On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, Lura Black sent information from a book containing early records of Georgia listing all references to "any" Jeremiah Cloud:

Early Records of Georgia (vol. I & II),
Davidson, Grace Gillam. Early Records of Georgia vol.1 and 2. Silas Emmett Lucas. Georgia. 1932; Call Number: F292.W7D384x

Folio 65--HINTON, DEMSY, (Will) To wife Mary all estate for raising the children. When dau. Faithy is 16 estate to be appraised by two honest men, and as the children arrive at that age, to receive their part, my son John next, son James next, and children in esse next. The land we now live on, on Chickasaw creek to wife for life. Wife Mary, Chas. Bedingfield and Richard Aycock, Excrs. Signed May 19, 1779. Probated Aug. 28, 1779. Wm. Bayley, Matthew More, Jeremiah Cloud, Jr., Test.

Folio 74--Inventory of estate of Richard Webb, Mar. 3, 1780. Purchasers, Geo. Barber, John Clark, Jerry Cloud, Daniel Butler, David Thirman, James Smith, Mistress Webb, Capt. Nail, Ford Butler, Thos. Johnson, Wm. Barnett.

Page 52--Aug. 7, 1804. Petition of William Chisholm and Adam Wylie, Admrs of John Chisholm, dec'd to sell land originally granted Jeremiah Cloud, to pay debts of dec'd. Page 92--CLOUD, JEREMIAH to Archibald Yarborough, 250 acres agreeable to a deed from Ezekiel Cloud to said Jeremiah Cloud Oct. 16, 1789. Oct. 24, 1789. Wilie Pope, Robt. Singleton, test. Page 44--CLOUD, JEREMIAH and wife Sarah to John Pope 200 acres on Beaverdam creek orig. grant 1785. Oct. 27, 1789. James Cowden, Thos. Wootten, J. P., Test. Page 152--CLOUD, JEREMIAH and wife Sarah to Robt. Singleton 200 acres on Newford creek. May 10, 1787. Wm. Layson, John Cloud, Test. Folio 89--CLOUD, JERRY, dec'd. William and Susannah Hammett appointed Admrs. Nov. 4, 1783. Folio 90--CLOUD, JEREMIAH, dec'd. Sarah Cloud, widow of said dec'd. appointed Admx. Dec. 2, 1783. Remnant Tax Digest Leaves Gone Front and Back EXPLANATORY This is the first tax digest found in the court house, and was taken to give a practically complete census of the heads of families of that date, to identify their lands as headrights, and possible bounty grants for Revolutionary service, and to replace in a measure the census of 1790, all of which for Georgia was destroyed by the British during the War of 1812 in Washington, D. C. There is no complete digest until 1802, only a few pages left in the interim. The remnants for 1792, 1793, 1794 have been published in "Some Tax Digests of Georgia" Ruth Blair, State Historian and Archivist, and give valuable information. Ezekiel Cloud, 1 poll, 400 acres Wilkes Co. John Cloud, 1 poll, 700 acres Wilkes Co Noah Cloud, 1 1/2 polls, 1 slave, 400 acres Wilkes Co. Jeremiah Cloud, 1 poll, 450 acres Wilkes Co

Separate source from THEY WERE HERE

BOUNTY GRANTS At the close of the Revolutionary War in order to encourage further settlement of the State, land in the newly established counties of Franklin and Washington was offered to veterans. These grants of land were called bounties and soldiers from all the other states, as well as Georgia, availed themselves of this offer, Below is a listing of receipts signed by those who got bounties. These receipts are in the files of the State Department of Archives and History in Atlanta. Unfortunately, they contain no genealogical data but they do offer proof of Revolutionary War Service. Cloud, Elizah, Ezckiel, Jeremiah, Jeremiah Jr, John


Sat, 12 Feb 2000, Cecil Stokes <cStokes-at-hiwaay.net> wrote (Subject: William Cloud in Twiggs County, GA, in 1811):  .... a William CLOUD was a juror for the first Superior Court [of Twiggs County, GA], which convened 11 November 1811.  Unfortunately, I see no clue to his relationship to our Jeremiah.  This could be his son; but, this could also be his father, brother, cousin, or no kin at all. This a very rare mention of a Cloud in the history of Twiggs County, which is an interesting history that could easily explain why a move to SC might have been a prudent move. More later . . .

The reference above  is on page 88 of "The History of Twiggs County, Georgia"; compiled by J.Lanette O'Neal Faulk and Billie Walker Jones; published by the John Twiggs Chapter of the DAR chapter; Jeffersonville, GA.

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