Peter Coleman, the Hempstead Negro, Captured Saturday..

Taken There for Safe Keeping – Wanted For an Assault to Rape, but Denies That He is Guilty – Telegrams.

Houston, Texas, July 26. — Peter Coleman, a 19-year-old mulatto, slender in build, with flat nose and low, receding forehead, was landed in the Harris county jail yesterday morning by Constable Tucker Pinckney of Hempstead.  The negro was captured near that place charged with an assault to commit rape upon Miss Sallie Milligan, a 16-year-old white girl, in Hempstead last Thursday.

Sheriff Lipscomb of Waller county arrived in Houston Saturday morning to search for Coleman.  He had information which led him to believe that the negro was coming this way.  Assisted by the police and sheriff's departments, every incoming freight and passenger train from the north was watched.  The vigil was continued all Saturday night.  Yesterday morning Sheriff Lipscomb and Constable Pinckney returned to Hempstead to quietly inform citizens and searching parties that Coleman was safely landed.

So quietly was the arrival of Constable Pinckney and his prisoner that no one save the county and city authorities knew of their presence in Houston and Sheriff Lipscomb did not know of the capture until told of it yesterday morning.

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