The following contributed by Mary Chandler:


CENSUS information on WHITTINGTON Families

(Reconstructed from Wills, Deeds, Marriages, Grants, etc.)

Whittington, Betty             Accomack Co.
Whittington, Elizabeth         Accomack Co.
Whittington, John              Surry and Albermarle Cos.
Whittington, Southey           Accomack Co.
Whittington, Will              Accomack Co.
Whittington, William           Surry and Accomack Cos.

Greensville County

Whittington, Frederick       6 White        3 Black
Whittington, John            6 White        6 Black


    Cheraw District

                          Free          Free          Free
                       white males  white males   white females  Slaves
                         16 & up       under 16                    
Whittington, Elizabeth      0            1             2           4
Whittington, Frances        1            3             4           0
Whittington, Ephram         1            2             4           1
Whittington, Barthw         1            2             5           0
Whittington, Richard        1            2             2           0
Whittington, Jarrat         1            0             0           0

    Georgetown District

Whittington, Isaac &
Rae, John                   2            2             1          40
Whittington, Grief          1            1             1           0


    Liberty Co. which became Marion Co. later in the year.

                                     Males                       Females
                              0-10 10-16 16-26 26-45     0-10 10-16 16-26 26-45
Whitington, Greeff             2      0    0     1        0     0     0     1       
Whitington, John               1      1    0     1        2     1     0     1      
Whitington, Nathaniel          2      0    1     1        2     1     0     1       
Whitington, Nathaniel          0      0    1     1        0     1     0     1      

(NOTE: I omitted Males 45 & up and Females 45 & up to save space.  They were all zero for each household.)

St. Landry Parish

Page 45:
Whittington, Elisha     No count written in census
Whittington, John       Males:1(10-15),1(40-50)

St. Landry Parish

Page 262:
Whittington, E. W.    Males:1(20-30)
Whittington, John     Males:1(5-10),1(10-15),3(15-20),2(20-30),1(40-50)
                    Females:1(Under 5),1(15-20),1(30-40)

St. Landry Parish

Page 825, Dwelling 757, Family 757:
Whittington, Elisha       58  M  Farmer   KY
Futch, Lusinda            41  F           MS
Whittington, Modellar     11  M           St. Landry     In school
Whittington, Leonar        9  M           St. Landry     In school
Whittington, Tobias        7  M           St. Landry
Whittington, Mary          5  F           St. Landry
Whittington, Thomas F.     3  M           St. Landry
Whittington, Sarah      8/12  F           St. Landry
Dorman, C. A.             34  M  Farmer   St. Landry
Whittington, Martha       22  F           St. Landry
Whittington, Charles A. 8/12  M           St. Landry
Kinslow, Mary             75  F           SC                
NOTE on Mary Kinslow: deaf-can't read or write

St. Landry Parish, Fourth Ward, Bayou Chicot

Page 194, Dwelling 51, Family 52:
Whittington, Green            60  M  W  Laborer       MS
Whittington, Delany           35  F  W  Keep house    LA    
  NOTE on Delany Whittington: Can't read or write
Whittington, Aurelia           9  F  W                LA
Whittington, Wm. N.            6  M  W                LA
Whittington, Leander G.        5  M  W                LA
Whittington, Dempsy            2  M  W                LA

Page 195, Dwelling 52, Family 53:
Dorman, Charles               43  M  W  Farmer        LA    
  NOTE on Charles Dorman: Can't read or write
Dorman, Martha                31  F  W  Keep house    LA
Dorman, Charles               10  M  W                LA
Dorman, Lewis                  8  M  W                LA
Dorman, John                   5  M  W                LA

Page 195, Dwelling 53, Family 54:
Whittington, Elisha           64  M  W  Farmer        SC
Whittington, Lucinda          52  F  W  Keep house    MS
Whittington, Mordella         20  M  W  Laborer       LA
Whittington, Elizabeth        21  F  W                MS
Whittington, Leona            18  F  W                LA    In school
Whittington, Mary             14  F  W                LA    In school
Whittington, Tobias           16  M  W                LA    In school
Whittington, Thomas           12  M  W                LA    In school
Whittington, Viola            10  F  W                LA   
  NOTE on Viola: Can't read or write
Whittington, Ethan A.          6  M  W                LA


Source: "Family Records-Mississippi Revolutionary Soldiers", compiled by Mississippi Society, DAR, in 1956

Page 332-335:


b. Albermarle Co., VA 24 April 1749
d. Amite County, 1837
m. Rebecca Gilliam b. VA 23 Nov. 1750, d. Amite Co. after 1808
                    dau of Burrell & Ann Gilliam

Res. South Carolina

Service: He enlisted 1776 as a private in Capt. James Thompson's Co. Col. Bull's  S. C. Regt. He later served in Col. Hammond's Regt. and with Col. Pickens. He then went to Ga. and served in Col. James Jackson's Ga. Regt.

He lived for a while in both Richmond and Hancock Cos. Ga. but came to Amite Co. Miss. C 1800.


    James b. S. C. c1775, d. 1838
            m. in Ga. 1796, Sarah Jackson
                                    dau of Isaac & Ann (Richardson) Jackson
                Wiley m. 2 Feb. 1819, Evalina Butler
                Stacy m. 2 Feb. 1822, John Jenkins
                Cornelius m. 15 Dec. 1828, Aisley Dunn
                Milton m. 11 May 1822, Polly Louisa Jenkins
                Jackson m. 29 Nov. 1827, Susannah Montgomery
                Catherine m. 5 Feb. 1843, Wright Seale
                Martin m. _____Arnold before 1830
                Isaiah m. 3 Feb. 1831, Delilah Pitchford
                Noah m. (1) Nancy Steele, (2) Katie Parker
                Elam b. 15 July 1814
                    m. 6 July 1837, Elizabeth Jackson b. 3 Oct. 1810
                Arthur R. m 29 July 1844, Ora Heard Butler Causey
                Amelia m. 23 Nov. 1848, Jordan Whittington
                Ann A. m. 4 May 1841, B. F. Balance
                Mary M. 9 Jan. 1840, Elihu W. Parker
                Levi b. 1827
    John b. S. C. c1779
          m. in Ga. 1802, Chloe Mercer
            dau of James & Sarah (Simmons) Mercer
                Ephraim b. Ga. d. Leake Co. Miss. 1860
                    m. 31 July 1823, Mary Strange
                Byrd b. 23 Mar. 1807, d. Texas, 6 June 1886
                    m. 27 Nov. 1826, Sarah Goynes
                       dau of John & Matilda (Hall) Goynes
                James Elam b. 1809, m. Ella Sharp Williams
                Thomas b. c 1811
                Rebecca b. c 1813
                Fannie b. c 1815, m. ______Stafford
                Moses b. c1817, m. (1) _____Youngblood

               (2) Margaret Stucker
            Jane b. c 1819, m. ______Walker
    Mary b. Ga. c 1781
    Aaron B. Ga. c 1783
        m. Amite Co. 27 Aug. 1811, Elizabeth Causey
                                                  dau of William Causey, Sr.
    Winnie b. Ga. 1784, m. Amite Co. 1816, Grief Whittington
    Moses b. Ga. c 1788
         m. 2 Dec. 1808, Elizabeth Jenkins, dau of Willie Jenkins
            James d. ae 35
            William Judson b. Rankin Co. 16 Mar. 1818
                                   d. Gloster, Miss., 16 April 1891
               m. Evelyn Bowlin
            Moses d. ae 37
            Rebecca m. Byrd Williams
            Nancy m. William Montgomery

   Minerva m. John Wilson
            Adaline m. Willis Lowe
            Victoria m. David McGraw
    Sarah b. c 1791, m. c 1809, Rev. Thomas Mercer
            Penelope Mercer b. c 1811, m. Gail Borden of Amite Co.
    Susannah b. c 1793 in Ga.
        m. in Amite Co. 8 June 1809, William Causey, Jr.
    Rebecca b. Ga. c 1795
        m. 11 Sept. 1829, Elisha Freeman of Va.
    Elam b. Ga. c 1798


b. Va. 1762
m. Amite Co. 15 Mar. 1816, Winnie Whittington
                                          dau of Cornelius Whittington

Res. Cheraw Dist. S. C.

Service: He served with Lewis L. Harper under Col. Morris Murphy.  He entered service 1778 under Capt. Thomas Lloyd. He also served under Col. Hicks, 5th Regt. S. C. Cont. Line.

He was in Amite Co. 1806.


d. 15 Dec. 1830
m. Hancock Co. Ga. Mar. 1798, Mary (Polly) Rhodes


Service: He was with Claiborne Hinson in Col. Samuel's Benton's Regt. S. C. Militia. He was in the battle of Little Pedee, S. C.


d. 14 May 1835
m. Mary Whittington

Res. Cheraw Dist. S. C.

Service: He entered service 1778/9 under Capt. Robert Lloyd with Col. William Hicks. After other tours with Capt. Moses Pearson and Col. Benton, he served with Gen. Marion as Lieut. In S. C. Continental Line.

After the war he went to Hancock Co. Ga. and came to Miss. 1805.

    Jordan m. 23 Nov. 1848, Amelia Whittington
            Lucy b. 1849

NOTE: Grief, Jarrett and Richard Whittington were cousins.

Pension Records
Albermarle Parish Register
Amite County Records
1831 List of Miss. Pensioners
Research by Mrs. Bates, Gloster, Miss.
The Story of Ga. & Ga. People by Smith
Miss. Agency Roll
History of Old Cheraws
D. A. R. Magazine, June 1949


Source: "Amite County, Mississippi, 1699-1865, Volume 11, The Churches" by Albert E. Casey

Pages 321-333:

Zion Hill Baptist Church Minutes
                       1822.Nov Grief Whittington received by letter.
                       1823.Feb 1 G. Whittington given letter of dismissal.
                                  May 3 Grief Whittington received by letter.
                                  Aug 2 Cornelius Whittington received by letter.
                       1824.Jun 5 Sister Winney Whittington by reinstatement.
                       1828.Feb Grief Whittington accused by Brother C. Rhodes for intoxication.
                                  Apr 5 Grief Whittington excluded on his refusal to  make acknowledgments.
                       1842.Aug. the church met in conference.  Brother Whittington by reinstatement.
                                  Sat, the 3rd of Sept. Sister Winey Jackson & Brother Greaf Whittington given letter of dismissal.


Source: "Early Inhabitants of the Natchez District" by Norman E. Gillis

            (Except Wilkinson County, which is for 1805)

Page 78:

                                                        White      White     
Family head                     County       Males      Males       Females
                                                       Over 21   Under 21
Whitington, Cornelius     Wilkinson          2            2               4
Whitington, Garett          Wilkinson         1            1                2
Whitington, Grief      Claiborne & Warren 1            3                1
Whitington, James          Wilkinson        1            4                2 
Whittington, Aaron            Amite            1            1                1
Whittington, Cornelius       Amite            1            1                1
Whittington, Gerrard          Amite            1            2                1
Whittington, James           Amite            1            6                1

Whittington, John              Amite            1            4               
Whittington, Levi               Adams       Tax list (no other data known)
Whittington, Moses           Amite            1            0                0
Whittington, Richard          Amite            1            4                1


Page 112:

Heads of families                      County

Whittington, Aaron                   Amite
Whittington, Cornelius              Amite
Whittington, Evan                     Amite
Whittington, Gerard                  Amite
Whittington, Grief                     Amite
Whittington, James                  Amite
Whittington, James                  Amite
Whittington, John                     Amite
Whittington, Levi                      Adams
Whittington, Moses                  Amite


Source: "The Order of the First Families of Mississippi 1699-1817"; Organized July 27, 1967; Edition 1981

Pages 85-86:

                                      CORNELIUS WHITTINGTON

He resided in Amite Co., MS in 1800. He was born in Albemarle Co., VA on 24 Apr 1749 and died in Amite Co. in 1837. He married Rebecca Gilliam in Albemarle Co. She was born there on 23 Nov 1750 and died in Amite Co.

Children of Cornelius and Rebecca Whittington were:
    James Whittington, b. c. 1775, m. Sarah Jackson
    John Whittington, b. c.1779
    Mary Whittington, b. c.1781
    Aaron Whittington, b. c.1783, m. Elizabeth Causey
    Winnie Whittington, b. c.1784, m. Grief Whittington
    Moses Whittington, b. c.1788, m. Elizabeth Jenkins
    Sarah Whittington, b. c.1791, m. Thomas Mercer
    Elam Whittington, b. c.1798
    Rebecca Whittington, b. c.1795, m. Elisha Freeman
    Susanna Whittington, b. c.1793, m. William Causey


Source: "Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations"
by Betty Couch Wiltshire

Page 172:

Name                             Service              B-D         County
Whittington, A. J.           36th MS Inf.                              Copiah
Whittington, Andrew J.   33rd MS Inf.    1833-1886            Amite
Whittington, Daniel L.    14th MS Inf.     1830-1915           Copiah
Whittington, Dempsey   7th MS Regt.   1836-1923            Amite
Whittington, G. W.         2nd MS Inf.     1837-1911            Union
Whittington, Garnet B.    7th & 33rd      1828-1909           Franklin
                                       MS Inf.
Whittington, Garnet B.    7th MS Inf.     1839-1909             Amite
Whittington, George B.   7th & 33rd      1829-1908             Amite
                                        MS Inf.
Whittington, J. J.           40th MS Inf.    1821-1910             Copiah
Whittington, J. M.  

       24th MS Cav.  1846-1925              Amite
Whittington, Jackson L.  7th MS Inf.     1825-1896             Franklin
Whittington, James M.   22nd MS Inf.   184_-1931               Amite
Whittington, John          _8th MS Cav.  18__-1922              Holmes
Whittington, Jordon        44th MS Inf.   1838-1906                Amite
Whittington, Noah           4th MS Cav.  1835-1901                Amite
Whittington, Napoleon   7th MS Inf.      1841-1922                Amite
Whittington, Robert W.  33rd MS Inf.    1829-____                Amite
Whittington, Thomas H. 44th MS Inf.    1928-1912                Amite
Whittington, W. D.         25th MS Inf.   1833-1919                Leflore
Whittington, W. M. L.    22nd MS Inf.   1844-1917                 Amite


Source: "Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants in South Carolina"
             Compiled by Tony Draine and John Skinner

Pages 55-57:

NAME                             DATE    ACRES    LOCATION                   
Whittington, Edward     4 Jul. 1791    200       Cheraw District, on the N.E. side of Pee Dee
Whittington, Ephraim   5 Dec. 1791   200       Cheraw District, on the NE side of Great Pee Dee River
Whittington, Griff         2 Jul. 1792     200       Cheraw District, on Hillson Bay N.E. side of Great Pee Dee River
Whittington, Jacob      2 May 1791    200       Georgetown District, on the Branch Waters of the Great Pee Dee in Brittons Neck
Whittington, Jarret       3 Oct. 1791    188       Cheraw District, on the NE side of Great Pee Dee
Whittington, Bartholomew  3 Mar. 1788  200   Cheraw District, on N.E. side of Great Pee Dee River near Killsons Bay
Whittington, Bartholomew (Heir at Law to John Parrott)
                                  1 Ju

n. 1789     200       Cheraw District, on SW side of Great Pee Dee
Whittington, Burrell      2 Jun. 1788     200       Cheraw District, on Great Branch Bay SW side of Little Pee Dee


Source: "Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution"
by Bobby Gilmer Moss

Pages 988-989:

Whittington, Barnett
He served in the militia during 1782 under Col. Benton.

Whittington, Burrel
b. 15 February 1750
d. 28 June 1790
m. Martha Wise
He served in the Third Regiment under Capt. J. Warley.

Whittington, Cornelius                                 Pension # S7892
b. 1750, Sussex County, Va.
He enlisted during 1776 under Capt. James Thompson and Col. Bull.  After moving to Georgia, he served in a unit there. He returned to South Carolina and served under Col. Hammond and Gen. Williamson.  Thereafter, he marched into the Cherokee Nation under Col. Pickens and Gen. Williamson. He returned to Georgia and again served there.

Whittington, Edward
He served in the Third Regiment under Capt. Uriah Goodwin during 1779.

Whittington, Ephriam
He served in the Northeast St. David's Parish Volunteer Company under Capt. Rober Lide during 1775. From 22 March 1779 to 1 July 1781, he served in the Third Regiment under Captain Uriah Goodwin and Col. Thomson. During 1782 and 1783, he served as a lieutenant in the militia.  In addition, he served as a first lieutenant under Col. Benton during 1781.

Whittington, Francis
He served in the militia under Col. Marion and was at the fall of Charleston. He served thirty-six days in the militia during 1782.

Whittington, Francis, Jr.
He served in the Northeast St. David's Parish Volunteer Company under Capt. Robert Lide during 1775.

Whittington, Grief                                        Pension # S7883
b. c. 1762, Va.
He was drafted during 1778 or 1779, while residing in Cheraw District, under Capt. Thomas Lloyd and Col. Hicks. Next, he was under Capt. Charles Dewitt and Col. Hicks. Afterwards, he was in the Fifth Regiment under Capt. Conyers. His last tour was under Capt. Clayborne Hinson, Col. Murphy and General Marion. He was in the battle at Eutaw Springs. (Moved to Miss.)

Whittington, Isaac
He served in the Third Regiment under Capt. J. Warley.

Whittington, Jarratt                                    Pension # R11491
                                  Bounty Land Warranty # 44808-160-55
d. 12 December 1833
m. Polly (Mary) _______, March 1798
He served as a lieutenant under Capt. Clayborne Hinson and Col. Benton during 1779 and 1780. He was shot through the right foot and crippled in a skirmish at Rouse's Ferry on the Little Pee Dee River. (Moved to Miss.)

Whittington, Jarrod (Jared)
He enlisted in the Third Regiment on 16 March 1779 under Capt. Uriah Goodwin. His enlistment expired on 1 June 1780.

Whittington, John
He served thirty-seven days in the militia during 1782.

Whittington, Levi
He served twenty-nine days in the militia during 1782.

Whittington, Nathaniel                                Pension # S9527
b. 7 February 1762, Marlborough District, S.C.
He was drafted under Capt. Tristram Thomas and Col. Simmons. Next, he was under Capt. Morris Murphy and Gen. Marion and was in the skirmish at Wadboo Bridge. Afterwards, he was under Capt. Murphy, Col. Benton and Gen. Marion. He helped take Scots Lake Fort. In addition, he served under Capts. Clayborne Hinson, Moses Pearson and William Standard.

Whittington, Owent
He served in the Northeast St. David's Parish Volunteer Company under Capt. Robert Lide during 1775.

Whittington, Richard                                    Pension # W535
                                  Bounty Land Warranty # 26973-160-55
b. 1753, Essex County, Va.
d. 14 May 1835
m. Mary _____, April 1798
During 1775, he served in the Northeast St. David's Parish Volunteer Company under Capt. Robert Lide. He enlisted during 1778 or 1779, while residing in Cheraw District, under Capt. Robert Lloyd and Col. Hicks. Next, he was under Capt. Tristram Thomas and Col. Simmons and was in the battle at Coosawhatchie Bridge.  He was commissioned lieutenant in the same company. Thereafter, he was under Capt. Moses Pearson, Col. Benton and Gen. Marion.

(Moved to Miss.)



State of Mississippi
Amite County-Probate Court of  Amite  County

On this 17 day of June 1833 Personally appeared before the Hon. V. T. Crawford Probate Judge of Amite County Grief Whittington a resident of Zion Hill R_____ in the State and County aforesaid aged 71 years who being duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Pension made by the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.

That he enlisted the service of the United States, (as he believes) in the years 1778 or 1779-under the following named offerings and service as herein stated & at four different Periods.

(1) Drafted a private and served for 2 months under Capt. Thomas Lloyd commanded by Col. Wm. Hicks the Regiment during the time stationed at the Cheraw Hill on Big Pee Dee River in S. Carolina.

(2) The next service commenced in a few weeks after, the Declarant was again drafted as before a Private, and served a 6 months engagement under Capt. Charles Dewit & commanded by Col. Hicks before named, moved to and were stationed at S____ Bay below Charleston, and continued at this station till the close of the term.

(3) Immediately after the experation of the last named Period the Declarant enlisted in the 5th Regiment of the S. Carolina Continental troops, under Capt. Conyers, & Col. Isaac Huger, and served 2 years a private. Most of the time stationed at Fort Johnson on James Island the later part in Charleston & then discharged (this Document is now lost) from this place the Declarent returned to his residence on Pee Dee River, Cheraw District, S. C.

(4) Shortly after the above discharge a call was made for more troops, and the Declarant Volunteered his service and served again as Private in a Company Comanded by Capt. Claiborne Hinson Commanded by Col. Morris Murphy under Gen. F. Marion. During this service he was most of the time stationed on the Santee River first at Montgomery Plantation and then at Can_y's  __nsant & in waiting the movement of Gen. Green-he was present at the Battle of the Eutaw Springs-after this the troops marched to Charleston-and then heard the Declaration of Peace-this term he concluded to be about 8th months duration. The Declarant was acquainted During his Service with Col. C. C. Pinckney of the 1st Regiment and with Major Tho. Pinckney of _____--also with Col. Oliver Thmpson of the 3rd Regt. Also was acquainted with Cols. Lee & Washington of U. S. Dragoons. The applicant further Declared that he has no Documentary evidence of his Services, nor can he Procure the testomony of any living witness except that of Richard Whittington, hereto annexed.

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and he declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of any agency in any State.

           Sworn to and Subscribed the day & Yr. as aforesaid
                Grief Whittington
And the said Court do hereby declare its opinion that the above applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and Service as he states.

Mr. Jesse Young a clergyman and John Jenkins ___ of Amite County.
                                                 Do hereby certify that we
are well aquainted with Grief Whittington who has subscribed and Sworn to the above Declarate that we believe him to be 71 years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighbourhood where he resides to have been a Soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that Opinion.
                             Sworn & Subscribed the day & Year aforesaid
   Jesse Young
    Jn. Jenkins

And the said Court doth hereby declare its opinion, after the investigation of the matter, and after pulling the interrogatories prescribed by the war Department, that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and Served as he states. And the Court
further certifies, that it appears to him that.
 V. T. Crawford
   Judge Prob.

The Court also further certifies its opinion that Richard Whittington, whose certificate is annexed to the above Declaration as a Witness, is a person of quality & whose testimony is entitled to credit.
V. T. Crawford
  Judge Prob.

I Richard M. Neilson, Clerk of the Probate Court of Amite County do hereby certify that the forgoing contained the assigned Proceedings of the Said Court in the matter of the application of Grief Whittington for a Pension.

                          In Testimony whereof I have here unto ___ my hand
                                And Seal of the Office this 17 day of June 1833
                                         R. M. Neilson,
                                         Clk. of Probt.

The following interrogatories were propouned by the Court to said applicant and answered as follows, and as answered to each respectively.

1. Where and in what year were you born?
    Ans. I was born in Virginia, (County Unknown). I suppose in 1762.
2. Have you any record of your age and if yes, where is it?
    Ans. I have no written record of my age.
3. Where were you living when called into service, where have you lived since and where do you now live?
    Ans. When first called into Service I lived in Cheraw District S. Carolina. Continued in that state till 1806, since that time I lived where I now live in the State & County first named in my Declaration.
4. How were you called into Service? Were you Drafted, Did you volunteer, or were you a Substitute?
    Ans. In my first and Second engagements I was Drafted, in my third, I volunteered, and lastly I volunteered.
5. State the names of some of the Regular Offerings who were with the troops when you served.  State Continental & Mobile Regiments as you can recollect, and the General circumstances of your service.
    Ans. As Stated in my Declaration I was acquainted with Cols. Pinckney and Thompson of the 1st & 3rd Regts. While in the Continental Service & when a volunteer also with Cols. Lee & Washington of U. S. Dragoons.  I was present at the Battle of Eutaw Springs under Genls. Marion & Green.
6. Did you ever receive a discharge from the Service, and if so by whom was it Signed, and what has become of it?
    Ans. At the close of my enlistment with Col. Huger, I received a discharge from him, it has long since been lost.
7. State the names of Persons to whom you are known in your present neighbourhood and who can testify as to your character ______ and good behaviour and as to their belief of your services as a Revolutionary Soldier.
    Ans. I name _____(blank)_____ and ______ to name thus as they are not known as this was _____  ____.

State of Mississippi
Amite County
Personally appeared before me the undersigned a Justice of the Peace in and for said County. Grief Whittington who being duly sworn _____ who saith that by reason of old age and the consequent loss of memory, he can not swear positively.

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