— Jno. Greer, jr., got into trouble in Goliad county about some cattle, and was bailed in a bond of $800 by his uncles, of Walker (sic - Waller) county.  He jumped bond, and his uncles paid it, but afterwards recovered the money out of some ...(unreadable)... young rascal.  For this he said he would kill them, and the other day they met at Patterson (sic - Pattison), a quarrel ensued, and John Greer shot Ed. Greer, his uncle, dead.  He then shot Constable Cooper, and next, went in the station house, and, with pistol drawn, ordered the agent to give him ten dollars, with which to escape.

"Jno. Greer - In Trouble." Norton's Union Intelligencer, (Dallas, TX), Saturday, December 21, 1878. P. 2, col. 4.