A Ranger Dispatched to Galveston for Springfield and McDade.

HEMPSTEAD, TEX., September 8. — The fall term of the district court, Hon. W. H. Burkhatd presiding, was convened this morning.  The grand jurors selected by the jury commissioners' court according to the laws of the state were present but will not be sworn until the arrival of R. L. Springfield and Jack McDade, in order to give them a chance to challenge for cause all jurors which the law gives them a right to do.  Judge Burkhart ordered that Seargeant Durbin, commanding the state rangers on duty hee, go to Galveston on this evening's train and bring the prisoners from the Galveston county jail, where they have been for safe keeping several weeks, and have them before him to-morrow at 11:30.

The excitement heretofore concerning this celebrated case has nearly subsided now, and everybody seems satisfied that the prisoners will have a fair trial.

The citizens of Waller county have every confidence in the conservatism and discretion of Judge Burkhats, and that he will see that the scales of justice are evenly balanced.

Your correspondent has made several attempts to-day to get the reportorial auger to work on Judge Burkhart concerning the report that his friends wanted to bring him out for congress against Mr. Crain in the Seventh district, but so far has made a failure.

"A Ranger Dispatched to Galveston for Springfield and McDade.", Galveston Daily News, Tuesday, Sep. 4, 1888, p. 2. col. 6.