The district court was convened yesterday.  His honor Judge Burkhart gave the grand jury an interesting talk stating that Waller county has been given the worst name of any county in the United States; that you now have good officers and plenty of good laws on the statute books, and the good people of the county seem to be determined that all juries shall back tghe officers up in the enforcement of the laws.  If they fail to do this there is no further use for officers and courts.  Everything now depends on the grand jury doing their duty and redeem the good name of the county.  The grand jury is composed of the best men in the county and will be sure to do their duty.  The criminal docket will be taken up to-morrow morning.

The Brazos river is again on its usual monthly overflow.

The family of the late ex-Sheriff McDade, who recently removed from the county, have returned to their homestead here.

Mr. R. R. McDade, who removed from this county several months ago, lately purchased the homestead of Captain Alsbury, who removed to Houston last week.  It is said that Mr. McDade will soon return here to reside.

Captain E. P. Alsbury, late mayor of the city, has removed to Houston, and is now making arrangements to publish his paper, the Advance Guard.  He had been a citizen here seventeen years, and had many friends who regretted to see him and his worthy family leave here.  He will be remembered by the readers of THE NEWS as an old correspondent over the nom de plume of Leber.

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