Ratification Meeting at Hempstead, Austin County.

Pursuant to public notice, a meeting of the Democracy of Austin county was held at Hempstead, on the 14th of May, to ratify the proceedings of the Democratic State and Congressional convention held at the city of Houston, May 1st, 1859.

DR. J. M. Thompson, was called to the chair and H. H. Boone, appointed Secretary.

On motion, a committee consisting of D. S. Hill, H. G. W. Cloud, J. M. Batemen (sic), Dr. J. R. Carr, T. M. McDade (sic - is this T.S. McDade ?), D. Y. Portis and Dr. R. R. Peebles, were appointed to draft a resolution expressive of the sentiments of the meeting.

The committee through their chairman D. S. Hill, reported the following preamble and resolutions which were unanimously dopted. (sic)

Whereas the Democratic conventions of the State of Texas and the western Congressional District lately assembled at the city of Houston — adopted as a platform of principals, the Platform of the Democratic convention of the United States at Cincinnati, in 1856, and the platform adopted by the Democratic Convention of the State of Texas at Waco, in 1857, together with an additional resolution declaring the peacable acquisition of the Island of Cuba, an object of paramount importance to the commerce of the United States, and additional resolutions in favor of an extradition of fugitive slaves from Mexico; and in favor of the continuuation (sic) of the Southern mail route from New Orleans by El Paso and San Francisco;

Whereas, the said conventions selected as candidates for Stae offices, the present able and worthy incumbents of the Gubernatorial, the Lieutenant Governor and the Commissioner of the General Land Office, and the District Convention nominated our able, talented and patriotic fellow citizen Gen. T. N. Waul, of Gonzales county, as the candidate for Congress.  Therefore resolved,

1st. That the Democracy (sic) of Austin county, most heartily endorse the platform resolutions of the Democratic State Convention of the State of Texas, as most eminently conservative and patriotic, and as being a true and just exponent of the orthodox Democracy of the State of Texas.

2nd. Resolved, that we regard the nomination of H. R. Runnels, dor Governor, F. R. Lubbock, for Lieutenant Governor and Francis M. White, for commissioner of the General Land Office, as a tribute of regard and esteem justly due to faithful and meritorious public officers, for the zeal and ability which they have each displayed in the discharge of the important trusts confided to them by the People.

3rd. Resolved, that we regard the nomination of Gen. T. N. Waul, for Congress, as a most fortunate and opportune selection, as one whose eloquence and patriotism will enable him to bear the standard of Democracy in triumph, upon every battle field of the District, and to sustain and promote the best interests of Texas, in our National Councils.

4th. Resolved, That the Democracy of Austin county will give a most cordial and triumphant support to each of the nominees, for State and District officers.

Upon motion of Dr. R. R. Peebels (sic), it was Resolved, 5th.  That the Hon. C. W. Buckley, of Fort Bend county, is the choice of this meeting as the democratic candidate for Floater, from the counties of Fort Bend and Austin, and that if he will consent to run this meeting will give him a hearty and cordial support.  All of which motions were unanimously adopted by the meeting.

5th. Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be forwarded to the Houston Telegraph with the respectful request to the Editor of that paper that he will publish the same, and that the Austin Gazette and Hempstead Courier, are respectfully requested to copy therefrom.

There being no other business before the meeting, it was adjourned sine die.

J. M. THOMPSON, Pres't.

H. H. BOONE, Sec'y,

"Ratification Meeting at Hempstead, Austin County.", The Hempstead Courier (Hempstead, TX), Vol. 1, No. 1, Ed. 1 Wednesday, June 1, 1859, p. 3, col 2.