For Safe Keeping.

R.F. (sic) Springfield and Jack McDade, charged with the murder of Stephen W. Alchin, at Hempstead, Waller county, on the 19th of May last, were brought to the city yesterday morning and lodged in the county jail for safe keeping, while the jail at Hempstead is being repaired. Stephen W. Alchin was shot from his horse on the principal street in the town of Hempstead, shortly before noon, near the spot where Deputy Sheriff Chambers was killed by the deceased, on the 4th of April last. Springfield was acting in the capacity of a deputy sheriff at the time of the killing. McDade is a young farmer and a relative of Sheriff McDade. The killing of Chambers and Alchin created such an excitement that the governor found it necessary to order the military to Hempstead to preserve order. The town divided into two armed factions and it was feared that more blood would be shed, despite the presence of the military. Threats were freely made that McDade and Springfield would be lynched, but the presence of a strong guard prevented the attempt being made, and the law will be allowed to take its course.

"R. F. Springfield and Jack McDade ... lodged in the county jail.", Galveston Daily News, Thursday, July 5, 1888, p. 8