The Attorneys of Springfield and McDade Have Made Application.

HEMPSTEAD, Tex., June 6. — Mr. A.J. Harvey, one of the attorneys of Springfield and McDade, residing here, has received a telegram from his partner, now at Caldwell, that Judge McFarland, now holding the Burleson county district court, on a petition from the defendant's attorneys, had granted a writ of habeas corpus, returnable on Monday, the 11th day of June. The former plan was to take the case to the court of appeals at once for a decision on account of the district judge being engaged with his court, but he concluded to review the case.

It was agreed that the evidence recorded in the examination before the Justice's court should alone be reviewed by the judge. The case will probably take only one day to decide.

"WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS.", Galveston Daily News, Thursday, June 7, 1888, p. 5, col. 4-5.