Eight Children Killed.

Cincinnati, Sept. 16. — A special dispatch says the eight children of George Lynch, the eldest 17 years of age, living at Hockley, Texas, were murdered on Friday night by an unknown party. Lynch, the father, was awakened by a pistol shot, the ball striking him in the breast. He sprang up, and saw a masked man standing in the middle of the room, pointing a pistol at him. Another shot was fired, and Lynch fell unconscious. When he recovered he found himself in the lane outside of the premises.

The assassin, thinking Lynch was dead, seized a hatchet, and proceeded to put the witnesses of his crime out of the way, after which he set fire to the house. The distracted father regained consciousness only to see his house burn and fall on the bodies of his murdered children. The bodies were after afterwards exhumed and an inquest held. Several of the skulls showed hatchet marks. Lynch, it is thought, will recover.

"Eight Children Killed." Stamford Miror, Stamford, New York, Tuesday, September 24, 1878 p. 1.