Death certificates of Bea Phillips' children

Alford Lee Phillips' death certificate

This could be the only legitimate evidence available providing anything relating Bea Phillips to a DALTON family – but read on.

It is incumbent upon the thorough researcher to question anything on the census, in a newspaper article, on a death certificate, etc., as they are secondary or tertiary sources. In the case of a death certificate, the primary source has just died and the informant may be grieving and not thinking too clearly or may have incorrect information.

On this certificate, the maiden name for Lee's mother is listed as "Miss DALTON", but her birth place is listed as "Texas" and the family of James and Adeline Dalton were never in Texas. The informant was his brother, John William Phillips, both of Loco, Oklahoma.

(See John's death certificate below – his mother's maiden name listed as HARRISON.)

Source: The Oklahoma State Board of Health; Bureau of Vital Statistics)

The unfortunate evidences

John William Phillips' Social Security Application

In November, 1938, John Wm. Phillips filed for a social security card.

  • SSN: 526-18-7040 (reference to delayed app, below, 527-18-2542)
  • Employer: Mesa Citrus Growers, Mesa, AZ
  • DOB: Aug 11, 1882
  • Birthplace: Curryville, Curry, TX  *
  • Father: Tom Phillips
  • Mother: Bea Harris

* There is no Curryville or a Curry county in Texas. Either he or a transcriber misspelled Kerrville and Kerr County.

Source: Social Security Administration

John William Phillips' death certificate

John Phillips died in 1963. This is an "informational" copy of his California death certificate. On it, his mother's name is recorded as HARRISON

Source: California Dept. of Public Health

Bill Phillips' version

On the certified copy above, and this altered one from Bill Phillips, box 9 reads "Maiden Name and birthplace of mother". On the unaltered copy above, it reads "HARRISON - unknown". On Bill's creative work, it reads "Dalton - Missouri".

Source: Bill Phillips

The California death record of John William Phillips

John William Phillips, brother to Lee and Jack Phillips, died in Tulare County, California in 1963. Changing a California death record must have been beyond the ability of his nephew, Bill Phillips and so it remains another unfortunate evidence for him. John Wm. Phillips was the informant on his brother Lee Phillips' death certificate above on which he gave his mother's maiden name as DALTON but the California death index lists his mother's maiden name as HARRISON. It is not known who the informant was, but his wife, Emma (Dickerson) Phillips was still living and probably performed that service and gave his mother's maiden name as HARRISON.

Name:John W Phillips
Event Type:Death
Event Date:05 Mar 1963
Event Place:Tulare, California, United States
Birth Date:15 Aug 1882
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:Harrison


Original death certificate for Jack Phillips

This is an unaltered copy of the original death certificate for Jesse Jackson "Jack" Phillips who died in 1974 (he was the father of the man responsible for this farcical distortion of history). It is marked "AMENDED" and was obtained by another researcher from the Oklahoma Department of Health. The amendment is below.

Current Oklahoma law (effective Nov. 1, 2011) restricts death certificates to relatives (or more than 75 years ago), so obtaining any other death certificates for the children may be difficult.

Unfortunately for anyone trying to link Bea Elizabeth Phillips to the Dalton family, her maiden name is listed as HARRISON on her son Jack Phillips' death certificate. The informant is his wife, Annie (Tarrant) Phillips, who should have known her mother-in-law's maiden name, but that didn't suit their son, Billy Murl Phillips (aka Bill Dalton Phillips), and he had it amended in 1987 (see below).

The Vaughan Funeral Home handled the burial and the Funeral Director, William Thomas "W.T." Vaughan, is the son-in-law of the original owner, E.H. Yeary.

Source: "The Dalton Gang Story" p. 40

Bill Phillips' version of his father's death certificate

How wonderful for the intrepid researcher Bill Phillips. Now his father's death certificate says his mother was Elizabeth Dalton.

Source: Bill Phillips

Jack Phillips Funeral Record

His mother's maiden name is also listed as HARRISON on the funeral home record for his father's burial.

Source: Yeary-Vaughn Funeral Home (Elmore City, OK)

Amended death certificate for Jack Phillips

This amended death certificate was requested by Jack's son, Bill Phillips, the man responsible for most if not all the falsification of documents uncovered thus far. On another death certificate he had the maiden name for Jack's mother, his grandmother, changed from HARRISON to DALTON. The document presented is listed as "Statement from Vaughan Funeral Home", and the amendment was (allegedly) requested by the Vaughan Funeral Home's Director and signed the same day as the date of the amended certificate, March 24, 1987.

The director who presided over Jack Phillips' funeral was W.T. Vaughn. He died in 1983. Prior to his death, he sold the funeral home to Charles Wooster and it became the Wooster Funeral Home. That was its name in 1987 and that is what it is called today (2014).

The Vaughn Funeral Home could not have requested this amended certificate – it did not exist in 1987. It was the Wooster Funeral Home.

(Bill submitted information to the Oklahoma Dept. of Health for his grandmother's delayed filing death certificate and alleged that information came from the same funeral home and that E.H. Yeary was the funeral director when the home did not exist and Yeary was not in that business or even living there when she died. None of it is true.)

  • How could the funeral director initiate this when the Funeral Record (above) clearly shows her maiden name as HARRISON?

The evidence on this page implies that someone submitted false information to the State of Oklahoma which is a criminal offense in that state.

Source "The Dalton Gang Story" p. 40

More Distortions from Bill Phillips

Simon "Sam" Dalton's Altered Death Certificates

** The following three documents are additional proof of the forgeries of Bill Phillips. The first (right) is the original death certificate and the next two show Bill's learning curve in forgery. Practice makes perfect.

The image on the right is an original.

Note the security hash marks are clear. Note that Simon's date of birth, occupation and his birth place are not filled in and the names and birthplaces of his parents are "Not Known". His age is typed in as 51.

Source: Oklahoma Dept. of Health - Vital Statistics)

The first forgery

Now the birth date, age, occupation and his parents' names and birth places are handwritten in – but the security hash marks are gone. His age has changed to 49 years, 7 months and 7 days

Look at the unaltered version and notice he didn't have to erase very much – just the "Not Known" for Simon's birthplace and then the ditto marks in the parents' fields. This allowed leaving most of the security marks.

** This document provides samples of Bill Phillips' handwriting used in the Handwriting Analysis.

Source: Bill Phillips)

The revision of the forgery

The information is nicely typed now – but the security hash marks are gone.

Source: Bill Phillips)