Genealogy Research Aids & Tools

The traditional tools:
Pencil and paper, camera, audio recorder.
  Index cards, photo albums, file cabinets.

Newer tools:

The computer.


  • Word processing software.
  • Image scanning and cataloging.
  • Genealogy databases (see Software below)


The internet:  (see Links)


  • Genealogy services.
  • Genealogical Societies online.
  • National, State and local Histories online.
  • Military and Immigration records online.
  • Census online.
  • Vital Records online. (1) (2)
  • Newspaper archives online.
  • Libraries online.
  • Family histories online.
  • Bulletin boards.
  • Email.
  • Email forums (also called "list-servs").
  • Cyndi's List How-To
  DNA evidence.