The Bible Record

On Feb. 3, 1988, Bill "Dalton" Phillips wrote a Dalton researcher "all the information we have on Eliz Dalton Phillips was what my grandfather bible & it says she is the daughter of James Lewis & Adeline some place she was call Lili or Lile & the Bea might be just B ...."

The images look pretty convincing – but look carefully ...

Two versions were shown to two different researchers. Neither was permitted to see the original document.

The first was sent to Mark S. Pannill in 1987 and the second was sent to Nancy Samuelson a year or two later.

Caution is urged when viewing this. It is a poor photo reproduction, perhaps intentionally, and it comes from the person who created the hoax and forged or altered other documents, including grave stones, to prove his relation to the Dalton Gang.

The facts below directly contradict it:

  • Bea Elizabeth Phillips is not mentioned as a sibling of Bill Dalton in the June, 1894 Daily Ardmoreite newspaper article.
  • Jack Phillips is not mentioned in Leona Dalton's obituary though her true nephews, Roy Clute and Charles Dalton, are.
  • No Dalton death notice or obituary mentions a Phillips relative except the two Bill Phillips altered.
  • No Phillips obituary mentions a Dalton connection other than the two that Bill Phillips wrote.
  • Handwriting Analysis

Independent Inspection & Validation Required

The other evidence and the rampant fraud must force us to conclude this is an untrustworthy document which has very likely been forged or altered. The photocopy of this document should not be accepted but the original – if it can ever be found – must be carefully examined by a disinterested, expert third-party qualified to evaluate the authenticity of a document of this type. This is, unfortunately, what happens when it is discovered a person has fabricated evidence – anything else they present will be suspect.

This is presented as a Bible record, but it appears to be several pieces of paper taped to underlying pages of a book or ledger. Looking at the last image, given to Mark S. Pannill, it is not known what the dark lines are across the hair strands at the top and bottom of the right page (you have to look closely at the top strand of hair to see them).

The first line reads "George P. Phillips; His Book", but he died sometime after the June 3, 1880 Kerr County, Texas census and his wife died before the 1870 census, so the entries would have to be made by either his son Thomas PHILLIPS (d. 1930) or his wife Bea Elizabeth (Harrison) PHILLIPS (d. 1894) or, more likely, much later by someone wanting to prove a relationship which does not exist.

Neither Tom or Bea Elizabeth PHILLIPS could have made the entries in ballpoint pen, which did not become commercially available in the U.S. until after WW-II.

There is nothing on the document that would substantiate a previous marriage for Bea Elizabeth to a HARRISON, which is used as an explanation for why two of her sons' death records give HARRISON as her maiden name. The question the Phillips family ought to be asking is "who was she?" rather than trying to prove she is related to someone else's family.

A good autosomal DNA test ought to help answer these questions – DNA samples from true descendants of Lewis and Adeline Dalton could be compared to descendants of Tom and Bea Phillips. Bill was involved in the Dalton DNA Project at one time, but that was when the Y-chromosome was all that was being considered. He was safe at that time as that requires a direct male lineage to James Lewis Dalton and Bea is a female. Now autosomal DNA is available and the sex doesn't matter anymore.

The first two images below are from Nancy Samuelson's book "The Dalton Gang Story", p. 41. Why are they different from the third one from Mark S. Pannill? A suspicious person would think that the one Nancy received was an "improved version" as the one sent to Mark S. Pannill was an earlier version.

Source: Bill Phillips to Nancy Samuelson ("The Dalton Gang Story", p. 41.)

Source: Bill Phillips to Nancy Samuelson ("The Dalton Gang Story", p. 41.)

This image below was provided to Mark S. Pannill by Bill "Dalton" Phillips.

Source: Bill Phillips (to Mark S. Pannill.)