Strong Circumstantial Evidence Led to His Detention — How the Dreadful Deed Was Committed — Burglars In San Antonio — Other Crimes.

HEMPSTEAD, Tex., November 27. — This morning Joseph Blassingame, Jr., was arrested on strong circumstantial evidence and charged with the assassination of ex-Sheriff Captain Thomas S. McDade, assassinated at his home in this city last night. The assassin was mounted on horseback, and after riding up to the back garden fence broke off two or three pickets, and after walking through the garden concealed himself near the well. Captain McDade walked out to the well for some water for his son, who is sick in bed, and as he stepped out a shot was fired, filling his body with buckshot.

The horse was tracked this morning to where Blassingame stopped last night, about three-quarters of a mile from where the tragedy took place.

The footprints were measured, corresponding with the boots worn by the party arrested.

A double barrel shotgun was found in the house and showed one barrel had been freshly discharged. The load in the other barrel was taken out, and the shot compared exactly with those that were taken from the body of the murdered man.

Blassingame's examining trial will be heard to-morrow.

Captain Thomas S. McDade has been sheriff of Waller county for the last twelve or fifteen years. He was well thought of and his large number of friends mourn his loss. Peace to his ashes.

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