This is an informal overview of some of the people involved in the disturbances in Hempstead and Waller county during the 19th century.

Name Action Disposition Notes
Adams John Howell killed by Peter Moore Nov. 6, 1880 1 He was a Hempstead deputy marshal and was attempting to arrest Moore.
Allchin Stephen W. shot by Dick Chambers; later killed by Jack McDade & Dick Springfield killed Dick Chambers drayman; b. Oct. 1849 Florida, 1880 - teamster in Waller, TX pct 1; married Amandie Carrie (lnu) Duck (b. 1848) 1876 in Texas. They had no children, but step-daughter Savanah Duck.

His father killed his mother and then took his own life by cutting his own throat. The murder-suicide occurred at the home of his wife's previous in-laws. 2

His father, Henry P. Allchin (1809-1870) first married Rebecca (ca 1819 AL) had at least 6 children; He 2nd married Eliza Buckelew abt 1852 who had first married Rufus Lyman Nims (1815-1865) then married H.P. Allchin Feb. 7, 1869 (Steve was 20). (Rufus Nims & Eliza Jane Buckalew had 6 children 1853-1864.) H.P. Allchin killed Eliza and himself at the "Mimms" place.

came to Waller county before 1880; 1860 he is 13 at home with H.P. and Rebecca Allchin in Excambia, FL; 1870 he is a laborer in Escambia, FL.

He was killed by Dick Springfield and Jack McDade Saturday May 19, 1888. Buried Hempstead Cmetery. 3

Captain Alsbury Edward Plummer "E.P." mayor, president of school board, editor of the Advance Guard that published the article starting the feud

b. 1837; 1870 in Galveston, 1880 merchant in Hempstead

Austin Stephen F. took over promoting Austin Colony from his father
Austin Moses established first colony in Mexico -- Austin Colony, d. 1821
Blassingame Joseph Marshall, Sr. sheriff of Austin county, TX from November 15, 1872 through December 2, 1873; also active in Hempstead politics

b. 1832 AL; d. 1905 Hempstead
Descendants of Joseph Marshall Blasingame.

Blassingame Joseph, Jr. killed ex-sheriff Thos. S. McDade November 26, 1888 4 his father had been sheriff of Austin cty. married to Stephen Allchin's step-dau, Savanah Duck

b. 3-1864 or 1866 Bellville; d. 1937 Hempstead

Rugeley and Blasingame Clinic The Rugeley and Blasingame Clinic or Rugeley-Blasingame Hospital in Wharton was founded in 1942 by F.R. Rugeley, M.D., and F.J.L. Blasingame, M.D
Booth Charles T. An attorney. With Charles W. Newnam, published the Texas Spiritualist. Half-brother to Richard Booth who was killed by Dick Springfield.
Booth Richard R. killed by Dick Springfield 7-29-1879 born 1846, d. 1879, aged 33, leaving a wife and 3 children; had been County Attorney of Waller county 1876-1878 and county judge in Hill county. (killing recorded in family Bible) 5. Half brother of Charles T. Booth, contributor to the Texas Spiritualist.
Burnet David G. 1st governor of Republic of Texas, Mar. 1836 - Oct 1836
Carroll James killed Napoleon Farr May 1888 6 later killed by Jas. Driscoll

killed July 9, 1888 by Joe Driscoll. Driscoll had been an employee of Nap Farr and had sworn revenge. left a wife and one child

allegedly has killed two brothers named Barr in Lake City, FL some 15-20 years previous, acquitted

Chambers Richard C. Shot Stephen Allchin killed by Stephen Allchin April 4, 1888 deputy, wife was Margaret Martin McDade, d/o sheriff Thos. Sewell McDade; 28 years old; left wife and baby; raised in Austin & Waller cty
uncle of Jack McDade (i.e. Margaret was Jack's aunt)

killed April 4, 1888 when Steve Allchin returned fire.

Cloud Elizabeth "Bettie" d/o H.G.W. Cloud; wife of Napoleon B. Farr, sister of J.W.J. Cloud
Cloud Henry George Washington "H.G.W" Father of J.W.J. Cloud, Sarah Texana Cloud (w/o Jos. H. Farr) and Elizabeth "Bettie" Cloud (w/o N.B. Farr)
(first married Mary Adeline "Polly" McDade who d. 1838 Montgomery cty, AL; she was d/o Chas. Alex. McDade and Edna Adeline Fields and first cousin of sheriff Thos. Sewell McDade; her sister, Virginia Jane "Jennie" McDade married H.G.W. Cloud's brother James M. Cloud)

1860 real estate $5,000; persoal $5,000

Cloud James M. Son of Jeremiah Cloud; b. ca 1812-1816 Twiggs cty GA
Gen. Rafael Vásquez crossed the Rio Grande in February and seized San Antonio on March 5, 1842 and was forced to withdraw two days later. 7
James Cloud served as a "frontier soldier" west of the Colorado from Austin County "when the Western Frontier of Texas was invaded by the Mexicans, under General Vasquez". Notarized July 29, 1854, Austin County, Texas.
Cloud James W.J. killed Joe Farr died 4 mos. later of TB in prison justice of the peace; s/o H.G.W. Cloud, bro to Sarah Farr & Bettie Farr
Cloud Sarah Texanna d/o H.G.W. Cloud; wife of Joseph Farr, sister of J.W.J. Cloud; she took over publication of Waller County Courier with nephew Wm. Newnam.
Cole Wm. C. mayor of Hempstead
Collins Kinch visited Springfield & McDade in prison with T.S. McDade
Cuny / Cuney N.A. Testified at trial of Jack McDade. He was in possession of the shotgun McDade used to kill Allchin and testified that it was hammerles and was relatively silent when cocking. He would later (1897) marry Joe Farr's daughter, Irene Frances Farr; divorced before 1900.
Driscoll Joe killed James Carroll July 9, 1888 captured in Tennessee mountains an English sailor, no relatives in area, about 33 years old (ca 1855)
Duck Savannah She was married to Jos. Blassingame, Jr. who killed sheriff McDade. She was a step-dau of Stephen Allchin who was married to her mother Amanda Carrie (lnu) Duck.

b. 6-1868; d. 1904 (35) Hempstead

Eberly Lynch's only sister married to J. Eberly 8
Eberly Jerome M. "Bud" Married 1872 Grimes cty to Virginia Ann Hargrave (1852 LA - 1905 TX) who was George Lynch's sister-in-law, i.e. he was married to George's wife's sister.
Ellis George Waller County sheriff after T.S. McDade resigned
Farr Joseph H. Killed by J.W.J. Cloud m. to Sarah Texanna Cloud; 1/2 bro. to Nape Farr; published newspapers; 1876 - constable of Hempstead; 1879 - elected marshall of Hempstead
Farr Napoleon B. Killed May 4, 1888 by Jas. Carroll m. to Eliz. "Bettie" Cloud; 1/2 bro of Joe Farr;

1884 when Waller, TX was established, only resident was rancher Nape Farr with 500 head of cattle and two houses for hired hands

Finklea Robert Willis Murdered Sept. 28, 1878 by Robert W. Crawford & E. W. Young. 9 10 Alleged to be "a valuable state witness in the Lynch family murder case". 11
His parents were Elly FINKLEA () and Elizabeth Ann MOODY (1828 SC-1903 TX). He married Alice Bertha Turner Aug. 9, 1876 in Harris county. They had one daughter Minnie who was 2 on the 1880 census, so she was either born after he was killed or was an infant at the time. No further record found for her.
Fort Dewitt Clinton "D.C." Killed by "Springfield" 1868 12 13 b. 1840 TN, Confederate veteran, crippled from birth, Confederate spy with $5,000 reward for his capture.

Groce L.W. attended Allchin doctor in Hempstead, neighbor to H.G.W. Cloud and B.B. Lee in 1860; he is listed alone; 1860 real estate $100,000; personal value $250,000
early settler of Austin county, brought largest number of slaves, app 100.
Henderson L. Pinckney 1st governor of Texas (1846-1847)
Houston Sam 2nd & 4th governor of Republic of Texas, Mar. 1836 - Oct 1836
King Texas adjutant general
Kirby Alfred freedman killed by Elijah Bell 12-25-1868
Kirby Col. Jered E. killed John Steele May 4, 1879 at Hempstead over an old feud.
Lamar Mirabeau B. 3rd governor of Republic of Texas, Dec. 1838 - Dec. 1841
Laurain Claude witness at trial of Jack McDade 2-18-1889 in Houston.
Said he was deputy sheriff at time of killing of Allchin.
On 1900 census John C. Laurine is living in Brenham, occupation "gambler", 3 children, 2 living
John Claude Lauraine
Birth    Oct. 1859 LA
Death    1901 (aged 41–42)
Burial    Hempstead Cemetery

spouse: m. 11-22-1885
Lucy Burton
Birth    1869
Death    1949 (aged 79–80)
Burial    Hempstead Cemetery
Lee B.B. (Burwell B.) shot & killed by Joseph Farr enumerated 1860 between H.G.W. Cloud and Dr. Groce; born Dec. 20, 1818 in Barren Cty, Kentucky; in 1839 he purchased land in Shelby Co. AL; enumerated between H.G.W. Cloud & L.W. Groce in 1860; d. Wednesday, April 29, 1868 in Wheeler's saloon, Hempstead, TX.

m. ca 1854 Augusta Martin (Mosby) b. 1821; had dau Laura Z. Lee b. ca 1859, not found in 1870; Augusta remarried Wm LEPS April 1870

Lynch George His family killed, 8 children, and his home burned 09-13-1878 15 miles from Hempstead. His wife had previously died and he was shot, his home set fire and all eight of his children perished in the conflagration. He only escaped.

McDade Alexander Wilkins 1st class land grant with his son J.W. McDade
McDade Jacob Keet "Jack" killed Stephen Allchin sentenced to 8 yrs prison for 2nd degree murder Nephew and deputy of sheriff McDade, son of Jacob Keet McDade -- listed as a "young farmer" -- see "Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in The Court of Appeals of Texas"
"Allchin killed one Chambers, a son-in-law of Sheriff T. S. McDade, the uncle of this defendant. (Jack McDade)". Pardoned 12-22-1894. 14
McDade James Wilkins s/o Alex. Wilkins McDade & Anna Armstrong; brother of Thomas Sewell McDade; 1st cousin of Mary Adeline "Polly" McDade, first w/o H.G.W. Cloud; an enterprising lawyer, the town of McDade Texas was established in light of the coming railroad and formally incorporated 1873, was named for him; first sheriff of Washington County; co-founder of Hempstead; died 1867 of yellow fever
1st class land grant with his father Alex. Wilkins McDade
McDade Lewis republican politician assassinated Oct. 13, 1888 Thrre are at least two men in Austin / Waller county named Lewis McDade. One is on 1866-1867 tax rolls, b. Alabama, having come to Texas circa 1845. Another is on 1880 census, 23, b. Texas, district clerk.
Newspaper accounts say he was a colored republican politician. Nov. 1878 he was elected district clerk and that is his occupation on 1880 census. Dec. 1885 a Lewis McDade was fined $25 for carrying a pistol. Sept. 1888 he was on the ticket to be cotton weigher. He was murdered Oct. 13 just before the November election. Born ca 1857 Texas (1880 census Hempstead).
He or his parents must have been slaves of the McDade family. He is listed as mulatto, so a McDade must also be his ancestor.
(A Lewis McDade married Bertie Groce 1882 somewhere in Texas.)
McDade Margaret Martin wife of Richard C. Chambers, d/o sheriff Thos. Sewell McDade
McDade Robert Rivers "R.R." (1847-1913); s/o Jas. Wilkins McDade & Caroline Tennesee Cooper; nephew of sheriff Thos. S. McDade
McDade Tommy Thomas Bouldin McDade, son of sheriff McDade. Mentioned as part of the McDade clan: sheriff McDade, Eck, Jack, Tommy and Dick Springfield.
McDade Thomas Sewell killed by Joseph Blasingame sheriff of Waller County
Newnam Charles W. bro-in-law of Jos. Farr. In Hempstead 1880, in San Antonio before 1886. Published newspapers and spiritualist/occult papers in Hempstead & San Antonio.
Newnam William L. Jos. & Sarah Texanna (Cloud) Farr's nephew; s/o Charles W. Newnam
Ross Lawrence S governor of Texas 1887-1891
Springfield Richard killed Stephen Allchin appointed deputy sheriff after death of Dick Chambers; sentenced to 25 yrs prison for 2nd degree murder.

He had killed at least one man before he killed Allchin - A Springfield shot and killed D. C. Fort 1868 15, Hempstead; then Richard Booth in 1879.

The 1868 killing probably by his older brother, William, or his father, Lancaster Springfield, as he would have been 12 at the time. He definitely killed Richard Booth 16 and Stephen Allchin.

He was b. ca 1856 AL and is on Pine Grove, Austin cty census in 1860 17 and then Austin cty census in 1870 18.. His father, Capt. Lancaster Sprinfgield, CSA b. 1817 TN, was a merchant with 19 slaves on the 1860 Slave Schedule, the oldest being a 32-year-old woman, the rest ranging from 1 to 25 19.

Richard was sentenced to 25 years in the penitentiary December 1889 and was pardoned July 17, 1897. 20

Steele John killed by Col. Jared Kirby May 4 1879
Wheeler G.H. saloon owner
Wood George T. 2nd governor of Texas (1847-1849)
Zeisner Fritz saloon owner


Joseph H. Farr (12-25-1837 MO - 5-5-1886 Hempstead)

Killed by his bro-in-law James W.J. Cloud, justice of the peace of Hempstead.

He published several newspapers in the area.

1879-04-04 Brehnam Weekly Banner, p.2
W. Bedell was elected mayor of Hempstead and J.H. Farr was re-elected marshal.

Napoleon B. Farr, half brother of Jos. H. Farr. Killed May 4, 1888 by James Carroll.

The Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas), 29 Jan 1876, Saturday, Page 2
Mr. J.H. Farr has closed his connection with the Waller County Courier, having sold his interest to Judge D. McCrimmon, who is, he says, "in every particular qualified for the position, and under whose administration The Courier, as in the past, will labor for the advancement of the people of Waller county, ....

The Austin Weekly Statesman (Austin, Texas), 24 Aug 1876, Thursday, p. 2
Joe Farr, late editor of the Courier, is constable of Hempstead.

An Editor Killed. About 1 p. m., on Wednesday, at tho May Fest grounds at Hempstead; a difficulty occurred between J. H. Farr, editor of the Hempstead Courier, and J. W. I. (sic) Cloud, his brother-in-law, in which the latter shot and killed Farr. Cloud was put undor arrest. A jury of inquest was empaneled and adjourned till this mprning A feud of some years standing had existed between tho two men. Mr. Farr had been a resident of Hempstead for many jcars and had long been engaged in the newspaper business.


May 5, 1886
James W.J. Cloud -- bro-in-law to Jos. H. Farr

May 8, 1886 -- inquest completed

May 11, 1886
Charles W. Newman check on b-in-law Jos. Farr

April 4 1888 -- (chief) Deputy Sheriff Richard C. Chambers shot and killed by Stephen W. Alchin
- son-in-law of Thos. Sewell McDade
- Chambers left wife and baby
- 28 years old, raised in Austin and Waller cty


Dr. L.W. Groce attended Allchin

April 8, 1888 -- Allchin's health improving

May 4, 1888
Jas. Carroll killed Napoleon B. Farr
- Carroll had a family

May 19 -- Allchin killed

-- deputy Jack McDade -- nephew of T.S. McDade

-- deputy Dick Springfield -- R.T. Springfield or R.F. Springfield

Jul 9, 1888
Joe Driscoll, an Englishman, killed Jas. Carroll

Nov. 27, 1888
Thomas Sewell McDade

The San Antonio Daily Express, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1888, p. 4.
Concerning the Assassination of Ex-Sheriff McDade.
HOUSTON, November 27. -- [Special.] -- The assassination of ex-sheriff Thomas S. McDade near Hempstead last night has caused considerable comment in this city, where the deceased is well known.  From all that can be learned, it seems that the murdered man left the bedside of one of his children, who was sick, for the purpose of going to the cistern to get the little sufferer a drink of water.  He had hardly closed the door as he went outside when the cowardly wretch in concealment turned his gun loose on the unsuspected victim, who fell mortally wounded and soon afterwards died.
The assassin must have left the scene of his terrible deed at once after firing the fatal shot, as a number of citizens hastened to Mr. McDade's home upon hearing the report of the gun, but no trace of the villain could be found.
This morning at 1 o'clock Sheriff George Ellis received a telegram from Deputy Sheriff Thornton, of Waller county, asking for the loan of bloodhounds to trail the murderer.  Sheriff Ellis wired back that he had no hounds, but that they could doubtless be obtained either at Cunningham or ?Kills? sugar plantations in Fort Bend county.
The reporter called at the county jail this morning, and visited Jack McDade, a nephew of the murdered man, who with Dick Springfield is under indictment for the killing of Allchin in Hempstead some months ago.  Young McDade was a deputy under his uncle towards the close of the latter's administration.  To the reporter he intimated the belief that the assassination of his uncle was instigated by thirst for vengeance on the part of Allchin's friends.  Be this as it may, however, the murder of poor McDade was cowardly, cold-blooded and dastardly.  He was elected sheriff fourteen years ago, and for seven consecutive times the people of Waller county evidenced their confidence in him by re-electing him.  In September last he resigned the position and retired to private life.  He was known as a brave and efficient officer, and commanded the highest respect of his fellow citizens.
The Galveston Daily News, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1888, p. 1.
Strong Circumstantial Evidence Led to His Detention -- How the Dreadful Deed Was Committed -- Burglars In San Antonio -- Other Crimes.
HEMPSTEAD, Tex., November 27. -- This morning Joseph Blassingame, Jr., was arrested on strong circumstantial evidence and charged with the assassination of ex-Sheriff Captain Thomas S. McDade, assassinated at his home in this city last night.  The assassin was mounted on horseback, and after riding up to the back garden fence broke off two or three pickets, and after walking through the garden concealed himself near the well.  Captain McDade walked out to the well for some water for his son, who is sick in bed, and as he stepped out a shot was fired, filling his body with buckshot.
The horse was tracked this morning to where Blassingame stopped last night, about three-quarters of a mile from where the tragedy took place.
The footprints were measured, corresponding with the boots worn by the party arrested.
A double barrel shotgun was found in the house and showed one barrel had been freshly discharged.  The load in the other barrel was taken out, and the shot compared exactly with those that were taken from the body of the murdered man.
Blassingame's examining trial will be heard to-morrow.
Captain Thomas S. McDade has been sheriff of Waller county for the last twelve or fifteen years.  He was well thought of and his large number of friends mourn his loss.  Peace to his ashes.

Joe Blassingame killed McDade (Joseph Marshall Blasingame Jr. married Savannah Duck, step-dau of Stephen Allchin).

Dec 9, 1888
Mrs. Farr and her nephew, Mr. William Newnam resume publication of the Waller County Courier
Galveston Daily News, Dec. 9, 1888

Sheriffs of Austin county:
Joseph Blasingame November 15, 1872-December 2, 1873

The Rugeley and Blasingame Clinic or Rugeley-Blasingame Hospital in Wharton was founded in 1942 by F.R. Rugeley, M.D., and F.J.L. Blasingame, M.D.

Allchin, Stephen W. 	shot Richard C. Chambers, killed by McDade and Richard Springfield
Blassingame, Joseph 	shot Thomas S. McDade
Carroll, James 	shot Napoleon Farr
Chambers, Richard C.	deputy sheriff shot by Stephen W. Allchin
Cloud, James W.J.	justice of the peace, shot Joseph H. Farr
Cole,	Wm. C.	mayor of Hempstead
Coyle,	W.H.	president of National Baseball Club
Driscoll, Joe 	shot James Carroll
Farr,	Joseph H.	shot by J.W.J. Cloud; publisher of Hempstead Courier
Groce, L.W. 	doctor in Hempstead
King, 	adjutant general of Texas
Lee,	B.B.	shot by Joseph Farr
McDade, R.R.
McDade, Thomas Sewell	sheriff of Waller county
Newman, C.W.	publisher of newspaper, bro-in-law of Jos. H. Farr
Newnam, C.W.	see C.W. Newman
Newnam, William	Mrs. 	Wm. Newnam was Jos. Farr's nephew
Ross, 	governor of Texas
Springfield, Richard T. 	shot Stephen Allchin
Wheeler,	G.G.	saloon owner
Zeisner, Fritz 	saloon owner
Hempstead City Cemetery:
BLASINGAME, Dorothy Rugeley, 8-Feb-06, 27-Dec-90, w/o Francis J L MD
BLASINGAME, Ethel Heard, 12 Sep 1889 - 8-Jan-81, w/o James Spencer
BLASINGAME, Francis J L MD, 17-Jan-06, 3-Nov-01, 
BLASINGAME, James Spencer, 5 Aug 1887, 28-Nov-52, 
BLASINGAME, John G, 1901, 1965, 
BLASINGAME, John M C, 1876, 1947, 
BLASINGAME, Joseph, 23 Mar 1832 - 15-Jul-05, 
BLASINGAME, Kate, 1844, 1884, w/o Joseph
BLASINGAME, Lillian A W, 1872, 1959, w/o John M C
BLASINGAME, Louisa Adelaide, 10 Apr 1847 - 25-Jul-28, w/o Joseph
BLASINGAME, Savanah, 19 Jun 1868 - 30-Apr-01, 
BLASINGAME, Una H, 1897, 1985, w/o John C
MCDADE, Ada B, 30 Jun 1890 - 25 Oct 1891, d/o K & L
MCDADE, Alex J, 2 Aug 1859 - 15 Feb 1889, s/o T S & M
MCDADE, Baby, no dates - ,
MCDADE, Clara Mills, 21 May 1871 - 5-Sep-64
MCDADE, Cliftine Kelly, 29 Jul 1893 - 11-Nov-73
MCDADE, Effie Louise, 29-Jun-14 - 30-Nov-91, w/o Robert Clarke
MCDADE, J M, no dates - ,
MCDADE, John F, 17 Feb 1882 - 23-Nov-29
MCDADE, John Mills, 10 Feb 1897 - 29-Sep-77
MCDADE, Keet, 24 Oct 1875 - 23-Aug-34
MCDADE, Lessy C, 5 Jan 1888 - 25-Sep-53, w/o Keet
MCDADE, Linda, 27-Jun-39 - 24-Aug-03
MCDADE, Little Dick, age 5m 28d
MCDADE, Lucy C, no dates
MCDADE, Maggie J, 69y-28d - 20 Dec 1939?
MCDADE, Mary Alice, 22 Mar 1853 - 15-Jun-35
MCDADE, Mrs I, 18 Apr 1851 - 3-Feb-23
MCDADE, Myrtle Francis, 18 Nov 1894 - 11-Nov-05
MCDADE, R R, 2 Apr 1847 - 13-Dec-13
MCDADE, R R Jr, 16 Apr 1872 - 5-Jun-14
MCDADE, Robert, no dates - ,
MCDADE, Robert Clarke, 17-Apr-16 - 9-Feb-72
MCDADE, Thomas B, 3 Feb 1866 - 2 Nov 1898
MCDADE, Thomas Bouldin, 25 Dec 1892 - 13-May-86
MCDADE, Thomas S, 19 Jul 1829 - 26 Nov 1888, Born in Montgomery Co, AL

April 29, 1868 - Burwell B. Lee shot and killed in Wheeler's Saloon in Hempstead, Texas.

An unknown source alleged he was an outlaw, but no confirmation of this has been found.

Galveston Daily News, Galveston, Texas, Saturday, May, 2, 1868, page 1
The Countryman reports that on Wednesday afternoon last Mr. B.B. Lee was shot and killed by Mr. Joseph Farr, in the saloon kept by Mr. G.H. Wheeler at Hempstead. Farr left, and has not been arrested.
(i.e. he died April 29, 1868.)

Burwell B. Lee was born Dec. 20, 1818 in Barren Cty, Kentucky; d. Wednesday, April 29, 1868 in Wheeler's saloon, Hempstead, TX.

He purchased 40 acres in Shelby County, Alabama, recorded Sept. 20, 1839. BLM GLO Records,

July 12, 1855, Barren, KY - left all to his wife Augustia M. -- see: "Kentucky, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1774-1989"

Have not found him in 1850 census.

In 1860 he was enumerated between H.G.W. Cloud and L.W. Groce, who was a doctor in Hempstead who attended Stephen Allchin when he was shot April 4, 1888.

1860 TX, Austin, Hempstead, June 14, p 1
-- HH 1/1
(enumerator Jerry CLOUD)
CLOUD, H.G.W. 50, M, farmer, $5000, $5000, GA, blind
CLOUD, Mary T, wife, 42, F, GA
CLOUD, Geo W., 20, clerk, M, AL
CLOUD, Noah, 16, M, AL
CLOUD, Jas W. J., 14, M, AL
CLOUD, Louisa 12, F, TX
CLOUD, Texania, 8, F, TX
CLOUD, John, 4 M, TX
CLOUD, Bettie, 2, F, TX

-- HH-2/2
B.B. LEE, 40, M, farmer, $9000, $12000, KY
A.M. LEE (wife), 37, F, KY (Augusta Martin Mosby)
Laura LEE, 1, F, TX

L.W. GROCE, 54, M, planter, $100,000, $225,000, GA



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Newspaper articles may be read at Timeline of News Reports.