Compare Handwriting to Apparent Forgeries

Known Samples of Bill Phillips' Handwriting

Simon Dalton's death certificate
on the left is the original (see original)
on the right is Bill's version (view the altered version).

Samples of "Dalton" written in Bill's hand.

Samples of "B" in Bill's handwriting.

Samples of "Phillips" written in Bill's hand.

Miscellaneous samples of Bill's handwriting.

Links to images of Bill's handwriting:

  1. John Phillips' death certificate
  2. Bill's April 1988 Letter
  3. Bill Phillips letter of Feb. 20, 1988 page 1
  4. Bill Phillips letter of Feb. 20, 1988 page 2
  5. Bill Phillips letter of Feb. 20, 1988 page 3
  6. Letter of Jan. 15, 1989
  7. Letter of Dec. 4, 1987

Suspected & Proven Forged Documents

The Bible page – two versions

Both supplied by Bill Phillips. The left one is an earlier version sent to Mark S. Pannill, the right one was sent to Nancy Samuelson a year or two later.

Source: Bill Phillips

On the image on the left, at right, top, the handwriting for "Thomas Phillips & Bea Elizabeth Dalton" is clearly that of Bill Phillips, as is the section right, bottom within the red line.

On the right, the version sent to Nancy Samuelson, the part that reads "Adeline Dalton" and "Lewis Dalton" – this looks like a different hand, but the "L" on Lewis and both "D"s on Dalton resemble Bill's handwriting.

The Death Certificates

First, look at the unaltered death certificates of Jack Phillips and Sam Dalton. The state of Oklahoma appears to use a standard form when issuing certified copies and they lay the death certificate on top of it to make the copy. This causes the lines and slight orientation errors.

Each of these documents should be in different handwriting. A death certificate might have as many as three different people fill it out – the doctor, perhaps a clerk and the informant's signature. Be suspicious of documents that have the same handwriting on it as one created at a different time.

Simon Dalton's death certificate

This is a proven forgery -- supplied in two revisions by Bill Phillips

Source: Bill Phillips

See the Evidence Locker to see the original and Bill's two consecutive "revisions".