Leadville. — The Banner is indebted to Mr. John Hughes, for late Leadville papers, one of which, the Chronicle of the 2d inst., gives an account of the killing of a man named Charles Lyles by George W. Lynch, late of Waller county.  It seems they were working a mine together being "grubstaked" by one Bennett.  They quarreled and Lynch shot and killed Lyles; He was promptly arrested and it would seem from the papers the feeling against him is strong.

Mr. Hughes writes that A. Baer is the only Brenhamite in Leadville.

(Geo. Lynch is on the 1880 census in Lake county, Colorado.  He is single and a miner.)

"George Lynch killed Charles Lyles.", Brenham Weekly Banner, (Brenham, TX) Thursday, June 9, 1881, p. 3, col. 2.