Notes on the CLOUD Families of Montgomery County, AL
(Submitted by Ron Head.)

Jeremiah CLOUD (res. Montgomery Co., AL 1830, to TX by 1840, died in TX 1861; estate settlement names deceased son William CLOUD, below)

    William CLOUD b. ca 1800-10 GA d. 1840-50 (Pike or Montgomery Co., AL?)
         m. 22 Dec 1825 Montgomery Co., AL: Margaret FRIZZLE (FRIZZELL, etc.) b. ca 1809 GA, d. after 1860 when in Pike Co., AL (da. of Thomas FRIZZLE and Temperance "Tempie" ELLIS)

         [Jeremiah’s estate settlement lists the four heirs of his deceased son, William CLOUD]:

      A. Elizabeth CLOUD b. ? (d. after being listed in Jeremiah’s estate settlement)

      B. Elzina CLOUD b. ca 1825 d. after 1850, when living in her mother’s household
           m. May 24, 1846 Mntgy: John A. SESSIONS (died by 1850?)

      C. William Jasper CLOUD (went to TX ca 1852 with the BOYD family—died Milam Co., TX)
           m. June 24, 1849 Mntgy: Elizabeth Jane CLOUD (da. of Sam’l and Elizabeth E. CLOUD)

      D. Thomas Newton CLOUD b. July, 1843 d. Nov. 19, 1915 Pine Level, Mntgy Co., AL bur. Sandy Creek Cem., near Pine Level
           poss. marr. 1st Dec. 26, 1866 Mntgy: M. Z. PUGH
           poss. marr. 2nd ca 1869: Martha A. _______ (b. Nov 1842 AL, d. after 1915)

        1. Alice Laura CLOUD b. ca 1870 (d. by 1900?)
             m. Dec. 18, 1895 Mntgy: George O. COCHRAN
             [George appears alone in 1900 census, same ED as his parents-in-law]

        a) Laura A. COCHRAN b. Feb 1897
             [with maternal grandparents in 1900 and 1910 censuses]

        2. Mary E. CLOUD b. Apr 1873 (1874?)
             [unmarried in 1910, with parents]

        3. William T. CLOUD b. Dec 1874 (1875?)
             m. ca 1909-1910: Gussie (MONEY?) b. ca 1889 AL
             [with him in 1920 was sis-in-law, Carrie MONEY, b. ca 1892 AL]

          a. Athias CLOUD (fem.) b. ca 1914
          b. Albert CLOUD b. ca 1916
          c. Martha CLOUD b. ca 1919

             [SSDI shows one Gussie CLOUD, b. Feb. 3, 1888, d. Mar. 15, 1972, Selma, AL; SS# 423-16-0406]

        4. Margaret CLOUD b. ca 1876
        5. Lydia M. CLOUD b. ca 1879

        6. James Wesley CLOUD b. ca 1882
             m. Jan. 3, 1910 Mntgy: Minnie Bell ANDREWS

Noah CLOUD b. ca 1752 VA
     m. Ennola Unity CARROLL (b. ca 1755 GA or SC)

his children (acc. to his will) seem to have been these:

  • William CLOUD (died before father, leaving heirs)
  • Reuben CLOUD (died before father, leaving heirs)
  • James CLOUD (died before father, leaving heirs)
  • Mary SWEARENGIN (died before father, leaving heirs)
  • Jeremiah CLOUD (died before father, leaving heirs) and
  • John B. CLOUD (see below)

John B. CLOUD b. 1789 Elbert Co., GA d. 1856 Macon Co., AL
     m. Margaret Ann SWEARINGEN (b. Jan. 29, 1790 SC, d. Nov. 18, 1868 Macon Co., AL)
     [both buried at Old Calebee Baptist Cemetery, near Shorter, Macon Co., AL]

Descendants of John B. & Margaret (SWEARINGEN) CLOUD:

I. Reuben CLOUD b. ca 1805 GA d. Nov. 29, 1862
     m. Charlotte GIDEONS (b. ca 1805)

    [see WorldConnect for descendants of his children]:

    A. Peter M. CLOUD b. ca 1836
    B. Martin CLOUD b. ca 1838
    C. Barbara CLOUD b. ca 1840
    D. Reuben CLOUD b. ca 1841
    E. Byron DeKalb CLOUD b. Nov. 27, 1847
    F. William Jasper CLOUD b. ca 1850 [notice these names!]
    G. Ira Newton CLOUD b. ca 1853
    H. Adeline C. CLOUD b. ca 1856

II. Noah Bartlett CLOUD b. Jan. 26, 1809 Edgefield Dst., SC d. Nov. 5, 1875 Mntgy, AL (bur. Oakwood Cem.)
     m. 1) July 20, 1835 Jeff. Co., GA: Mary Marshall BARTON (d. after 1860 when in Montgy Co.)
     m. later: Hattie N. _______ (b. ca 1815, d. ca May 7, 1893; bur. Oakwood Cem.)
     [owned 16 acres on north end of NW quarter, section 8, T’ship 16, Range 18]

    A. M. Anna H. CLOUD b. ca 1839 AL (res. Norwich, Connecticut in 1876)
         m. 1st: July 19, 1859 Mntgy Co., AL: B. B. VAUGHN [d. after 1860]
         m. by 1876: Charles H. MAY

     B. Willoughby Barton CLOUD b. ca 1845 AL
         m. Mary DAVIS

      1. Henry Baylor CLOUD b. ca 1876
           m. Susan Caswell VAIL


    C. John B. CLOUD b. ca 1847 AL d. Oct 24, 1883 (bur. Oakwood Cem., Mntgy)
    D. Henry A. CLOUD b. ca 1849 AL [res. Texas in 1876]
    E. Sarah "Sallie" R. CLOUD b. ca 1849
         m. Oct 9, 1872 Mntgy: Wm. H. CRUSIUS

    F. Noah B. CLOUD, Jr. b. Mar. 8, 1852 d. Mar. 13, 1902 Mntgy, AL (bur. Oakwood)
         m. 1st Sep. 16, 1877 Mntgy: Fannie H. WARD (b. ca 1859, d. ca Nov. 23, 1879)
         m. 2nd June 17, 1880 Mntgy: Martha Garner HILL (b. ca 1857, d. Dec. 18, 1938)
         [da. Of Wm. Hamilton HILL & Martha Frances SCOTT]

      [bur. In their lot in Oakwood Cem.: James CLOUD b. ca 1873, bur. 17 Aug 1877; as yet unidentified]

      1. Bertha Turner CLOUD b. Oct. 17, 1878
           m. Dec. 26, 1899 Mntgy: H. M. CAMPBELL

      2. Fannie H. CLOUD (stillborn; buried Oakwood Cem. Nov. 22, 1879)

      3. Willie Hamilton CLOUD(fem.) b. Oct. 6, 1881 d. Jan. 8, 1882

      4. Reuben Walton Sharp CLOUD b. Nov. 18, 1882 d. Jan. 26, 1953
           m. May 7, 1903 Mntgy: Lula LAVENDER (b. ca 1889)

        a. Leonard B. CLOUD b. ca 1904 (res. Dothan, AL 1953)
        b. William H. CLOUD b. ca 1905 (res. New Orleans, LA 1953)
        c. [prob.] Lula Elizabeth CLOUD b. ca Aug 1906 d. ca Jan. 25, 1907
        d. Nellie May CLOUD b. ca 1908 (res. New Orleans, LA 1953)
             m. _______ LYNCH
        e. Reuben S. CLOUD, Jr. b. ca 1912 (res. Santa Barbara, CA 1953)

       5. Mamie Anna CLOUD b. Sep. 30, 1884 d. after 1933 when in Mntgy
           m. Dec. 20, 1905 Mntgy: Pierce A. HARRIS
           m. by 1939: W. L. CANADA
           [these could be Mamie’s children, or her sister Mary Frances’s]:

        a. Albert E. HARRIS b. ca 1910
        b. Charles P. HARRIS b. ca 1914

      6. Lewis Nolen CLOUD b. Jan. 30, 1887 [bur. Oakwood: Sep. , 1887]

      7. Eugene Clifton CLOUD b. Jan. , 1887 d. May 6, 1922
           m. Oct. 2, 1912 Mntgy: Lola FLORIN

      8. Milton Woods CLOUD b. Jan 1889 d. after 1953 when in Mntgy
           m. Jan. 25, 1949 Mntgy: DeAlva Estelle JONES

      9. Mary Frances CLOUD b. Apr 1891 aft. 1953 when in Linwood, AL (Pike Co.)
           m. Aug. 20, 1905 Mntgy: J. M. HARRIS
           m. by 1939: _______ ALFORD

        [these could be Mary Frances’s children, or her sister Mamie’s]:

        a. Albert E. HARRIS b. ca 1910
        b. Charles P. HARRIS b. ca 1914

      10. Sallie Estelle CLOUD b. Nov. 18, 1893 d. April 26, 1914 (bur. Oakwood)

      11. Thomas Madigan CLOUD b. Aug. 13, 1895 d. Jan. 10, 1917 (bur. Oakwood)

      [with Martha G. CLOUD and her younger children in 1910 census was Theodore CLOUD, born ca 1900.  AL death index shows a Theodore R. CLOUD who died June 8, 1913 in Montgomery Co., AL]

     G. Lewis N. CLOUD b. Mar 1856 (res. Montgomery in 1876)
         [unmarried in 1900 household of his sister Sallie & her husband Wm. H. CRUSIUS]

  III. Mansico CLOUD b. ca 1810 SC

 IV. Jeremiah T. CLOUD b. ca 1812 SC
       m. ?

    A. Sampson Carroll CLOUD b. Jan. 15, 1848 d. July 4, 1904 (Greenwood Cem., Mntgy, AL)
         m. ca 1871: Alice ROBERTS
         m. ca 1882: Florence HAMILTON (b. Sept. 1, 1853, d. April 6, 1928; bur. Greenwood)

      1. Archie H. CLOUD b. ca 1884
      2. Florence D. CLOUD b. ca 1887
      3. John S. CLOUD b. ca 1891
          [prob. J. S. CLOUD who m. July 19, 1911 Mntgy: Bessie WILSON]

 V. Carroll A. CLOUD b. ca 1815 SC
VI. Daniel CLOUD b. ca 1815 GA
VII. Phillip CLOUD b. ca 1815 GA
VIII. Unity Ella CLOUD b. June 14, 1816 Edg. Dst., SC
IX. James CLOUD b. ca 1820 GA

X. Sampson B. CLOUD b. April 2, 1820 Edg. Dst., SC
                                      d. June 2, 1891 bur. (Old Calebee Cem., Macon Co., AL)
     m. Amanda A. A. _______ (b. Jan. 29, 1824 Edg., SC, d. Sept, 2, 1895 LaPlace, Macon Co., AL)

    A. Elizabeth L. CLOUD b. ca 1849 AL
    B. Unity A. CLOUD b. ca 1843 AL
    C. Charles C. CLOUD b. ca 1845 AL
    D. Callie E. CLOUD b. ca 1848 AL
    E. Mary M. CLOUD b. ca 1850 AL

As yet unidentified CLOUD families in Montgomery Co., AL

James Thomas CLOUD b. ca 1872 (Obit dated April 25, 1944)
     m. Minnie C_______
     [one Minnie Chesson CLOUD’s obit appeared Nov. 11, 1951—bur. Greenwood Cem.]

Anna Ruth CLOUD
     m. _____ WILSON

female CLOUD
     m. W. I. WILSON

female CLOUD (res. Savannah, GA in 1944)
m. George S. SMITH

female CLOUD (res. Washington, AL in 1944)
     m. Oscar BEASINGER
     [one Carrie Lee CLOUD m. March 6, 1920: Norman C? BEASINGER]

Sudie Glenn CLOUD (sister of James Thomas CLOUD) res. Cairo, GA in 1944
     m. Henry J. PAR(R)ISH

Onie F. CLOUD (sister of James Thomas CLOUD) res. Shorter (Macon Co.), AL in 1944
     m. Feb. 25, 1912 Mntgy: John P. HANNON


Rev. J. N. CLOUD   b. ?    d. ca 1907 (per widow’s obit)
          (prob. bur. Shorter Bapt. Church, Macon Co., AL)
     m. Carrie A. (H?) (SMITH?) (b. 1855, d. Feb. 19, 1919 Mntgy, AL, bur. Shorter Bapt. Ch.)

    [no children; widow referred to Sarah R. CLOUD (Mrs. J. H. AVINGER) as her "adopted da.; Carrie was with the AVINGER family in 1910, listed as "aunt." Carrie’s will was witnessed by M. M. SWEATT, who had been the guardian of William J. CLOUD, below]

unknown CLOUD  b. ?     d. before 1911
    (brother of Rev. J. N. CLOUD, if he was uncle to these children):

      Sarah "Sallie" R. CLOUD b. ca 1888 AL
           m. June 14, 1908 Mntgy: John H. AVINGER (b. ca 1876 AL)

      Elizabeth Cloud AVINGER b. ca 1909 AL

      William J. CLOUD b. Feb. 22, 1894 (res. Navarro Co., TX in March 1915, just turned 21)
           [In 1911, according to his sister Sallie, he was a minor, age 17, living in TX, father deceased, with an estate in his own right of ca $250. His guardian had been O. S. LEWIS, but M. M. SWEATT took over as guardian in 1911.]


James V. CLOUD (minor; Wm. H. POOL guardian [thru April 9, 1862], then O. R. BELL, g’dn)


Mary E. CLOUD (death certificate) d. Oct 1910
     [Oakwood interments: Mary E. CLOUD age 10 mo. & 2 days, bur. 10 Apr 1910—location not specified]


 James H. CLOUD married June 27, 1913 Mntgy: Kathleen LUNDY


 Beckie CLOUD married Dec. 29, 1897 Mntgy: C. H. BROADAWAY


Jane CLOUD married June 5, 1855 Mntgy: Thadeus D. HENDERSON


Sallie E. CLOUD married Dec. 26, 1906 Mntgy: Louis E. JAMISON


Thomas W. CLOUD married Nov. 2, 1865 Mntgy: Mary J. JONES


Will CLOUD married July 7, 1907 Mntgy: Caroline SCOTT


1910 census:
James CLOUD b. ca 1875
Annie L. b. ca 1878
Carrie L.b. ca 1901
Lutie (da.) b. ca 1907
Florence b. ca 1908

[prob. the Annie L. CLOUD (death certificate) who d. Montgomery Co., AL July 8, 1910]


Eliza Evans CLOUD b. ca 1841 d. July 20, 1927 bur. Oakwood Cem., Mntgy


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