The Hempstead Tragedy.

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HEMPSTEAD, May 10. — This evening about 6 o'clock the preliminary trial of J. W. J. Cloud for the murder of J. H. Farr, was concluded and his honor, Judge H. C. Tompkins, committed the prisoner to jail without bail, to await the action of the grand jury.  The defence in this case was ably conducted by Messrs. Harvey & Brown, but with such overwhelming evidence against their client, it was beyond their power to render the necessary aid.  The prosecution was represented by R. W. Hannay, Esq., our worthy district attorney; although the state had a strong case, Mr. Hannay left no leaf unturned, but worked with the utmost energy to unfold, and open, and bring to light, all the evidence surrounding the bloody deed in a manner deserving ofmuch credit and showed that he, as well as the community, did not countenance any such actions; his closing remarks were strong and his honor, the judge, rendered the verdict instanta.

The universal opinion prevails that Cloud will get his attorneys to sue out a writ of habeas corpus and go before district Judge MFarland, if so I presume the same will be tried in Brenham.

Everything is quiet and your reporter has not found a single man but what approved the actions of our officers while in the discharge of their duty in this case.  No other news of importance; if any turns up will let you know.


"The Hempstead Tragedy.", The Brenham Weekly Banner, Thursday, May 13, 1886, Vol. 21, No. 18, Ed. 1, p. 3, col. 3-a.