Possible or Suspected Errors

For questions about Jeremiah Cloud and family, see the Jeremiah CLUES page

William Cloud, husband of Margaret Frizzle -- for proofs that he is the son of Jeremiah Cloud and the father of William Jasper Cloud of Milam County, Texas, see the Jeremiah Clues page.

John Gorden/Gordon -- some think he is a son of Hugh Gorden/Gordon, but there is little evidence to support this.

Rhoda Martin -- looking for further proof that she is the daughter of Caleb Martin and Abigail Crane.  She is our link to the line of Robert Treat and Jasper Crane.

I've tried to no avail to find some of her other descendants -- specifically some of the Ebners or the Hatches  .... since much of the information on Jacob's family was written DEC 27, 1906 by Arthur Irving Bumstead from information given him by Ida G. Hatch (Jacob BUMSTEAD & Rhoda MARTIN's granddaughter) and Elizabeth Caroline Bumstead Ebner.  .... if someone knew anything about this family -- even where they lived, it might help ??  I've always supposed the Hatch's and Ebners lived in New York but I cannot prove it.

Grief Whittington -- Who were his parents?  The book "The Whittington Family" by W.W. Whittington, states that Grief's parents were Edward Whittington and Penelope Green but no proofs are offered and we have been unable to contact the author.  We do, however, know who his cousins were.  If Cornelius, Jarret and Richard are first cousins, we know who his grandparents were so an "unknown" parent linking him to his assumed grandparents is shown in this web-site data).

John Dalton Whittington -- while there is evidence that he is the son of Elisha Whittington and Melina Dalton, this researcher would like proof or at least supplemental data.  If you can help, please contact me.

Ann Elizabeth Whittington -- she is shown as the daughter of Elisha Whittington and Mary Milam, but her birthdate suggests that she may actually be the daughter of Elisha's first wife, Melina Dalton.  If you have any information supporting or refuting this, please contact me.

Who is Elizabeth Whittington, wife of John Whittington (1676/98 MD-)?  They married in 1723 in Albemarle Parish, Virginia.  Many researchers identify her as the daughter of Joshua Whittington (ca 1722-).  This is problematic in that Joshua's birthdate implies he was only 1 year old when this Elizabeth married!  Even if one were to assume his birthdate is in error, he is unlikely to have been born any earlier than 1701 (based on his father's birthdate and assuming a typical age of 20 for the first marriage).  If he were born even as early as 1700 / 1701, his daughter supposedly married a scant 22 years later!  If she was born when he was 11 (1712), she would have had to have married when she was 11 years old !  On the other hand, some show John's wife as being the daughter of William Whittington III and Elizabeth "Betty" Taylor (making her this first Elizabeth's aunt).  This Elizabeth is also shown by some as having married a man surnamed ARDIS.

Consider the following (proposed) family chart (indented by generations):

William Whittington III b. 1681/3 VA-1756 VA) marries Elizabeth "Betty" Taylor

If you have any evidence, clues, hints or thoughts to share regarding any of this information, please contact me.