John Binford Defended.

The NEWS is in receipt of a letter from Field's store, inclosing documents in denial of the report that the shooting of John Binford by G. W. Lynch, at Hockley, on the 6th inst., was the result of Binford's being one of the parties concerned in the Lynch tragedy, which happened some time ago.  Statements are given from Mrs. Martha A. Abbott, Mrs. Maria Boulware, Mrs. Caroline Smith, Musco Boulware, Sr., and John G. Chandler, showing that by reason of severe illness on the night of the tragedy, Binford could not have been at the scene of the carnage.  A statement as to the reliability of these witnesses is signed by J. J. McConnell, Thomas Ray and over thirty parties in the neighborhood.

(Maria Boulware was the daughter of Joseph & Missouri Hargrave and a sister-in-law to George Lynch.  She was a sister to George's wife and was married to Musco Boulware's son Jas. L. Boulware.  James was a brother to Reuben Boulware who had violent confrontations with George Lynch, including shooting at him and who was initially thought to be the perpetrator of the "Lynch tragedy" who shot George and murdered his children.)

"John Binford Defended.", The Galveston Daily News, Tuesday, November 26, 1878, p. 4, col. 1.