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Jeremiah and Elizabeth CLOUD



Jeremiah CLOUD  was born about 1784 in Twiggs County, Georgia (which, at that time, was inside Creek Indian territory and didn't become Twiggs county until 1809).  At seventeen, he married Elizabeth and she bore their first five children in Georgia. Some think the Cloud family subsequently moved to South Carolina, as did many others, to escape the mayhem on the frontier as the British and Spanish pitted Indians against Colonials during the war of 1812.

The Battle of Horseshoe Bend against the Creeks, led by General Andrew Jackson in East central Alabama on March 27, 1814, ended the Creek Indian War and added to the United States territory Creek lands amounting to three-fifths of present Alabama and one-fifth of Georgia. Soon after, in 1816, Jeremiah and Elizabeth moved their family to Montgomery county, Alabama and acquired land there. They lived there until 1836 and had four more children.

Six hundred and fifty miles to the Southwest, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua-Texas, on April 21, 1836, the forces of General Sam Houston defeated the Mexican army led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna at San Jacinto.  The fledgling Republic of Texas, having no funds, began using land to entice settlers.

Sensing another opportunity to acquire land, Jeremiah, with part of his family and neighbors from the Mount Meigs neighborhood, left for Texas in mid 1836.  Traveling overland by horseback, many sent their wives, children and slaves by boat from Montgomery to New Orleans and from there overland to Hempstead, Texas which at the time was in Austin County.  Arriving in late 1836, they settled in Austin County and were joined there ten years later by the rest of the family – with the exception of the two eldest children and their families who remained behind in Alabama.  William Cloud, who married Margaret FRIZZLE, remained in Pike county and Mary, who married Joseph COBB, stayed in Barbour county.  About 1886, the widow of grandson J.W.J. Cloud, Laura Frances (BURT) Cloud, returned to her hometown of Prattville, Autauga County, Alabama.

These are the generations of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Cloud:

A. William Cloud was born about 1800 and died before 1850. He married Margaret FRIZZLE, daughter of Thomas and Temperance (ELLIS) Frizzle and residents of Pike county Alabama, December 22,1825 in Montgomery county. They lived out their lives near Margaret's parents in Pike county. Their children were Elzena, born 1826 who married John SESSIONS; William Jasper (1826-1871) who married Elizabeth Jane BOYD and later moved to Texas; Thomas who married Martha; and Elizabeth. All but William Jr. lived in Alabama.

B. Mary Cloud, born circa 1810 in Georgia, married Joseph COBB (1799-1876), son of Jacob and Henrietta (McDADE) COBB, early settlers of Alabama. They lived in Barbour county Alabama and she died there between 1840 and 1843. They had five children, all born in Alabama: Elizabeth, born 1826/28; Franklin (1829-) married Nancy FAISON; Jacob and Jeremiah, twins born about 1834 and named for their grandfathers; and Thomas J. (1840-).

C. Henry George Washington (H.G.W.) Cloud, born March 14, 1810 in Twiggs County, Georgia. Though blind since age 21, he still served as the County Tax Collector and Assessor for Austin County, Texas. He married Mary Adeline "Polly" McDADE (1809-1838), daughter of Charles Alexander McDADE and Edna Adeline FIELDS, about January 8, 1828 in Montgomery, Alabama. They had five children: Charles (ca 1829 AL-bef 1897); Jeremiah "Jerry" II (1831-1867) married Irene EWING; Alexander "Alex" (ca 1833-1866) married Jane CALVERT; Elizabeth (ca 1835-ca 1897) married a CONNELY; and Jane (1835/36-bef 1897) married Thadeus HENDERSON.

On March 17, 1839 in Montgomery, HGW married Mary T. BATEMAN born 1818 in Georgia. Seven children: George W. (1839-) married Rachel KINCHEN; Noah (1843-) married Ophelia CLOYD and then Laura KELTON; James W.J. (1845-1886) married Laura Frances BURT; Louisa (1848-) married J.B. MANNING; Sarah Texanna (1854-) married Joseph FARR; John Marion "J.M./Jim" (1854-1913) married Marthie Annie KELTON, then Mary SNELL, then Annie Charlotte SPEARE; and Bettie (1857-).

D. James M. Cloud, born 1812/16 in Twiggs County, Georgia married Virginia Jane "Jennie" McDADE, daughter of Charles Alexander McDADE and Edna Adeline FIELDS. One Child: Mary I.L, 1832 Alabama, married Joseph W. FRANCIS.

E. John Clark (J.C.) Cloud, CSA, born 1812 in Georgia and died 1868 in Milam county, Texas married Mary Polly GRIFFIN, daughter of John W. and Nancy GRIFFIN, January 7, 1836 in Montgomery county Alabama. Children: Mary E. (1838-1929) married Joseph ROGERS; Marion, born in 1842 in Austin County, Texas, enlisted as a private in the civil war and never returned; John Clark, Jr. (1845-1929) married Sarah Sallie CARTER; Margarette, born 1848 married Sarah Carter's brother, Thomas Council CARTER; Frances "Fanny" born 1850 married Jacob RUTHERFORD; Melissa (1852-1870); and Jerry.

** Subsequent to this submission to the Alabama Heritage Book series, further information was found that proved the paragraph below was in error:

F. Andrew Jackson (Alex / A.J.) Cloud, born in 1820 in Montgomery county, Alabama, married Nancy WOOD on MAY 2 1838 in Washington county, Texas. Children: James, born 1844 in Austin County, Texas; Paralee, born 1846 in Texas married William James DAY; and Joseph Newton "Jasper" (1848-1901) married Susie HINDS.

** The information below is believed to be a more accurate account of this line:

F. Andrew Jackson (Alex / A.J.) Cloud, born in 1820 in Montgomery county, Alabama, married Nancy WOOD on MAY 2 1838 in Washington county, Texas. Family tradition indicates Nancy and a child died at childbirth.  A.J. Cloud subsequently married Nancy Ellen McCoy July 8 1840 in Gonzales county, Texas.  Children: James, born 1844 in Austin County, Texas; Paralee, born 1846 in Texas married William James DAY; and Joseph Newton "Jasper" (1848-1901) married Susie HINDS.

G. Elcena L. (E.L.) Cloud, married William P. GATES on July 25, 1847 in Caney Bottom, Washington County, Texas. Children: Elizabeth, born 1848 in Texas married F.A. MANNING; and Mary, born in 1850 in Austin County, Texas.

H. Elizabeth Cloud, married Isaac CONNELLY Sr. on January 1, 1840 in Austin County, Texas . Four children: Mary married John WASHAM; Louisa married T.D. HENDERSON; Isaac Jr.; and F. N.

I. Francis Marion (F.M. or Frank) Cloud (1829-1889) CSA married Melissa C. JACKSON on September 30, 1867 in Austin County. One child: James J. (1868-1898).

Jeremiah "Jerry Cloud" died on March 14, 1861 in Austin County, Texas. Elizabeth lived another twelve years, dying between 1873 and 1874.

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Edited and submitted by Thomas M. Cloud III, Austin, Texas, 4th great grandson of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Cloud and of Thomas and Temperance "Tempy" Frizzle.

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