Thomas N. Cloud's letters to his uncle F.M. Cloud -- 1878 & 1879

These are transcriptions of letters written by Thomas N. Cloud to his uncle, Francis M. Cloud
(transcriptions by Tom Cloud of Austin, Texas)
Montgomery County Alabama
Oct the 14th 1878

Dear uncle it is with Some regret and unplesantness (sic) to me that I am this morning under the Necessity of writing you a few lines, But hardly know what to write tho there is one thing I must inform you of that is your promis (sic) which you made to me last Spring and have not yet complyed (sic) with.  I wrote you in answer to yours that I was willing to indulge untill (sic) the first of this month which period is now past and I have not Since heard from you.  I have now only to Say if I get no hearing from you in at least 20 days from this date, I Shall imediatly (sic) proceed to employ a lawyer to collect for me you advised me not to do so but as you have not complied with your promise and I have not yet heard any cause for non compliance, this is my only Remedy.  I will Say to you if circumstances have been Such as to prevent you from complying you are to be Excused.  Still I think you Should have let me known (sic) about this letter leaves myself and family in good health with Esception (sic) Some chill and feaver among the children (sic sic sic  8^).  Dear uncle hoping to hear from you Soon I Remain with Respect to you your Nephew as Ever.

Thomas N. Cloud

PS, I have changed my Post office you will here after address Thomas N. Cloud Pike Road M&E R.R. Montgomery County Ala


Montgomery County Alabama
January 22nd 1879

D Mr. F.M. Cloud

Dear uncle I take the opportunity (sic) to draft you a few lines in answer to yours witch (sic) I received in december  I ritten (sic) one Shortly after I received yours in december But have not Received no answer.  So I will rite again I want to hear from you verry mulch (sic) I would like to to (sic) no (sic) whether you got my last letter or not you rote to me to let you no (sic) how I wanted you to send our money to us I rote to you to Send it By express and to express it to Pike road montgomery county and I would like for you to send it as soon as you possibly can for we all Stand in need of it verry mutch (sic) sister Elzena is left a widdow (sic) with Two children and needs hers verry Bad and I think we have waited with you verry patienly (sic) we have give all the indulgance that we could it has bin (sic) about four years that we have waited for it  But I hope that you will considder (sic) our circumstances and send it in a short time.  So I will say no more about that at present I was verry sorry to hear that you little Boy happen to get his leg broke this leaves my family well at present So I will close by Saying I remain as ever your nephew.
T N. Cloud

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