Web Bulletin Board for Cloud Historians.

The Cloud Surname Bulletin Board can be found at this URL   http://boards.ancestry.com/surnames.cloud/mb.ashx

Click on the link above and select "Post New Message" to ask a question or to leave information for others to see.

Guidelines -- tips on getting the maximum benefit from your post:

  1. Use a catchy but brief title.
  2. Capitalize surnames so they can be seen more easily.
  3. Fill in the field for your email address -- and put it in your post -- so people can reply to you "offline".
  4. Make your note informative and easy to read.
  5. Study your post and try to look at it from the point of view of someone who is not familiar with your topic.  See if you've left out any details -- such as using family names only a relative would know.
  6. Avoid internet shorthand or slang as many researchers do not understand it and you may miss the contact you really need.
  7. Remember -- the person reading your note isn't thinking the way your are, so think your note out, write it and then reread it before posting it.
  8. It's a good idea to compose your post in NotePad or some other text editor before posting it.  That way you can take a little time to reread it.
  9. CAUTION:  Anything you put on the internet is "forever".  Once you've posted it, you can never get it back!  So, be careful what you write (be careful of posting information about living people, for example).
  10. If someone replies in a manner offensive to you, perhaps they just aren't thinking like you are, or they didn't understand what you wrote (or you aren't understanding what they wrote).
  11. Caustic comments are never productive and our purpose is to elicit and share information on our family history.
  12. If you feel something is happening on the board that is inappropriate or that is unproductive, please send an email to the list administrator to see if they are aware of the problem (look on the right in the box labeled "Page Tools" and click on the link labeled "Board Information" to find the board administrator's contact information).
  13. Keep your post on the topic of the Cloud family or collateral lines and do not use the board for inappropriate topics.  For example, a recipe that a Cloud ancestor used in the 1800's is appropriate, but your own personal recipes are not, as they have no historical significance (at least not yet).

There is no cost to participate, you do not need to be a member of anything nor to have any relation to the Cloud surname to post to the board..

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