[Special to The News.]

HEMPSTEAD, January 28. — This little city continues to prosper, and her merchants and business men will compare favorably for energy and perseverance with any town in the state.  The Callahan oil mills cover three acres of ground and employ sixty men, and the works are the pride of all the citizens.

In former days the spirit of lawlessness seemed to prevail here, but the citizens, seeing the injury the town received, at once put a stop to the doings of lawless characters by invoking the aid of the strong arm of the law.  The courts are now fully able to cope with these characters, and great and favorable changes are visible.  A bright future now awaits Hempstead.

The Waller County Courier, conducted by the veteran Joe Farr, is doing yoeman (sic) service for the city and county, and the good citizens appreciate it by liberally sustaining it.

"Hempstead.", The Galveston Daily News, Tuesday, January 29, 1884, p. 1, col. 9.