FRATERNAL. — Those enterprising gentlemen, Messrs. Joseph H. Farr and C. W. Newnam of the Waller County Courier (the former proprietor and the latter Foreman) are in the city as witnesses in a civil case now pending in our District Coiurt.  They are generous, whole-souled fellows, and as a newspaper men, are a full team and hard to match.  Their motto; "Hew to the line, let chips fall where they may," is strictly adhered to, and opposers of the Democratic doctrine, of the Jeffersonian stamp, catch fits when they cross lances with the Courier.

"Joseph H. Farr & C. W. Newnam of the Waller County Courier." Brenham Weekly Banner (Brenham, TX), Friday, February 2, 1877; p. 3, col. 5.