Most of the Evidence Strong Against the Prisoner — Ex-County Treasurer-Granted Bail — An Old Man Hanged — Highway Robbery

HOUSTON, Tex., February 15. — To-day the trial of Jack McDade of Waller county, for the killing of Steve Allchin, was resumed. It was nearly 10 o'clock before the first witness of the day was put on the stand. Long before that hour the court room was crowded to its utmost capacity, and Sheriff Ellis placed Deputy John D. Usoner at the door to act as usher and preserve order. The audience was almost equally composed of blacks and whites. The lawyers resumed their accustomed position, and the testimony for the state was resumed.

The following witnesses were examined: R.B. Pointer, L.W. Groce, William Leary, Mrs. Brent Brown, Mrs. Kate Wright, Fritz Zeisner and Gus Miller.

Following Gus Miller came George Burton, whose testimony related to important matters at the time of the shooting.

John Peeples also testified to some important facts as to the position of the men, the rapidity of the shooting and the attitude of the deceased.

Tom Whitman, a policeman, concluded the testimony for the day, and the court adjourned to 9:30 to-morrow morning.

Most of the evidence was strong against the prisoner, going to show that the two men, McDade and Springfield, first fired on the prisoner when he did not see them or was looking toward a store and they were down the street. It showed that they were fifty or sixty-five feet from him and he was on his horse with his shotgun across the saddle in front of him. The weapons they used were shotguns. Some of the witnesses were looking when the shots were fired and others saw deceased when he fell from his horse. The closing examinations by Captain Hutcheson were very rigid and he used testimony taken at the preliminary trial as a guide or assistant. District Attorney R.K. Hanney seemed generally to be satisfied with the testimony given by the witnesses. It is not likely that the state's testimony will all be finished to-morrow (Saturday).

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