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     This is for the clue page.
     These items I found twenty or more years ago and probably didn't find time to follow through.
     The first Twiggs Clouds I found are in a small area that was once the 7th Military Dist. in Baldwin Co. on the Ocmulgee River in the northwest corner of Georgia.  In 1833, this section became a part of Bibb Co. There is no doubt that this was a part of Twiggs Co. because on the heading of the 1809 document it mentions: "7th Military District, Baldwin Co., now Twiggs Co.".  The only other source I have found that confirms the area being in Twiggs is the book "History of Twiggs Co. Georgia".  Here it is quite explicit.
     The documents list persons renting farm land in this area from the state.
     The 1809 list dated 10 Feb. has two Clouds (or could be the same one mentioned twice) with no first name. Farther down the list is William Cloud.
     The 1810 list, dated 19 Feb. has Henry Cloud as a rentor.
     William Cloud appears next in the first grand jury at the superior court in 1811. (Source: "The Story of Georgia and The Georgia People")
     In the 1818 Twiggs County Tax Digest are listed: Wm. Cloud, Jno. Cloud (Jones, Laurens, Wayne, Pulanski, Baldwin Co.), and Jas. Cloud. (source: "History of Twiggs County"; published by Maj. Gen. John Twiggs Chapter, DAR, Jeffersonville Ga.
     The Source for the last item is a deposit slip found at the bottom of a box with family files. I had written:

Twiggs Co. John Cloud-Seminole War in Capt. Hodges' Co., Ga Militia from Twiggs in 1817 for 3 mos. This John died Decator Ga. ca 24 Aug., 1842 - Wife Sarah (Bounty Land).

Have a nice weekend, Gary

my file: CLOUDS in GEORGIA.doc)

From: Betty Sue White <>
Date: Friday, April 17, 1998 3:31 AM
Subject: Clouds in Georgia

 Since the book, The Barber Family (my mother's side), is down, I have a typed copy of some of it.   Chapter 1 is about one of my ancestor's Captain Georgia Barber of Georgia.  I'll quote some interesting parts of pages 2 and 3.   There is mention of Jeremiah CLOUD and his sons, Ezekial and Noah CLOUD.  Please note that Ezekial makes mention of "my father and two brothers" but the third brother is not named".  Here goes:

(This letter was written during the Revolution, after Cornwallis had surrended at Yorktown, and before Savannah was re-captured by the colonials.)

"Dear Sir:
     I have received yours of the 23rd and 27th and am much obliged to you for the Army Intelligence.  Every precaution in my power shall be taken to prevent the British hirelings from Executing their Cruel and Bloody Designs on the good Citizens of the State.  Since my last to you there came in a party of Indians, attached a block house on the Twenty third.  After keeping up a fire for some time they went on killing six head of cattle and every valuable horse.  They were pursued by Capt. Barber to the South Fork of the Oaconey which must be nere Whare McIntosh is to Rendezvous but his horse failing he was obliged to Return and on the Twenty fifth another party of about fifteen Indians appeared neare a Station in the Fork of the Brod River & Savannah whare they shot and kiled a Mrs. Rose which they scalpd and appeared as if they ment to storm but by the spireted exertions of four men only that was at the Station saling out put the Invaidors to such a Surprise they went off in grate presapitation--Major Dooly having a Party of collected on the first occasion mounted Before Day to whare the murder was done to ppersue two Days but for want of horses sufficient to follow on he was forced to return--the Indians not striking Camp the hole way the Major went through Captain Barber on his Return Fell in with Them had a scammage, Drove the Indians took all their Budgets and provisions. 

Retook the Scalp, they maid their Excape by taking to large Cain Swamp.  The last mischife done only five miles from whare I live, I send orders for Cols. Martin and Lee to met me at the Place of Rendevous if I can have a few Days to Collect the Militian and McIntosh meets as the Peechtree if we can fall in with his part I hope we shall be able to give a good Account of Them---.  Pleased to inform General Wyan the Reasons of my not going Down to camp by the first oppertunity--by the Conduct of the British Ammissaries & Savages they appide as if they Intended to Desappoint us in our planting Business and prevent us from Securing our small grain as they have maid frequent inroad on our Settlements in a short time---.
     I am with grate respect and Esteem-----
                        E. Clark"

From the Revolutionary Pension application of David H. Thurmond, (S32010 Rev) is the following statement:
"About the ___ dau of February 1782 Col. Elijah Clark gave us orders to go on a Scout against the Indians, they having committed some murders in the County of Wilkes, Georgia.  And, some time in July 1782, Col. Barber and this declarant (David H. Thurmond) being our spying, found signs of Indians, and went in to the settlements and gave notice, collected a party, crossed the Oconee at the Big Shoala, and a few miles from there we had a skirmish, killed one Indian, and took two Torie prisoners--carried the latter to the Big Shoals where they were hanged--.  That the Militia to which he was attached was called Minute Men, and were expected to be ready to march at a minutes warning----."

"From the Revolutionary pension application of Ezekiel CLOUD is the following statement:"

        "That in the year Seventeen hundred and eighty two about the last of April or first of May this deponent (Ezekial CLOUD) resided in the County of Wilkes State aforesaid in a Fort Called Hintons Fort on Chickesaw Creek--that deponent's father Jeremiah CLOUD had a block house about four miles distant from the Forest which he had built as a place of refuge for his family at the time (as this deponent had been informed by his brother Noah Cloud who as at the block house aforesaid).  One evening about sunset the horse belonging to this deponent's father and brother aforesaid came running up to the block house and appeared very much frightened.  They then suspected an attack from the Indians and tied the horses in the yard and they then enclosed themselves in the block house and in a few minutes the Indians commenced firing at the block house and continued for about four hours during which time they killed the horse belonging to deponent's brother Noah CLOUD and wounded a mare belonging to deponent's father.  The Indians then left the block house and went to a cowpen about two hundred and fifty yards off and killed five milch cows which were enclosed in it and they took nearly fore-quarter of each cow.  My father and two brothers kept the block house until morning and Noah CLOUD then came to the fort and brought news of the circumstances above related.  In consequence of which attack from the Indians, George Barber who was a Lieutenant in Capt. Gunnel's company raised a volunteer Company (of which deponent was one) of twenty men besides himself in order to persue them.  The Company then preceeded to the Block house where deponent saw the horses and cows which the Indians had killed--they then induced the Company to believe that they were the Creek Indians and followed them nearly three days but could not overtake them.  We then left the trail (one of our Company shot at a deer to get provisions about this time) and went a north course to see if we could find any Indian camps late in the evening on the day we left the trail.  We came to a fresh trail which led towards the White Settlements which we followed till nearly dark and crossing a large creek we left a guard until dark, went about a mile and hobbled our horses out to graze (having nothering to feed them with) and then encamped for the night.  That night the Indians stole this deponent's horse and seven other horses besides belonging to the Company and as deponent is now on oath he has no scruples in saying his horse at that time was worth one hundred dollars.  The next morning part of the Company tracked the Horses back to the large Creek toward the Creek Nation.  The Company generally believed that the Indians were in persuit or heard the gun of one of our Company fired at a deer and persued on after us until night and stole our horses and then returned to the Creek Nation."
        "We then kept the same trail toward the White Settlements but had not preceeded far before we met a Company of Indians whereupon a fight immediately ensued.  The Indians kept up a firing and retreating for about half a mile, when they hid themselves in a swamp.  We took from the battle ground twelve packs which belonged to the Indians and found among them the scalp of a white woman that was killed on the frontier of Wilkes County and deponent was informed some time afterwards that this was a company of Creek Indians and that one of them was wounded in the Skirmish and to the best of deponent's knowledge and belief his horse was taken by the Creek Indians."
(Hope someone may be able to identify this Jeremiah and sons.  I've often wondered about them.)

On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, Lura Black sent information from a book containing early records of Georgia listing all references to "any" Jeremiah Cloud:

Early Records of Georgia (vol. I & II),
Davidson, Grace Gillam. Early Records of Georgia vol.1 and 2. Silas Emmett Lucas. Georgia. 1932; Call Number: F292.W7D384x

Folio 65--HINTON, DEMSY, (Will) To wife Mary all estate for raising the children. When dau. Faithy is 16 estate to be appraised by two honest men, and as the children arrive at that age, to receive their part, my son John next, son James next, and children in esse next. The land we now live on, on Chickasaw creek to wife for life. Wife Mary, Chas. Bedingfield and Richard Aycock, Excrs. Signed May 19, 1779. Probated Aug. 28, 1779. Wm. Bayley, Matthew More, Jeremiah Cloud, Jr., Test.

Folio 74--Inventory of estate of Richard Webb, Mar. 3, 1780. Purchasers, Geo. Barber, John Clark, Jerry Cloud, Daniel Butler, David Thirman, James Smith, Mistress Webb, Capt. Nail, Ford Butler, Thos. Johnson, Wm. Barnett.

Page 52--Aug. 7, 1804. Petition of William Chisholm and Adam Wylie, Admrs of John Chisholm, dec'd to sell land originally granted Jeremiah Cloud, to pay debts of dec'd. Page 92--CLOUD, JEREMIAH to Archibald Yarborough, 250 acres agreeable to a deed from Ezekiel Cloud to said Jeremiah Cloud Oct. 16, 1789. Oct. 24, 1789. Wilie Pope, Robt. Singleton, test. Page 44--CLOUD, JEREMIAH and wife Sarah to John Pope 200 acres on Beaverdam creek orig. grant 1785. Oct. 27, 1789. James Cowden, Thos. Wootten, J. P., Test. Page 152--CLOUD, JEREMIAH and wife Sarah to Robt. Singleton 200 acres on Newford creek. May 10, 1787. Wm. Layson, John Cloud, Test. Folio 89--CLOUD, JERRY, dec'd. William and Susannah Hammett appointed Admrs. Nov. 4, 1783. Folio 90--CLOUD, JEREMIAH, dec'd. Sarah Cloud, widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. Dec. 2, 1783. Remnant Tax Digest Leaves Gone Front and Back EXPLANATORY This is the first tax digest found in the court house, and was taken to give a practically complete census of the heads of families of that date, to identify their lands as headrights, and possible bounty grants for Revolutionary service, and to replace in a measure the census of 1790, all of which for Georgia was destroyed by the British during the War of 1812 in Washington, D. C. There is no complete digest until 1802, only a few pages left in the interim. The remnants for 1792, 1793, 1794 have been published in "Some Tax Digests of Georgia" Ruth Blair, State Historian and Archivist, and give valuable information. Ezekiel Cloud, 1 poll, 400 acres Wilkes Co. John Cloud, 1 poll, 700 acres Wilkes Co Noah Cloud, 1 1/2 polls, 1 slave, 400 acres Wilkes Co. Jeremiah Cloud, 1 poll, 450 acres Wilkes Co

Separate source from THEY WERE HERE

BOUNTY GRANTS At the close of the Revolutionary War in order to encourage further settlement of the State, land in the newly established counties of Franklin and Washington was offered to veterans. These grants of land were called bounties and soldiers from all the other states, as well as Georgia, availed themselves of this offer, Below is a listing of receipts signed by those who got bounties. These receipts are in the files of the State Department of Archives and History in Atlanta. Unfortunately, they contain no genealogical data but they do offer proof of Revolutionary War Service. Cloud, Elizah, Ezckiel, Jeremiah, Jeremiah Jr, John


Sat, 12 Feb 2000, Cecil Stokes <> wrote (Subject: William Cloud in Twiggs County, GA, in 1811):  .... a William CLOUD was a juror for the first Superior Court [of Twiggs County, GA], which convened 11 November 1811.  Unfortunately, I see no clue to his relationship to our Jeremiah.  This could be his son; but, this could also be his father, brother, cousin, or no kin at all. This a very rare mention of a Cloud in the history of Twiggs County, which is an interesting history that could easily explain why a move to SC might have been a prudent move. More later . . .

The reference above  is on page 88 of "The History of Twiggs County, Georgia"; compiled by J.Lanette O'Neal Faulk and Billie Walker Jones; published by the John Twiggs Chapter of the DAR chapter; Jeffersonville, GA.

From the Georgia GenWeb Project:

     Beginning in 1776, Land was offered via  Headright & Bounty Land Grants along the coast and the Savannah River in the Eastern portion of Georgia.  Between 1805 & 1832, as more land was needed to the West, additional counties were created with the Six Cherokee Land Lotteries.  Each new county was divided into Militia Districts and census records are enumerated in this format.
     In 1811, there was a Georgia boundary dispute over lands in present- day Transylvania County, near Brevard, NC known as the Walton War.   Georgia had actually established this area as Walton County in 1803 and elected its officials.  Georgia lost this war, so Walton Co. was no longer a part of Georgia.  If you can't find your ancestors in North Georgia on a 1810 Census, they may have fallen into this 'black hole' of Georgia's history that's actually North Carolina.  In 1818, a county was formed in the center of Georgia and it was named Walton Co. but don't confuse the two in your research.

Read the Westward Migration Log Book of Charles Moore detailing his trip from Fairfield South Carolina to Texas.

Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 09:13:27 -0500
From: manac <>
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: Gail Manac, the Schmidt's and Carol H. Bryan's e-mail]

I sure will keep my eyes peeled. This has given me something else to look for to try to fit Ransom Cloud into. I have a transcribed copy of an application for Sarah Dean Cloud (she was the widow of Silas Dean) married John Cloud who died in Decatur Co. abt. 1843. In it she states John Cloud, formerly of Twiggs Co.  There also is a clause that states he is the brother of Ruben Cloud. This would be the Ruben who was married to Lotty Giddeons, since the application was made in 1850's, because the other Ruben died abt. 1832. The reason I'm sure it was the younger Ruben, was because in another paper something sort of like an affadavit, there is a statement to the effect of John's brother Ruben has been treating this poor widow badly.  So therefore, I feel sure there is a close connection between the Decatur Clouds and your Jeremiah.

I have already began to take a look at Wilkes and surrounding counties, so I can decide where to begin my search in that area. Getting ready to go to the library. (:-)

This is what I have so far.
Wilkes County was an original territory-----one of the original 11 counties of Ga.---1777.
Wilkinson was created 1803 from the Creek cession.  Twiggs was created 1809 from Wilkinson.

I haven't found anything that says Wilkinson was ever a part of Wilkes.  So I think the best bet would be to begin with Wilkinson.

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 99 20:40:43 -0600
To: Tom Cloud <>
Subject: RE: Gail Manac, the Schmidt's and Carol H. Bryan's e-mail

Secondly, the ccs above were very thought provoking.  In Everton's HANDY BOOK FOR GENEALOGISTS it was written that the old 96th District in SC was divided into 5 counties in 1795 among them were Edgefield and Spartanburg.  Also, earlier : 1729-Carolina was divided into both North and South Carolina and in 1732 part of SC became a part of Georgia.  These dates may important in learning what Clouds lived where and when.

Carol wrote: "In the history of the Sweetwater Baptist Church Sesquicentenial March 1832-March 1982" the list of charter members included--John Cloud, Margaret Cloud, Jeremiah Cloud, Noah Cloud, Carrol Cloud,Unity Cloud and Caroline Cloud.  If I may hazard a guess, I would bet that Margaret and John were the parents of some, if not all, of the rest."

After about 2 days more or less of research I found Carol to be right!  The only child I could not find, if she is their child is Caroline Cloud, but there  was another son born, not mentioned, Samuel B. Cloud, b 2 April 1820.(Joe and Laura Schmidt, e-mail, 12 March 1999)

What intrigued me was the name "Jeremiah." John is mentioned in his father's will,( Noah the RS, thanks to Gail Manac, e-mail 11 March 1999)  John and Peggy have  6 children, if you count Caroline Cloud as their child.  Among his children are sons Jeremiah T, Noah Bartlett, Carrol, and Samuel B.( the Schmidt's e-mail 12 March 1999)

Gail Manac (e-mail, 10 March 1999) wrote referring to Noah Cloud's will: "If I have this figured out right, Reuben of Decatur Co. Ga, Jeremiah who went to Texas, and John B of Alabama were brothers.  Can anyone prove or disprove this?"

Well, I wanted to prove this Jeremiah went to Texas.  In the CFN, Vol. VII No.2 p 16 there is an article on SOUTHERN CLAIMS COMMISSION, Washington, D. C.   The claims of Jerry T. Cloud, BROTHER OF DR. NOAH BARTLETT CLOUD, therefore son of John, son of Noah the RS,  did as he stated " I just acquiesced  after adoption of (the) ordinance of secession....I always felt that secession was one of the worst things that could take place and would produce civil war and that I had no confidence in it--that we could never have two governments on this continent."    He was a resident of La Place, Macon Co., Ala. and died there in March, 1880.  His claim was disallowed.

John B. Cloud of Alabama (according to the CFJ there are John B Clouds found in Ohio, Ky, and Tn.) was the son of Noah mentioned in his will.  Also, CFJ historian, Jan Cloud and husband, Preston, wrote in the CFJ  IX  No 2, p.8 that ". . .Noah B. and father, John, with families and slaves, are reported to have been farming Alabama properties. . . .Brothers Jeremiah T. and Sampson B. followed.  In the late 1830s   . . .  Noah B.  secured land in Macon Co. Ala." Since Jerry T. died in Macon Co. Ala. he must have gone along with Noah.

Reuben may have been a brother of Noah the RS.  The Edgefield Dist. SC 1810  Census lists a Peter, Noah, John and Reuben Cloud.  Linda Oatman (e-mail, 10 February 1999)  wrote from her Ancestral File that Ezekial Cloud the RS had 8 brothers--Jeremiah Jr., Elijah, Peter, Joel, Reuben, Aaron, Noah the RS and believe there is another brother, John who along with Peter and Noah sign an affidavit of character for Ezekiel (GA. Dept. of  Archives and History) There is AN AFFIDAVIT CONCERNING A CLAIM TO FEDERAL OVERNMENT
stated and  signed by Ezekial Cloud of Henry County, Ga.  in which he refers to his father, Jeremiah, his brother Noah and two other brothers whom he does not name. It is interesting that in 40,000 EARLY GEORGIA MARRIAGES,by Maddox and Cater, 1977 a Reuben Cloud  is shown to have married Lotty Giddens, 11 October, 1830.

What I believe I found was that "our Jeremiah"  was not a descendant of Noah the RS from Edgefield, SC., but possibly one of the other brothers, or what about Martin Cloud who was in the vicinity?  Anyone have anything to add or disagree with  in these statements?  I welcome any commentary.

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Subject: Re: [CLOUD-L] South Carolina
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Jeremiah's sister Mary was married to a Swearingen  and had son Henry.  This is Noah's grandson
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>At 12:17 AM 3/10/99, Gail Manac <> wrote:
>I have a copy of Noah's (wife was Eunola)... (snip)
> ... John B. is listed in Noah's will as a son. The heirs of Rueben
>and Jeremiah are also mentioned. I don't remember right off, but I think
>it also mentions a grandchild with the last name Swearingen. I think
>that Reubin of Decatur Co. Ga. is this Reuben, and the reason the heirs
>was mentioned in Noah's will was because Reuben had already died.
>If I have this figured out right, Reuben of Decatur Co. Ga., Jeremiah
>who went to Texas, and John B. of Alabama were brothers. Can anyone prove
>or disprove this?
>.......... and I write back
>Gail, reading this more closely ..... very exciting !  I'd love to
>see the will.  The "heirs of Jeremiah" is the kind of clue we're looking
>for!  .... however, I don't have a SWEARINGEN" as an heir or my Jeremiah.

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Subject: Adam Cloud
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 20:35:22 -0600

Dear Tom,
    Our Clouds, we Dickerson researchers think, came from Wilkes or later Franklin Co. Ga. through Adams Co. Miss. ca 1791, Jefferson Co. Mississippi (in 1820 census) to Amite Co. Mississippi and later settled in Ouachita Pa., Louisiana. Does anyone have a similar line?
    Adam Cloud was in Franklin Co.Ga. in 1791. His heirs were John W. Cloud, Samuel G. and Monoah (Noah maybe) Cloud in deeds of 1816 and 1817.  Later an Adam Cloud and his wife were in Jefferson County Missisippi.
    I'm looking specifically for Elizabeth Cloud (proven in the line) who was married to Robert Dickerson in Amite Co. Miss. in 1810. Their daughter Eleanor is proven in my line. Eleanor's brother John Dickerson married Mary Ann Cloud so there's another Cloud name in the family. We're not sure how or if she is related to Elizabeth Cloud. There is an Elizabeth Cloyd who served as a witness for Daniel Burnett in Clairborne Co., Miss. in a Miss. land claim in 1805.
    I haven't proven that Elizabeth is the daughter of Adam, he just seems the logical choice. In your message this morning you said that Jeremiah Cloud and Elizabeth Unknown had a daughter named Elizabeth. Could she have been the Elizabeth who was married to Robert Dickerson in Mississippi as they were going west to Texas?
    To make things more interesting, I have a John Cloud Rogers married to Elizabeth Allenthorpe both born Georgia in the same generation in another line in the same parish in Louisiana. You mentioned in the same message of this morning, a Mrs. Mary Rogers who had an interview with a Comanche chief. Do you know anything about her Roger's and Clouds? Can someone help make sense of this? I appreciate very much your time and consideration. Thank you.  
  Kathy King

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