CLOUD Marriages in Montgomery Co., AL
William CLOUD Margaret FRIZZLE 22 Dec 1825
Henry G. W. CLOUD Mary McDADE 08 Jan 1828 (lic.)
John C. CLOUD Mary GRIFFIN 07 Jan 1836
Henry G.W. CLOUD Mary T. BATEMAN 17 Mar 1839
Elzina CLOUD John A. SESSIONS 24 May 1846
William CLOUD Jane BOYD 24 June 1849
Jane CLOUD Thadeus D. HENDERSON 05 June 1855
Ann H. CLOUD B. B. BAUGHEN(?) 19 July 1859
  • (The preceding marriage appears in the transcriptions made by the Records Management Division of the AL Dept. of Archives History, but not in the index to Montgomery Marriages [1817-1850] published by Montg'y Co., Gen. Soc. The 1860 Montgomery Co. census states that the household of Noah Bartlett CLOUD (Sr.) [p. 286] included a male B. B. VAUGHN, age 25, born VA, and a female M.A.H. VAUGHN, age 21, born AL.)
Thomas W. CLOUD Mary J. JONES 02 Nov 1865
Thomas N. CLOUD M. Z. PUGH 26 Dec 1866
Sallie R. CLOUD William H. CRUSIUS 09 Oct 1872
Noah B. CLOUD Fannie H. WARD 16 Sep 1877
N. B. CLOUD Mattie G. HILL 17 June 1880
Alice L. CLOUD George O. COCHRAN 18 Dec 1895
Beckie CLOUD C. H. BROADAWAY 29 Dec 1897
Bertha CLOUD H. M. CAMPBELL 26 Dec 1899
Reubin S. CLOUD Lula LAVENDER 07 May 1903
Mary F. CLOUD J. M. HARRIS 20 Aug 1905
Mamie CLOUD Pierce A. HARRIS 20 Dec 1905
Sallie E. CLOUD Louis E. JAMISON 26 Dec 1906
Will CLOUD Caroline SCOTT 07 July 1907
Sudie Glenn CLOUD H. J. PARRISH 18 Dec 1907
Sallie R. CLOUD J. H. AVINGER 14 June 1908
James CLOUD Minnie ANDREWS 03 Jan 1910
J. S. CLOUD Bessie WILSON 19 July 1911
Onie F. CLOUD John P. HANNON 25 Feb 1912
Eugene C. CLOUD Lola FLORIN 02 Oct 1912
James H. CLOUD Kathleen LUNDY

27 June 1913

Carrie Lee CLOUD Norman C. BEASINGER

06 Mar 1920

  • [James Thomas Cloud was survived by a da., Mrs. Oscar BEASINGER of Washington, AL]
  • [While the published marriage record refers to Carrie Lee CLOUD and Norman C. BEASINGER, I suspect that the Mrs. Oscar BEASINGER referred to in James Thomas CLOUD's obituary is the same person.  Perhaps Norman "C" was misread for Norman "O" in the transription.]
James T. CLOUD Minnie Lee (Chesson) CROSLEY

22 Sep 1922

Florence Hamilton CLOUD Walter L. WILSON 14 Feb 1925
  • [note that one Florence HAMILTON m. ca 1882 (2nd wife): Sampson Carroll CLOUD, son of Jeremiah T. CLOUD who was a brother of Noah Bartlett CLOUD, (Sr.). Buried at Greenwood Cem. in Montgomery are Sampson Carroll CLOUD, born 15 Jan 1848, died 4 July 1904, and his wife Florence HAMILTON, born 1 Sep 1853, died 6 Apr 1928]
  • Laura Schmidt <> wrote OCT 26, 2000: "The Florence referenced being married to Walter Wilson is the dtr of James Thomas and Annie Lizzie Cloud.  I do not know Annie Lizzie's last name but she was born 23 November 1877 and died 10 July 1910 and buried in Hardaway, Macon Co, AL.  James Thomas is the son of Sampson Carroll Cloud and Alice Roberts". 
Stephen L. CLOUD Hallie Corinne BYNUM 16 Apr 1939
Milton Wood CLOUD DeAlva Estelle JONES 25 Jan 1949
Robert L. CLOUD Elizabeth M. WISSHEAK 21 May 1968
Beatrice M. CLOUD Calvin E. McWILLIAMS 20 Aug 1968
John Michael CLOUD Margaret Jean COMER 10 Mar 1973
John Harry CLOUD Jame Thomas MOORE 26 Oct 1977
David Andrew CLOUD Pamela Gayle GREEN 23 Sep 1978


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