or Phillips.


All of the Members Not Killed Are at Coffeyville


The Daltons.

COFFEYVILLE, Kan., Oct. 7 – William Dalton, ex-member of the California legislature and a peaceable, law-abiding man, arrived here to-day to take charge of his dead brothers and see Emmet, the wounded one, who sent for him.

..... His mother, brothers Ben and Simon, and sister, Mrs. Whipple, arrived this morning from Kingfisher.


It is not true that William Dalton served in the California legislature.

The article says all the family members were in Coffeyville, but it does not say they are all listed. Children who may have been present but are not mentioned are Cole and Lit Dalton, who were living in California, Leona Dalton, who lived with her mother in Kingfisher, and Nancy "Nannie" Dalton Clute who also lived in Kingfisher.

Why is Bea Elizabeth Phillips never mentioned in any article about the Dalton family?

source: Coffeyville Daily Capital, Coffeyville, Kansas

Vital Records

1892 probate & death affidavit for Bob & Grat Dalton following their failed October 5, 1892 bank robbery in Coffeyville, KS



Montgomery County, Kansas

Robt & Gratton Dalton

Filed: Oct 15th 1892
Daniel Cline
Probate Judge

Final Settlement
Discharged May 2 1895

source: Coffeyville Library, Coffeyville, Kansas


Robert Dalton Gratton Dalton

By: W M Dalton

Filed: Oct 15th 1892

Daniel Cline
Probate Judge

W.M. Dalton is Mason Frakes Dalton who went by William Marion Dalton.

source: Coffeyville Library, Coffeyville, Kansas


STATE OF KANSAS, Montgomery County -- SS.
In the Probate Court, in and for said County.

In the matter of the Estate of Robt. Dalton & Gratton Dalton late of said County, deceased.

On the 15th day of October A.D. 1892, personally appeared before me, the undersigned Judge of said Court, W.M. Dalton who being by me duly sworn, according to law, doth upon his oath depose and say that Robert Dalton and Gratton Dalton died on the 5th day of October A.D. 1892 at Montgomery County, and State aforesaid, that to the best of his knowledge and belief, the names and places of residence of the heirs of the deceased are as follows, to-wit:

Adeline L Dalton mother of the deceased, Kingfisher, Ok
Charles B Dalton (brother of deceased) Kingfisher Ok
Henry C. (ditto)
Mrs. E.D. Whipple sister (ditto)
and Miss Leona Dalton sister (ditto)
Simon M Dalton brother (ditto) minor
Nannie (ditto)
and that deceased died without a will, as affiant verily believes. And further states that the said Robt Dalton & Gratton Dalton died seized and possessed of personal estate consisting chiefly of cash, gold watches jewelry, six shooters, Winchester Saddles & bridles. One horse and a diamond ring.

all of said estate being estimated to be worth about Twenty Six hundred Dollars

Your petitioner wold therefore respectfully pray that your honor will grant Letters of Administration to him the undersigned

W.M. Dalton

subscribed and sworn to before me, the day and years first above written.

Daniel Cline, Probate Judge

Heirs of deceased (Robt. & Gratton Dalton)

Adeline L Dalton mother of the deceased, Kingfisher, Ok
Charles B Dalton (brother of deceased) Kingfisher Ok
Henry C. (ditto)
Mrs. E.D. Whipple sister (ditto)
and Miss Leona Dalton sister (ditto)
Simon M Dalton brother (ditto) minor
Nannie (ditto)

Why isn't Bea Elizabeth Phillips listed?

source: Coffeyville Library, Coffeyville, Kansas

State of Kansas
County of Montgomery SS.

We the undersigned heirs of Gratton Dalton and Robert Dalton, deceased, hereby renounce all legal right no by law vested in us respectively, to administer upon the estates of the said Gratton Dalton and Robert Dalton, deceased.

Attst: B.F. Ralls

Signed: Adeline L. Dalton
C.B. Dalton
H.C. Dalton
L. Dalton
Mrs. E.D. Whipple
Leona Dalton


Filed Oct 15th 1892

Samuel Cline
Probate Judge

Signators on the probate:

Adeline L. Dalton mother
C.B. Dalton Charles Benjamin Dalton, brother
H.C. Dalton Henry Coleman Dalton, brother
L. Dalton Lit Dalton, brother
Mrs. E.D. Whipple Eva Dalton Whipple, sister
Leona Dalton minor sister

Why didn't Bea Elizabeth Phillips sign it? ... Could it be she is no relation to the family?

source: Coffeyville Library, Coffeyville, Kansas

A list of the 15 children of James L. Dalton and Adeline L. Younger Dalton. All living children are accounted for on the probate except for Emmett.

If Bea Elizabeth Phillips was an heir and a sister to Robert & Gratton Dalton, why didn't she show up for the probate hearing? Why isn't she listed as an heir?

Source: Emmett Dalton's List of Children.

  1. C.B. Dalton – listed on the probate
  2. H.C. Dalton – listed on the probate
  3. Louis Kossuth Dalton – deceased
  4. Lit Dalton – listed on the probate
  5. Lelia Dalton – deceased
  6. Frank Dalton – deceased
  7. Gratton Dalton – deceased, killed in bank robbery
  8. W.M. "Bill" Dalton – listed on the probate
  9. Mrs. Eva Dalton Whipple – listed on the probate
  10. Robert Dalton – deceased, killed in bank robbery
  11. Emmett Dalton – wounded, not expected to live
  12. Leona Dalton – listed on the probate
  13. Nannie Dalton – listed on the probate, a minor
  14. Simon Dalton – listed on the probate, a minor
  15. Hannah Dalton – deceased

Robt. Dalton proboble Estate
Cash $900.00
1 gold watch & chain $50.00
1 set of jewelry $10.00
1 pr. six shooters (Colts) $26.00
1 Winchester Rifle $20.00
1 saddle & bridle $15.00

Gratton Dalton proboble Estate
1 diamond ring $50.00
1 horse $50.00
saddle & bridle $15.00
gold watch & chain $50.00
Winchester rifle $15.00
1 pr. six shooters (Colts) $26.00
Cash $73.00

source: Coffeyville Library, Coffeyville, Kansas


World War I Draft Registrations.

The Phillips men registered for the WW-I draft in 1917 and in 1918.

Lee (Alford), Robert & Jack Phillips all registered the same day, June 15, 1917, and each application was signed by the same man, K.C. Porter, implying they also registered at the same place, probably travelling together to do it.

Lee Phillips seems to have been the best informed about his background, giving his birth place as Kerrville, TX, but he didn't give his birth year. Robert and Jack Phillips, however, could not accurately give their place of birth. Robert wrote "Gordville, Texas" and Jack wrote "Manarchville, Texas".

The oldest brother, John William Phillips, registered the next year, Sept. 12, 1918, and there were no questions on this version of the form about place of birth, but on his social security application in 1938, he gave his birth place as "Curryville, Curry County, Texas".

As with the other primary evidence, it is obvious the Phillips children knew little of their mother or even where they were born. One wonders where the allegedly factual information about Bea Elizabeth's place of birth and first marriage to Harrison originated as there is no evidence her children knew anything about her.

Source: WW-I draft registration

John William Phillips' Social Security Application

In November, 1938, he listed his mother's maiden name as HARRIS and gave his birth place as "Curryville, Curry County, Texas". There is no such place in Texas – he was born in Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas.

Source: Social Security Administration

John William Phillips' death certificate

His mother's maiden name listed as HARRISON, birth place unknown. The informant was his wife, Martha Emma (Dickerson) Phillips. This was obtained by the editor – see the "Date Issued" of Aug. 28, 2014.

Source: California Department of Public Health - Vital Records

Bill Phillips' version of his uncle Jno. Phillips' death certificate

Compare to the one above obtained from California Vital Statistics – they contain identical information except the maiden name and birthplace of John's mother. It now reads "DALTON" and "Missouri" (because she can't be a HARRISON and no member of the Dalton family was born in Texas, which is where Bea Elizabeth (unknown) was born).

Source: Bill Phillips

California death record of John William Phillips

It's unfortunate that Bill Phillips can't change the California Death Index.

Name:John W Phillips
Event Type:Death
Event Date:05 Mar 1963
Event Place:Tulare, California, United States
Birth Date:15 Aug 1882
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:Harrison

source: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/VP4Z-MB8