Concerning the Assassination of Ex-Sheriff McDade.

HOUSTON, November 27. — [Special.] — The assassination of ex-sheriff Thomas S. McDade near Hempstead last night has caused considerable comment in this city, where the deceased is well known. From all that can be learned, it seems that the murdered man left the bedside of one of his children, who was sick, for the purpose of going to the cistern to get the little sufferer a drink of water. He had hardly closed the door as he went outside when the cowardly wretch in concealment turned his gun loose on the unsuspected victim, who fell mortally wounded and soon afterwards died.

The assassin must have left the scene of his terrible deed at once after firing the fatal shot, as a number of citizens hastened to Mr. McDade's home upon hearing the report of the gun, but no trace of the villain could be found.

This morning at 1 o'clock Sheriff George Ellis received a telegram from Deputy Sheriff Thornton, of Waller county, asking for the loan of bloodhounds to trail the murderer. Sheriff Ellis wired back that he had no hounds, but that they could doubtless be obtained either at Cunningham or Ellis sugar plantations in Fort Bend county.

The reporter called at the county jail this morning, and visited Jack McDade, a nephew of the murdered man, who with Dick Springfield is under indictment for the killing of Allchin in Hempstead some months ago. Young McDade was a deputy under his uncle towards the close of the latter's administration. To the reporter he intimated the belief that the assassination of his uncle was instigated by thirst for vengeance on the part of Allchin's friends. Be this as it may, however, the murder of poor McDade was cowardly, cold-blooded and dastardly. He was elected sheriff fourteen years ago, and for seven consecutive times the people of Waller county evidenced their confidence in him by re-electing him. In September last he resigned the position and retired to private life. He was known as a brave and efficient officer, and commanded the highest respect of his fellow citizens.

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