Elizabeth Cloud, wife of Jeremiah Cloud

What do we know about our nth great grandmother ?

    • According to census documents, she was born between 1784 & 1790 in Georgia
    • The probate records of her husband's estate indicate she was deceased by late 1873.
    • Some have speculated her maiden name might have been either FRANCES or WILKINS.
    • She was married to Jeremiah Cloud for 60 years, marrying him when he was 16 about 1800.

Fri, 3 Mar 2000 11:48:33 -0800, Lura Black wrote to CLOUD-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: Elizabeth Cloud

I found this.  Does anyone know who the Elizabeth Cloud is that is shown below?  She would apparently have been the daughter of Joseph Hughey.  Just wondering if anyone out there lays claim to her in their family tree.  I am constantly on the lookout for the maiden name of Jeremiah's (born abt 1782-1786) wife, Elizabeth.... (I haven't a clue what the /s or /p means)

JACKSON COUNTY - Early Wills - Continued from August Issue 1970. From files of Mr. John A. Ladson, Jr. Mr. Ladson will accept a limited number of research assignments, specializing in research for membership in Colonial Dames; DAR; SAR, other patriotic organizations.

Will of:
HUGHEY, Joseph A. p. 396 s/ July 17, 1851 p/ June 2, 1856
(Clarke Co.) Wife Susan, dau., Susan Frances, wife of Edmund G. Elder, dau., Mary Ann, son John Thomas, dau., Eliza Caroline, dau., Elizabeth Cloud, son David Anderson, son Joseph Barton Thrasher. Wife Susan, son John Thomas Hughey, and son-in-law Edmund G. Elder, Exrs. Test: Thomas Booth, Thomas Simonton, John Calvin Johnson.


Geraldine Talley wrote January 7, 2003:
    What a puzzle!  In Bellville, in the Succession Records, Vol. O, p 448, July Term, 1867 there is a reference from  the County of Austin -- County Clerk to the Sheriff or Constable in Bellville -- " to summon F. M. Cloud and E. M. Cloud .... to render an exhibit of the condition of the Estate (of Jeremiah Cloud."

Is this the same Elizabeth who married our Jeremiah, is this our Elizabeth whose last name is Hughey, is this our Elizabeth whose last name starts with an "M", is it possible that the court clerk in Bellville made a mistake?

My reply to her:
 ... isn't this the first time we've seen initials used for Elizabeth's name?  Other than that, it certainly seems these are our forebears.  The mention of F.M. Cloud and the estate of Jeremiah Cloud in Austin county during the time we know the estate was being disputed would lend credence to the argument.  F.M. and Elizabeth were executors of the estate, so it's reasonable to expect them to be named in any proceeding regarding it -- and it's especially logical they would be called upon to make an accounting of their management of it.

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