Preliminary Investigation.

[Special Telegram to the News.]

Hempstead, July 17. — The examination of Reuben Loggins, Henry Loggins and Willeford Loggins, charged with the murder of Reuben Morris, began before justice Harvey at 2 p. m., Tuesday, 15th inst., and is still in progress.  County attorney R. E. Hannay, Messrs, Boone & Griffin and J. T. Buchanan representing the state, and J. W. Stephenson and A. J. Harvey the accused.  For the state the testimony is that Reuben Morris was killed on the 9th inst. in a lane not far from the residence of Reuben Loggins — he receiving the right lateral posterior part of his body thirteen buckshot, all penetrating the cavity, and one through the head.  Two ambushes of leafy brush were found near the place of the killing, and near which, and going in the direction of Reuben Loggins's house, were found the footprints of three persons, one of which in measurement corresponded exactly with that of Reuben Loggins's, the other two closely resembling those of Henry and Willieford.  Three pieces of paper recently discharged from a gun, found near Morris's body, correspond in appearance, texture and seams with the wadding drawn from a loaded gun in Reuben Loggins's house, and with a piece of paper sack found in the same house.  A number of shot found on the person of Reuben Morris, having passed through his body, were found also to correspond with shot found in the same gun.  The three defendants, each with a gun, were seen going in the direction and near to the ambushes, and in a few moments after the firing were seen going rapidly from the ambushes in the direction of and near to Reuben Loggins's house, where, soon afterwards, one of them was seen loading a gun.  They sent for the witness who had seen them, and warned him to say nothing about what he had seen.  The testimony for the state, direct and circumstantial, is strong.  The defense seem to rely upon an alibi, which, thus far, they have failed to establish.

"The Loggins-Morris Killing." The Galveston Daily News, Tuesday, January 22, 1878, p. 1 , col. 7.