Waller County Republicans.

|Special to The News.|

HEMPSTEAD, August 25. — The Republicans held their county nominating convention here on Saturday, the 23d, with closed doors, and nominated the following for the different offices of the county: H. C. Tompkins for county judge; Joe Blasingame, sheriff; A. W. Catheart, district clerk; J. H. Farr, county clerk; R. W. Gladdish, assessor; L. W. Grose, treasurer; J. W. J. Cloud, justice of the peace; J. W. Ellison, constable; L. J. Starks, cotton weigher; Henderson Livingston, commissioner; John Peeples, hide inspector.

Judge Burkhardt was indorsed for district judge.

The darkies were mostly left out in the cold as usual.  The white Rads take all the offices, and leaving the man, but not a brother to do the voting, they hold the offices.  They (Republicans) say that this is a hard ticket to beat.

"Waller County Republicans.", The Galveston Daily News, Thursday, August 26, 1884, p. 2, col. 2.

(Ed. note: Joe Blasingame Sr. had been sheriff of Austin county 1872-1873.  He was born 1832 and would be 34 at this date.  His son, Joe Blasingame, Jr. was born 1866 and would be but 18 at this date. It would appear the person elected was Joe Blasingame, Sr.)