Ken Moore transcribed the following log book of a Westward Migration Log Book from SC-TN-TX in 1840:
    Hi all,
     I have had several requests for this daily log of the trip from Fairfield, South Carolina to Texas by Charles Moores, the older brother of my Major John Brown Moores.  These are two of the son's of Lt Henry Moores who was married in Rowan Co. North Carolina to Jean Brown Ross in 1775, and died in LCT (Lincoln Cty, Tenn.) in 1814.
This record is typed just as I received it, with no corrections:
From Mrs. Montague's Records:
Charles Moores who married Mary Harrison, settled in Bowie County, Texas in 1837 was born in S.C.  Mary Harrison, daughter of Ruben Harrison was born in VA., and who came to Richland district with relatives, the Kirklands, and others of Virginia.  They are related to the Willoughby, Battaile and other prominent V. Southside families.  Ruben Harrison served in the Revolutionary War, as is shown by the record in the War Department, Washington.
In 1837, Charles Moores, accompanied by five of his sons, came to what is now Bowie County, Texas (at the time Red River County), and began to "set up" a home place, near Redwater.  It took more than two years for them with the help of slaves to clear land, start fields to cultivation, build a home and slave quarters.  In the winter of 1839 they returned to S.C. and in February of 1840, the journey to Texas began.
The following is a true and exact copy of the log of the journey kept by Anderson Rochelle Moores.  The original is in the possession of Mrs. Wiley Linn Murie, Clarksville, Arkansas.
February the 27, we left our South Carolina home behind and started to Texas.,
The first day we came 7 miles
28th we came to Winsborro 10 miles
29th we crossed little River 10 miles
March 1st, 1840,  
1st we crossed Broad River 18 miles
2, we passed Union Court house 20 miles
3, we crossed Martinburg C.N. 20 miles
4, we crossed packlett River 25 miles
5, we crossed the blue ridge 18 miles
6, we passed Ashville N.C. 24 miles
7, we camped on the French Broad River  30 miles
8, we passed warm springs 17 miles
9, we passed newport 17 miles
  226 miles
10, We passed Dandridge, Tenn 21 miles
11, we came 18 miles
12, we passed Knoxville, Tennessee 18 miles
13, we passed Campbell station 34 miles
14, we passed Kingston 16 miles
15, we came to Cumberland Gap 19 miles
16, we came 21 miles
17, we passed Sparta, Tenn. 18 miles
18, we crossed the Caney Fork 20 miles
19, we passed ________ville 17 miles
20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 we stayed at
Uncle N's (Bell Buckle, Tenn.),
27, we left Uncle N's 8 miles
  220 miles
28, we passed Shelbyville, Tenn 20 miles
29, we came 15 miles
30, we passed Columbia, Tenn. 9 miles
31, we passed Mt Pleseant 24 miles
April 1840,  
1, we passed Murfreesboro 28 miles
2, we came 19 miles
3, we came 17 miles
4, we passed Dardin 27 miles
5, we passed Collierville 25 miles
6, we passed Somerville, 22 miles
7, we came 12 miles
8 we passed Raliegh 16 miles
  220 miles
9, we lay over at Memphis 0 miles
10, we ferried the Mississippi River 14 miles
11, we came 5 miles
12, we crossed Black Fish Lake 4 miles
13, we came 3 miles
14, we came 2 miles
15, we came 5 miles
16, we came 6 miles
17, we camped,  
18, we crossed St. Francis River 14 miles
19, we came,  
20, we lay by,  
22, we crossed L'Angulle River 14 miles
23, we came 5 miles
  67 miles
24, we came 13 miles
25, we came 12 miles
26, we came 8 miles
27, we are camped on White River,  
28, we crossed White River 8 miles
29, we came 10 miles
30, we came 8 miles
Total 72 miles
May 1840,  
1, we came 14 miles
2, we came 6 miles
3, 4, 5, we lay by,  
6, we crossed Bayou Meta 11 miles
7, we lay by on Arkansas River,  
8, we come to the ferry 1 mile
  32 miles
May 9, we crossed the Arkansas River
and left Little Rock
2 miles
10, we passed Benton 24 miles
11, we lay by,  
12, we crossed Saline River 18 miles
13, we crossed Wachita River 15 miles
14, we crossed Caddo Creek 18 miles
15, we crossed Antoine Creek 18 miles
16, we crossed Little Missouri River 10 miles
17, we passed town of Washington 18 miles
19 and 20 we are water bound by Red River,  
21, we crossed Red River 5 miles
22, we left lost Praire 6 miles
  152 miles
23, we came to our place 14 miles
24, we arrived home 10 miles
  24 miles
1027 miles
     When the trips to and from South Carolina and Texas were made, there were certain stops that were made on each trip for visits, for renewals of old acquaintances, and laying in of provisions.  One such was a Fayetteville, Tenn. at NORVELL"S.   One of the daughters of Henry Moores married a Norvell and they lived in Tenn.
    Thomas Briggs Moores, one of the sons of Charles Moores and Mary Moores married his cousin on the last trip.  The wedding was a festive occasion and the bride accompanied the Texas-bound immigrants.

(Westward the Tide of Empire Goes to Texas)  Montague's file
(Bell Buckle, Tenn.)

This log entered by Ken Moore
Fresno, California

Ken Moore's note
    The note (Bell Buckle, Tenn.) was at the bottom of the log. I found that Uncle Norvelle lived in Bell Buckle, Bedford County, Tennessee.  John B. Moores lived in Fayetteville.  His daughter Mary Moores who married Thomas Hines also moved to Texas from LCT as did several other members of the family.