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Office of
Walton Green & Hill
Attorneys at Law.
Wm M. Walton |
John A. Green |
Robt. J. Hill |
N. W. Walton |   Austin, Texas July 31, 1879

Capt W. C. Pitts
     actg Comptroller

Dear Sir
      Herewith we file pension claims as per list enclosed, the The property of Maria M. Spence and ask that warrants be issued in her name for whole amount in gross.
      None of the claims, viz James Stephenson, Trevino Garza & Jesse Cos ?not? inform? the proof of claim herewith filed, The same having heretofore been filed in your office ??? ???? for amounts due --   If there is any difficulty about these claims please let us know at your earliest convenience --
     Very ???
     Walter M? Hill

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Pension Claims belonging to Mrs. Maria M. Spence, for which warrant is to be issued to her in gross.

1. James Stephenson proof of claim marked   37.50
14. Ok M. W. Bumstead July 1/76 Sept 30/77   187.50

filed by  Walter Green & Hill
          attys for
          Maria M. Spence