A Man Shot & his Children Probably Burned.

Mr. George W. Linch (sic) was found yesterday morning, near his own house, in Waller county, badly shot with buck-shot; and his dwelling house a heap of smoking ruins.

Mr. Lynch is a planter in good circumstances.  His home is about eight miles north-east of Hockley, and just inside of the Waller county line.  He is a peacable, orderly, law-abiding gentleman, very generally esteemed by his neighbors.  He is about 40 years of age, and was raised in the neighborhood of his present residence.  His wife, who was a daughter of a Mr. Joseph Hargrove, now deceased, died about two weeks ago, leaving an infant child only a few days old.

Mr. Lynch had eight children, the oldest a girl of 17, and the accounts from there leave room to fear that all of them may have perished in the flames.  His nearest neighbor, Mr. Boulware, lives within 500 yards, but the families were on hostile terms, and no one else lives nearer than a mile.  The theory seems to be that Mr. Lynch was shot, and his children all burned with his house.  The very thought is too horrible.  Humanity turns with a shudder from the contemplation of such an idea.

Since the above was written, our Hockly (sic) "special" but too fearfully confirms the horrid deed.


Special Telegram to the Age.

Hockley, Sept. 14. — 1 p. m. — The remains of seven of the Lynch children have been found in the ruins of the house.  The infant is supposed to be totally consumed.  Lynch is shot in the breast and neck.  His physician says he cannot recover.  He lived in Waller county, seven miles from this place.

For the hell-hounds who perpetrated that horrible deed no penalty known to civilized statutes is anything like an adequate punishment.

"HORRIBLE. A Man Shot & his Children Probably Burned.", The Waco Daily Examiner, (Waco, Texas) Tuesday, September 17, 1878, p. 2, col. 3.