Kate & C. V. Floyd Timeline

Date Details
On 1900 census, Kate is 21 (Dec. 1878) and living with her parents
Floyd & Kate leave Hempstead for Houston & get "married"
Floyd & Kate honeymoon from Houston to Matagorda Bay
Floyd went from place to place with Miss McDade and registered at hotels under assumed names, giving Miss McDade, who thought she was lawfully married, various reasons for so doing.  Her suspicions were aroused
- he apparently tuned pianos as he went?
McDade brothers to Houston
- Miss McDade's brothers, on learning of their sister's marriage, were sent by their father to bring their sister and her husband back home, but on looking into the matter, found that she had been imposed upon
- The three brothers traced them to Houston, where they found that no marriage license had been issued to them
Oct. 20*
Floyd & Kate from Matagorda to Bay City on the way to Eagle Lake (Floyd tuned pianos at Bay City)
Oct. 21*
Floyd & Kate from Bay City to Eagle Lake
they took the Cane Belt train from Bay City to Eagle Lake
McDade brothers to Bay City -- It was about five o'clock in the afternoon when the three McDade brothers had traced the pair up and found that they had gone to Eagle Lake
Oct. 22
Floyd deserted Kate at Eagle Lake
McDade brothers Bay City to Wharton to Eagle Lake -- hired Ben Kuykendall twelve dollars to take them to Wharton by midnight, and he got them there by 11 o'clock, eating supper at J. H. McCroskey's en route.  At Wharton they immediately waked up T. Able and took a livery rig for Eagle Lake.  At Eagle Lake they caught their sister and sent her home with one of her brothers
Oct. 23
McDade brothers -- they followed Floyd and found their sister in Eagle Lake the next day after Floyd had deserted her
locating them at Eagle Lake.  Arriving there Sunday after noon (10-23) ... She had been abandoned the same day ... Then and there a sentence of death was passed on the scoundrel that had taken advantage of a pure and trusting woman's innocence.  They managed to ascertain that Floyd had gone to Hallettsville
Oct. 24
Floyd to Hallettsville -- arrived here Monday (10-24) from Eagle Lake ... registered at the Park Hotel under the assumed name of W. H. Lehman, stating to Mr. Pepper as his reason for doing so that the brothers of a girl were following him and that he was afraid they would harm him
Oct. 25
McDade brothers -- to Hallettsville -- On Tuesday morning (10-25) "Davy Crockett" there arrived R. R. and John McDade, the brothers of whom Floyd had spoken.  They also put up at the Park Hotel and in order to throw their quarry off his guard, also registered under assumed names and at once retired, sleeping until late in the forenoon.