A. A. Nelson, one of the prisoners of Sibley's Brigade, now paroled by the Federals, gives the San Antonio Herald, a list of all the prisoners at Fort Clark on the 24th ult. and says they are now en route for San Antonio.  Among them we find the names of the following, from this County:

G W Benton, J H Farr, T Henderson, J J Henson, J M Henson, J Sternenberg, A Snow, H Trenkmann and H Wiester.  F Brooks was left sick at the hospital in New Mexico.  We may therefore look for these men home soon, and their friends are anxious once more to see them.

"List of prisoners.", The Bellville Countryman (Bellville, TX), Saturday, Nov. 15, 1862, p. 1, col. 1.