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It was reported that "Mr. Lynch's only sister was the wife of our highly esteemed citizen J. Eberly." 1 — but no sister has been found and his wife's sister, Virginia Ann Hargrave, married Jerome Eberly and another sister, Fanny Hargrave, married his brother William.

John Elgin Eberly – was the father of Jerome M. Eberly, who married Virginia Ann Hargrave, and William Henry Eberly, who married Francis Hargrave.  Both Virginia and Francis were Cyllanea Hargrave's sisters, the children of Joseph Hargrave and Missouri Cobb Hargrave.

Obituary J. E. Eberly 2  

John Elgin Eberly's burial (1827-1896) – FindaGrave.com

Two daughters of Joseph & Missouri Hargrave, sisters of Cyllanae (Hargrave) Lynch married into the prominent family of John Elgin Eberly:

  • Virginia Ann Hargrave (1852-1905) 3 married Jerome M. Eberly (~1849-BEF 1880).
  • Francis Catherine "Fanny" Hargrave (1871-1920) 4 married William Henry Eberly (1852-1936).

Virginia Ann Hargrave, sister of Cyllanae (Hargrave) Lynch and her husband Jerome M. Eberly, were residents of Hockley, Texas.

Jerome M Eberly
s/o John Elgin & Margaret Elizabeth (Henry) Eberly
Birth circa 1849, Texas
Death before 1880 either Hockley or Waller county
Burial: Fields Store, Waller county.

Father – John Elgin Eberly b. 1827 AL or TX, d. 1896, Hockley, Harris county, TX.
Mary Elizabeth Henry b. 1827 TN, d. 1873,
both buried Fields Store Cemetery.

Married 4-25-1872 Grimes county: Virginia Ann (Hargrave) Eberly 5
d/o Jos. Hargrave & Missouri Cobb
Birth: 14 Nov 1852
Death: 26 Jul 1905 (aged 52)
Burial: Fields Store Cemetery

  • FindaGrave.com - Jerome M “Bud” Eberly (1849 LA-1879 Waller cty, TX) husband of Virginia Ann Hargrave (1852 LA - 1905).
  • Jerome Eberly was not married to George Lynch's sister but to his wife's sister (his sister-in-law) Virginia Ann Hargrave (1852-1905) who died at Fields Store.  They married April 25, 1872 in Grimes county.

Francis Catherine "Fanny" Hargrave, another sister of Cyllanae (Hargrave) Lynch, married William H. Eberly May 31, 1893, and were also residents of Waller county, Texas.

Joseph Hargrave (1820 LA-1873 Waller TX)
Missouri Cobbs (1826 TN-1873 TX)

Circa August 1878 Cyllanae died at her home on Spring Creek, perhaps due to complications from childbirth, and George Lynch was left with eight children, ranging in age from 17 for their daughter Carrie to their infant son Hayes Lynch, only weeks old.  Three weeks later, September 13, 1878, George was shot near their home and all their children murdered.

George, seriously injured, having been shot twice and his children murdered, was reported to have gone to Hockley to stay with a nephew, a Mr. Eberly. 6  This implies he stayed with a son of one of his wife's sisters, but neither of them had children old enough, so with whom did he stay – perhaps with one of their families – a brother-in-law and rather than a nephew?  He had two Eberly brothers-in-law, Jerome and William Eberly, but only Jerome is found to have lived at Hockley, so it appears he went to stay with the family of Jerome and his wife Virginia Hargrave Eberly.

1860 census - John EBERLY

1860, TX, Grimes, Retreat, p 87, Aug 1
HH 579/570
John EBERLY, 35, M, farming, $1000, $1500, AL
Margaret EBERLY, 35, F, TN
Jerome EBERLY, 12, M, TX
Catherine EBERLY, 14, F, TX
William EBERLY, 8, M, TX
John EBERLY, 5, M, TX
Eliza EBERLY, 4, F, TX
Mathias EBERLY, 1, M, TX
John DINER (?), 14, M, $1000, TX
Rilley DINER (?), 8, M, TX
Benjamin DINER (?), 19, M, TX

1870 census - John EBERLY

1870, TX, Grimes, Courtney, p 160, July 21
HH 1288
EBERLY, John, 46, M, W, far,er, $2000, $1600, KY
EBERLY, Margarett, 43, F, W, keeping house, KY
EBERLY, Jerome, 21, M, farmer, TX
EBERLY, William, 17, M, farm laborer, TX
EBERLY, John, 15, M, farm laborer, TX
EBERLY, Eliza, 13, F, at home, TX
EBERLY, Mortimore, 11, M, at home, TX
EBERLY, Miner, 9, M, TX
EBERLY, Virginia, 1, F, TX
FIELDS, Laura, 22, F, W, at home, TX
FIELDS, John, 3, M, W, TX
WILLIAMSON, John, 23, M, W, farm laborer, MS

John & Margaret's son Jerome Eberly, who married Virginia Ann Hargrave in 1872, is not found on the 1880 census and Virginia is listed there as widowed.  She is living with her younger brother in Leon county, TX.  Fanny Hargrave, below, would marry Jerome's younger brother, William H. Eberly in Waller county in 1893. (Leon county is about 50 miles due north of Waller county.)

1880 census - Virginia EBERLY

1880, TX, Leon county, Courtney, p 10, ed 90, June 9
HH 93
HARGRAVE, James, W, M, 23, farming, TX, LA, TN
EBERLY, Virginia, W, F, 28, sister, widowed, keeping house, TX, LA, TN
HARGRAVE, Adella, W, F, 13, sister, TX, LA, TN
HARGRAVE, Fanny E, W, F, 10, sister, TX, LA, TN
EBERLY, Foster, W, M, 7, nephew, TX, TX, TX


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