Dan Morris's Trial Set for To-Day – Interest Manifested in this Morris-Loggins Family Feud Unabated – Other Trials.

[Special Telegram to the News.]

Hempstead, Oct. 14. — The case of the State vs. J. W. Kirby was called for trial to-day.  The state announced ready for trial; defendant proposed to try if the state would permit defendant to use the testimony of J. H. Curtin, of Harrison county; L. T. Levine, of Dallas, and E. C. Duer, of Harris county, as taken before the examining court, in the event said witnesses did not arrive during the progress of the trial.  This proposition being declined, the cause was continued upon application of defendant.  The general impression is that the state should have acceded to the proposition and permitted the case to go to trial.  The defendant and his counsel were very anxious to try.  The array of witnesses present was very large, and it will be very expensive to procure their attendance again.  The state could have lost nothing by the trial under the proposition made, and will gain nothing by the delay of the case until next term of court.  Defendant immediately sued out a writ of habeas corpus and was admitted to bail without objection on the part of the state in the sum of $10,000, Messrs. P. H. Swearingen, J. T. Swearingen and J. C. Ralston becoming his sureties.  Three lawyers represented the state and nine represented the defense.

The case of the State vs. Dan Morris, for the killing of Tom Loggins, will be called to-morrow.  Present prospects are that the case will be tried.  There is much interest felt in the case, and a large amount of sympathy is expressed for the defendant.

Frank Hargraves, who shot Boulware, yesterday, was brought into town to-day by deputy sheriff Browning.

The indictments against Haswell will probably be renewed to-morrow, and he may yet have an opportunity of explaining the intimations of crookedness made against him.

Hon. George Goldthwaite, of Houston, is here looking after two heavy damage suits against the Central Railway company.

Judge Burkhart is giving general satisfaction ty the manner in which he dispatches business.  As a nisi prius judge he has but few, if any, superiors.

"Jared Kirby's Case Continued and He Admitted To Bail." The Galveston Daily News, Wednesday, October 15, 1879, p. 1 , col. 4.