Hempstead, Tex., April 3. — A quiet election was held to-day.  City officers elected for a two years' term were as follows: Mayor, James D. Montgomery, assistant sergeant-at-arms of the lower houe of the Texas legislature; marshal, Richard H. Pinckney; secretary and treasurer, Ernest Houser, re-elected without opposition; attorney, W. J. Poole, re-elected; assessor and collector, a tie vote between Levi Kaiser and Tom Pinckney; alderman of ward One, Joseph Blassingame, Sr., and James A. Felker; ward Two, John C. Robb, re-elected, and G. F. Limper; ward Three, G. S. Burton and Dr. P. S. Clarke; ward Four, Sam Lissner and William Joseph.

It is conceded that the gentlemen elected are the best set of officers the city has ever had, and they will doubtless make many changes in the moral atmosphere of this famous city.

"A quiet election.", Galveston Daily News, Wednesday, April 3, 1889, p. 1, col. 3