Do you know who these boys are?
 Pam Cain thinks some of them are Cloud boys.


Unknown School Photo.JPG


Leroy Carl Cloud (1919-1944)
1935 high school yearbook picture, Thrall, TX

This photo is from a school in the Williamson county, Texas area -- perhaps the Eckman school in Beaukiss.

Pam Cain wrote:
When I look at this photo, I think the boy on the right and the second from the left look like brothers.
I looked through the 1935 Thrall yearbook, there is a photo of Leroy Carl Cloud as a sophomore that I think resembles the younger children. I believe there was another Cloud in the yearbook, but could not find him this morning. I think maybe there was one that was killed in the war but I have to find his name (this was Leroy, killed in France).
I think at least one child in the photo is my granduncle.
Somehow, I think the name of the family that lived behind me when I was a child was Lillian Cloud.
This photo is probably Eckman school, Beaukiss area.

Pam thinks one of the two boys she points out from the schoolyard picture is Leroy (probably the boy on the right).