What Purports to be the Facts.

[To the News.]

Hempstead, August 1. — After seeing the reports of the killing of R. R. Booth in the News of this date, and knowing your reporter to be mistaken, I would like to correct the mistake through your paper.  Mr. Booth and Mr. Springfield had been together for some time during the night drinking.  When about midnight, they went to Wheeler's saloon and called Wheeler up.  Wheeler, with a man by the name of Washington, got up, came down stairs and opened the saloon.  Booth, Sprinfield (sic) and Joe Carroll, joined by Washington, went up to the bar to take a drink.  After drinking, both Booth and Springfield wanted to pay for the drinks, but Booth finally paid for them.  While drinking Sprinfield (sic) spit his out of his mouth.  Booth remarked, "if you don't want it call for something else."  Springfield began cursing Booth.  Booth said, "if the shoe pinches don't wear it," when Springfield stepped back and drew his pistol.  At this time all of the witnesses ran into the back-room.  There were six shots fired.  Booth was shot six times.  A man on the outside says the light was put out or went out after the shooting.  When parties got there a pistol was found in his (Booth's) hand, with all the barrels discharged.  The pistol was in the hand with the muzzle extending from the small side of his hand.  Booth's pistol that he usually carried was found at his office in the desk.  They never had any quarrel or trouble before.  It is said by some that Springfield did not like Booth.  Springfield has made his escape and has not been heard of since the shooting.  The above is a correct statement.


"The Hempstead Homicide.", The Galveston Daily News, Sunday, August 3, 1879, p. 1, col. 3.