Obituary & Probate of Jeremiah Cloud, Austin county, TX

The Hempstead Courier, April 6, 1861, page 3

Died, On Caney creek in this county, on the 14th ult., MR. JEREMIAH CLOUD, Sr., In the 77th year of his age.

Mr. C. was born in Twiggs Co., Georgia, in 1784; emigrated to Montgomery Co. Alabama in 1816, when he removed to this State, in which he lived up to the time of his death, sharing her joys and sorrows.

He leaves behind him what the best of us aspire to, an unsullied reputation; besides a numerous family, consisting of his first and only wife, who was the partner of his days for sixty years, six children, thirty four grandchildren, and twenty-six great grandchildren; all of whom must be often reminded of his absence, and feel the want of his experienced counsel.

Jeremiah's obituary says he was born in Twiggs county GA in 1784. But that county wasn't formed until 1809, it being formed from Wilkinson county (itself being created from Creek cession in 1803). Some believe he was born in Wilkes GA which was called St. Paul Parish before its formation in 1777. He may have lived in SC prior to his son H.G.W.'s marriage to Mary McDADE in 1828 (see "Youngblood, Armstrong & Allied Families").

In 1729, Carolina was divided into both North and South Carolina and in 1732 part of SC became a part of Georgia. The old 96th District in SC was divided into 5 counties in 1795, among them were Edgefield and Spartanburg.

A birthplace of Spartanburg has been suggested. The book "YOUNGBLOOD - ARMSTRONG AND ALLIED FAMILIES" by Frances Youngblood and Floelle Youngblood Bonner, says on p. 301, next-to-last paragraph: "Mary McDade ... married ... H.G.W. Cloud, son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Cloud, FORMERLY OF SOUTH CAROLINA. (Mar. Bk C, p. 311, Montgy, Ala.)". Additionally, the McDADES they traveled with and married into were from the Spartanburg region.

The Probate of Jeremiah Cloud (1784-1861), Austin County, Texas

The book "Youngblood-Armstrong & Allied Families", p. 302, says:

"Jeremiah Cloud, Sr., died 3/14/1861. His only surviving sons, H.G.W. (Wash) Cloud and Francis M. Cloud applied for administration papers on his estate. H.G.W. Cloud stated that his mother was the one by law to administer, but that she was extremely old, over seventy. Elizabeth, the mother, felt that H.G.W. should not administer, because of his total blindness and also the distance from her, as 'he lived on the opposite side of the river.' (Vol. 2, p. 60, Ct. Rec. Austin, Tex.)"

The Youngblood-Armstrong book is incorrect as another son was still alive – John Clark Cloud – who died in 1868. Perhaps he was not among the executors because he lived in Milam County. There were several lawsuits filed against F.M. Cloud by other members of the family, the litigation lasting just over twenty years. They were unhappy about the length of time to settle the estate and there were questions about his handling of it.

The probate records entered on Oct. 26, 1861 in Austin County reflect a large estate. Among the items listed are 600+ acres of land in Austin County, 100 acres of land in Washington County and 960 acres of land in Bosque County. It is believed he also had land in Milam County as his grandson, William Jasper Cloud who married Elizabeth Jane Boyd, settled in Milam County about 1853, though it is not known how Wm. Jasper Cloud acquired the land.

The Probate Records.

(transcribed by Ellen Marie (Williams) Crawford, descendant of John Clark Cloud & 3rd great granddaughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Cloud)